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Monday 18 August 2014

My Everyday Makeup

Good afternoon, it's Monday again (already) and today I thought I'd go through what is pretty much my everyday makeup in the summer. I wore this yesterday to go out and I wear pretty much the same for work most days when I need to look neat but have my makeup done in less than 20 minutes!

In summer I don't want to wear a tonne of foundation, so I prefer to go for a light foundation, like my Gosh CC Cream (CV) that you knows I love, or the No 7 Superlight Foundation (CV). Yesterday I went for a BB Cream, this one is from superdrug in shade light (V) and the BB Concealer that goes along with it, also in light (V).
Although these are the lightest shades, they're really a bit too dark for me right now, because I'm pretty pale. So I probably won't wear them again until after I've been on holiday and got a bit of a tan (fingers crossed!).

The concealer doesn't really give much coverage, certainly not enough to cover my under-eye bags! So I generally just use it to highlight a bit, like this...

So for under the eyes and to cover the redness on my cheeks I used ELF's Maximum Coverage Concealer in the shade Sand. (V)  I wouldn't say this is full coverage - light to medium more like.

For the rest of the skin I used ELF's HD liquid blush in Superstar (V), SEVENTEEN Skin Wow! Highlighter (CV) and Barry M's Natural Dazzle Bronzer (V).

 Brows I just used a little bit of the GOSH brow pencil in Grey/Brown (CV) to fill in the gaps and then GOSH's clear brow gel to keep them in place (CV).

 I also kept the eyes really simple, I used the lightest matte shade from the MUA Undress Me Too palette (AV) all over the lid and up to the brow. I added a bit of dimension in the crease with the same bronzer I used on my cheeks. I added a quick sick of black liquid liner (Limecrime's Uniliner in Quill- V) and then my favourit Barry M Lash Vegas Fibres mascara (V).

 At the last minute I decided to add some gold on the waterline and used GOSH's Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Antinque Gold (CV).

Lips were a quick dab of Barry M's Loudmouth Gloss in Chatterbox.

And that's that!

I quite often change it up a wee bit by using a colour pencil instead of black liquid liner, but aside from that, my makeup is like this most days.

What's your go to products?

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx


Wednesday 13 August 2014

Wore it Wednesday

A little quickie for humpday, oo er!

My wore it Wednesday was OCC's Harlot Lip Tar. I'm wearing it in my picture to the right and I wore it to salsa on Monday and got a tonne of compliments on it.

So yeah I jinxed myself posting that eyeliner tutorial because my eyeliner was a hot mess Monday night! Hence no eye close up hahaha.  So I thought I'd distract from that with a bright lip.

Sorry bout the lighting, it was almost 9pm when I took this so the sun light was almost gone!


Love & Stuff
Sal xXx


Monday 11 August 2014

Fun with eyeliner

Helloooo, how was everyone's weekend? Outstanding. Swiftly moving on.

The PPK challenged me to try out confetti liner from a picture tutorial that was posted on the forum, so thought I'd have a play with it and a few similar looks to see how easy it was and if I'd actually wear it. It was pretty easy and I would definitely wear something like this as a fun way to jazz up some simple makeup.

For all looks I put the GOSH brow pencil in Grey/Brown (CV) on my brows, put a bit of Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (CV) over the entire lid and set it with loose powder. I put a bit of Barry M bronzer (V) in the crease as well, just lightly.  Then Barry M Lash Vegas with Fibres mascara (V).

I used a Real Techniques silicon liner brush for all the dots you see. I used a Louise Young Synthetic Fine Liner Brush for the gel liner tutorial below and the angle brush I used to clean up with was by Barry M.

Starting with pretty much the look that was on the tutorial. The liners I used were all Limecrime Uniliners (V), shades I used were 6th Element (orange), Citreuse (green), Blue Milk (light blue) and Orchidaceous (purple)

Then I tried putting down a white winged liner first and just using blues/greens.  This is Barry M white kohl pencil eyeliner (V), set with Sugarpill's Tako eyeshadow (V). The colours are Makeup Geek Gel Liners in Fame, Electric & Mystic (CV).

For something a little different I did the same white wing as above, then mixed Sugarpill's Goldilux pigment (V) with Neve's mixing medium (V)

I dotted this on in random splodges

Then turned it into animal print with some Limecrime Quill Uniliner (V)

Lastly I reversed this and did a wing with Limecrime's Quill Uniliner and dotted some white spots on with Illamasqua's Precision Liquid Liner in Scribe.

I also thought I'd do a little pic tutorial for anyone who struggles with eyeliner.  It really is just practice and you'll always have crap days and great days / uneven wings ... blah blah, but in case you need a few tips, here's how I do mine.

This is the same whether I'm doing gel liner with a brush or liquid liner.  If gel, I scrape some of the liner out of the pot with a clean brush tip or spatula and pop it on a palette if it's a client or the back of my hand if it's just for me.  Then load up the brush and kind of twirl it on the back of my hand (or against the neck of the tube if liquid) to get the brush to a point again.

I always start in the middle of my eye with the brush on it's side, short strokes, resting my fingers on my face.

The turn the brush and use the point to get the inner corner and join up to the other line, while you have less product on the brush.

As you can see it doesn't haven't be perfect at this point.

Then draw on the wing, while you still have less product on the brush

And then draw another line to make a triangle and join up with the liner.

Then just fill in the triangle and go backwards, perfecting and smoothing out the top line.  Any wobbles in the wing fixed up with some makeup remover (non oil based works best) and an angle brush.  You can use concealer too, if you prefer.

Eh voila

So there we go, I'm not the world's best liner of eyes but I do ok on the days the eyeliner gods deem me worthy! So hopefully this will help start you off if you struggle a bit with liner.

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx

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Friday 8 August 2014

A Friday Favourite

Korres Lip Butter (AV).

My friend Tabitha bought me this and gave me it last week and I'm loving it!  It's a very soft lip balm, with a tint to it. Not crazy coloured but enough that you wouldn't need a lippy on top for a subtle look. I have the shade/flavour Mango, which is a lovely coral colour.

You can buy these in larger tesco stores now; I will definitely be picking up some more colours.
do you like my sexy A4 refil pad background?? hehehe

Have an awesome weekend everyone.

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx


Wednesday 6 August 2014

Wore it Wednesday

Wearable orange eyeshadow.

Orange looks totally awesome on blue eyes, so I wanted to do a look with orange shadow that was bright but still wearable. I think I did ok and in real life it looked good, but I was having a total camera fail day (and a bad eyeliner day, but let's not go there), so my pics pretty much suck.  My hair was also pretty hilariously high, I have no idea what was going on so I cropped it out! hahaha.

I used the bright neon orange from the Revolution Redemption Matte Brights Palette. It's an awesome shade but being matte it does need a sticky light base. I used OCC RO concealer for this.  I really couldn't get a good pic of it though, because it was too late for daylight when I took these. So it looks a bit muddy, it's way brighter in real life.

I also patted a bit of ELF glitter glue over the top of it and added some Sugarpill Supercharged pigment from the Elektrocute collection over the top, for some spangle!

Lips are OCC Zhora lip tar that I'm maybe just a little bit in love with!

Hopefully next time my pics will suck less! Happy humpday all.

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx

Welcome to Bio Dome, Welcome to the Future....

... welcome to the place I am going to drain my lizard!

Err hellerrr, I have a day off today so I'm sitting here with the door open, looking at the lovely sunshine while I tell you all about my awesome weekend.

This Friday just gone, I went on a camping trip to Cornwall, with the same awesome group that I went to Spain with last year; so that's Jojo & her husband Nick and friend Tabitha.  We had a rad time and aside from Jojo & Nick's tent flooding on my first night, due to a ridiculously torrential downpour, the weather was mostly good.

So like I said, torrential rain on the Friday night.... the others got there Thursday but I had to work so met them Friday evening, after about a 7 hour car journey (stupid traffic). It was already raining so we basically just sat in Jojo & Nick's tent avoiding the rain and drinking alcohol. Which meant no food photos. But it was basically Vegusto sausage and smash so don't worry - you'll be seeing more of that!!

Breakfast the next day, I went for a breakfast of champs from the campsite shop; a rowntrees fruit pastille lolly. oh yeah!

Then we decided to get in the car and drive half an hour or so to Falmouth, which is an awesome town that we all fell a bit in love with. The main attraction to this town was a rad little all vegan cafe called Wildebeest. I'm sure Jojo will tell you more about this place on her blog as I believe the owners used to live in Brighton but moved a year or so ago to start this place. And we all LOVED it. 

The menu is small but varied and between us, we had almost everything on the menu and everything was outstanding.
I started with a chai tea latte

Jojo & Nick split all the small dishes. This was hoisin seitan rolls (I think!) 

Miso soup & a seaweed salad on the side

White bean spread with lots of garlic - I tried this, it was awesome.

Tabitha took this awesome shot for me as I was too lazy to get up when Jojo was taking proper food pics. I thought it was pretty reminiscent of the types of photos I post!

But I also took a close up. This was polenta with pesto and tomatoes. That polenta was crispy good and delicious.

I went for the Chilli. A bowl of spicy lentilly chilli with a nut based (I think) cheese sauce on top. I added loads of their homemade spicy chilli sauce too because I like the spicy!  And it was amazing. I kind of wanted to steal the sauce bottle and bring it home with me, but I refrained.

Side of guac & salsa

It came with a white and blue corn tortilla

Dessert and I went for a brownie, in fact we all did. I also had some of their chocolate hazelnut ice cream on the side and lemme tell ya, that ice cream was freaking incredible. So damn good. I would've probably married it. Or at least moved in and had babies out of wedlock with it! YUM.

After we begrudgingly dragged ourselves away from Wildebeest we drove a little way so we could go for a wander on the beach and Jojo and I braved the sea for a paddle. Yeah it was freakin cold so this is about as far as we went.

Jojo, Tabitha and I all took a piece of the lime sponge away with us from Wildebeest, because apparently one dessert is not enough. I ate this when we got back to the campsite. It was good cake! Super super sweet but zesty and yummy too.

For dinner that night I had some spaghetti shapes that Jojo bought with her for me, because she knows I'm a bean h8r!

What? they totally look like ponies right? Right??  (No they don't)

I also had a vegusto mushroom & cheese burger on a seedy roll. Damn those burgers are delicious.

The next day, we took a trip to the Eden Project, which was really pretty awesome.  There was T-Rex and flowers and a Mediterranean garden of chillis and sunflowers and stuff. Plus a rain forest with waterfalls and cashew plants and banana trees. It's pretty magical.  However, food wise it didn't look all that promising so we were glad that we'd brought supplies, in the form of a seitan roll that Jojo made us. I put pringles in mine because, crisps.

There was a juice bar there too, between the 2 biodomes (yeah I know they're not really called that, I just wanted to do a mini-tribal in the rain forest but thought it probably wouldn't be appreciated!)  (Also does my post title make sense now?) I had the Boost juice which was beetroot, ginger, apple & carrot. It was lovely and in fact I liked it so much, it reminded me that I used to love starting my day with a juice, so I've ordered a juicer! 

Pretty colour....
 Triple juice cheers!

And for someone with spectacularly sucky photography skills, I thought this flower pic I took was pretty rad! What do you guys think?

Last night of camping dinner.... we chopped up the remaining vegusto wieners (hehe) and Vbites bacon and fried it up. Then I mixed it with some more components...

Smash, obvs.

Nooch, of course. Modelled by the lovely Jojo

I also added sweetcorn because it was the right thing to do. Check out this bowlful of camping win!

We made s'mores too but I didn't get a decent photo, so hopefully Jojo will have some pics of those!

Tabitha made a fetching ink blot style pattern with some ketchup and a flour tortilla

Which she then added meaty mixture to!

 Obligatory dumb tent selfie, WHAT!

Nick modelling some most excellent catalogue poses by the gas stove!

So on our way home on the last day, our last stop was the monkey sanctuary in Looe. It was ridiculously awesome and I'm always excited to see some monkeys, let's be honest. They also have a vegetarian cafe that serves a lot of Fry's stuff. YAY.

I chose the salsa burger which had a lot of jalapeno in and was pretty ace!

 With some very nice wedges on the side!

And carrot cake for pudding which was a lot nicer than it looked!

Everyone else chose chocolate cake, here's a pic of Tabitha's with a bite taken out of it! :)

I didn't bring much back with me but I did find some chilli based goodness at the Eden Project...

Chilli Willy oil (yes I bought it because of the name!)

And this awesome sounding rum, coconut & chilli sauce which I am excited to try!

That's all for now folks.