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Thursday 26 August 2010

Guess who's back ... back again...

....Shady's back, tell a friend...... hee hee

HELLOOOOOOO! It's been ages hasn't it, I'm bad! Honestly I just haven't felt like blogging lately, a few crap things happened at the beginning of the month but I won't bore you with that because life is starting to look a bit better now. So managed to finally kick myself into blogging mode! Which means I got a lot a pics for you!

Starting with a dinner this week - roasted veg an polenta. I think this is my new favourite thing to do with veg - hit them with balsamic vinegar after they've roasted. Last night I made more and they were even better but I didn't take a pic. Last night I mixed courgettes, sweet potato, mushrooms, butternut squash, red peppers and red onions with a little bit of olive oil, some dried herbs and chopped garlic. Then roasted them at 180C/350F for about 45 mins. Once done, I poured over 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and a handful of chopped parsley and mixed. They were awesome!

Cookies! I know I know, I've blogged these before, but they are so damn delicious. They are the rocky roads from Vegan Cookies.... These were a present for a friend's birthday.

Pacakes!! Chocolate blueberry pancakes, they weren't great but they hit the spot with a good glug of golden syrup on (maple syrup is about £5 a bottle at the moment, so I had to cheap it!!)

This was a cake I made my friends and I for dessert a few weekends ago, it had big chunks of raspberry and mango in and a sugary, crunchy coconut crumb topping. It was lovely and I'm going to work on the recipe a bit before I post it.

Dinner that day was pie! I made a simple pie crust from 1.5 cups of flour, 3 tbsp of vitalite and 3 tbsp of shortening, a bit of salt and then cold water until it came together. The filling was linda mccartney mince, mushrooms, peas, onions, a bit of red wine and some stock with some bisto powder added. Delish! I just did some plain new potatoes and sugar snaps to go with. It was such a nice day that we ate this on the balcony in the sun! Where oh where did that sun go??

This was inspired by the news that my town is getting a wagamamas soon! YAY! I had a go at making something like one of their soups that i love - the name of it escapes me. But it has fried mushrooms, tofu, pak choi, beansprouts (which I didn't have) and other veg in a lovely broth with noodles. Mine wasn't as good as theirs but it was pretty freakin delicious.

Last month I went to the Sonisphere festival and we had quite a lot of tent-side barbecues. Most of the food was not really blog-worthy but there was a veggie food stand that did the best burgers ever..... In the words of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction "MMMM HMMM, that's a tasty burger!"

Here's some muffins I made. This pic is so old, I can't even remember what flavour they were, but I have a sneaking suspicion they had spices and walnuts in.

Man, this pic is OLD! I made a lasagne, using Linda Mc mince and lovely white sauce. I topped it with a bit of nooch. The dough balls were awesome, I was winging it but I really wish I'd written down the recipe!! Next time I will I promise.

Close of the dough balls after baking and brushing with melted vitalite.

I tried making the crash hot potatoes that were all the rage on blogs a while ago. They were good but....

I dropped them getting them out the oven and lost a couple! :-(

And here is pics from a PPK meet up back in early July - look at all that food, it was awesome. There were sausage rolls, calzones, pasta salads, falafels, cheezly straws, cupcakes, cookies ..... and a baby! We didn't eat him though - he was too cute!

My contribution was the east coast coffee cake from vegan brunch - the jam swirl variation. I also made carrot falafels again, but didn't take a pic. They are in my last post though if you want to see them.

That's about it for now.


  1. Blogger is hating me at the moment. I just typed a lovely comment, only to have it not work, now I must do it all again!

    Anyway, I am glad to see you back. I think the unblogging bug has been going around lately. I am sorry that things were not good for a while. :( But hurrah that they are looking up now!

    What a tragedy - those beautiful potatoes all over the floor!

    Also, your Wagamama's inspired soup looks to die for!

    But really, thank you *so* much for my new ear worm, right as I am about to go to sleep. 'Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, na na na nah.' ;)

    Fingers crossed that blogger will accept this comment!

  2. Love you blog! So excited to see new posts x

  3. Always great to see new stuff on your blog! Especially food that looks that great!

  4. Looks like the crash hot potatoes went CRASH! That sucks. I totally woulda salvaged them off the floor, but I'm gross like that. :-) Also, you didn't eat the baby?! What a waste! Kidding. I probably wouldn't have eaten him either.

  5. Welcome back! I'm sorry the month didn't start so well. Yay for everything getting better!

    Those dough balls look really tasty and so does the coffee cake. I love that recipe.

  6. YAY! You're back. You have been missed.
    That mango and raspberry cake looks mighty fine, looking forward to the recipe for that.I'm happy for you that Wagamama's is coming to your town - we always go when we're in Bournemouth and it is the bestest. Have you ever had their endamame? I make it all the time it is my favourite snacking thing.

  7. Cake AND pie?? I hope your friends know how lucky they are.
    Love your photos as ever Sal. Your posts always give me ideas (and make me hungry).

  8. Welcome back agai, Sal! Please stay? *puppy eyes* :)

    How come you didn't eat the baby? Did he not taste good? Mwahaha!

    OK - the soup thing with the fried stuff is downright evil. Will you share the recipe with us when you're ready? Is that a big chunk of fried tofu floating around there? It's quite evil! *WANT*

    Poor potatoes! The ones that survive the accident look yummy though, as does every single friggin' thing you made. Even that mystery muffin looks deliciously golden glossy! :)

    I'm sorry your month started off crappily, but I'm glad things are looking better! *hugs* *steals your mystery muffin while you're distracted with the hugs*

  9. Good to see you back again, Sal!

    Looks like you've been making some great looking food! And I dropped roasted potatoes on the floor the other night when taking them out of the oven :( so sad.

  10. We do a lot of veg and polenta around here. COOKIES! Man, that picnic sounds fun.

  11. Hahah oh my :) everything looks so good! Especially those chocolate blueberry pancakes. I love your blog!

  12. Roasted veg and polenta sounds awesome! And that coffee cake was sooo good. It's the first time I've had it in probably 10 years.

  13. mmmmmmm
    what is that in the 1st pic?
    What is the polenta mixed with?
    Looks yummy

  14. Do you fancy sharing your recipe for the wagamama's dish? I've always wanted to replicate it but I can never get the 'gravy' right. It looks delicious!

  15. Welcome back, so happy to see your words and yummies again! With so many delicious foods, I think that more than make up for your absence. :)


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