Friday, 27 July 2018

BOOTS/NO.7 etc

Hi there, long time no speak, just popping in to post a quick update on Boots.

As of today, I'm officially removing Boots/No7/SEVENTEEN/Botanics etc from my list of brands I'm happy to buy from. I've seen numerous comments on facebook from former employees saying they have seen correspondence referring to use of animal tested ingredients. Also today I've seen a response from Boots to someone saying outright that some of their suppliers 'may' have to test ingredients or components on animals.

They're straight up too shady and 'grey' for me to trust them and so I can no longer be confident they're cruelty free. So they're now a no-no for me.

I'll be back properly real soon - I have some epic eats to share with you from my recent trip to San Diego and Las Vegas! It's gonna be a good one!

Have an ace weekend. It's raining here after a month of a heatwave YAY - I'm off to dance in it!

Sal x

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Alien on Toast is 10!

So this Monday just gone, my blog turned 10. TEN!! I can't believe I have been blogging for a decade, where did that time go?

Back then I had only been vegan a couple of months, was living in a little flat, on my own, in my late 20s, finding my feet with veganism. I found it frustrating to eat out as NOWHERE really understood vegan!

Skip forward 10 years, I'm a newlywed (technically still? I dunno), about to move house again hopefully in the next few months with my awesome husband. Still vegan YAY but in a world where it is SO much easier to be vegan.

New products being released all the time, almost all chain restaurants and even pubs (which were always the most difficult) releasing vegan menus.

My blog has changed a lot over the years. It started off with this POST! Most of my posts back then were just pic spam of what I'd eaten recently. Usually terrible photos taken with flash!

I can't say my photography has improved that much, but the pic spam has gone, as now we have Instagram, that's really replaced those kinds of posts.

I blog about food and beauty now and I have a youtube channel, something I never thought I'd wanna do back then.

I guess all this waffle is really to say THANK YOU! To whoever is reading this. Whether you've been with me since 2008 or since today, I appreciate every single one of you that clicks on a blog post or watches a video.

And because I love you so much, I'm doing a giveaway. Maybe more than 1, stay tuned. I haven't exactly figured out what will be in it yet, but I've started putting it together. So watch this space or follow me on Twitter / Instagram or Youtube if you want to know about it when it's ready.

Sending you all love and cake! Hey maybe I need to make a blog birthday cake?

Sal xXx

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

MUA Vegan Options

Just popping in to say YAY! Cruelty free drugstore brand MUA finally have a page showing their vegan options!

Just go to their website and click on the vegan tab HERE.

Now if only I wasn't on a no-buy cuz this palette looks pretty!!
Sal xXx

Monday, 22 January 2018

I'm broke but I'm happy...

OK I'm not broke but I do spend WAY too much money on makeup.

I had a clear-out at Christmas and had literally a black sack full of stuff. Some was too old and crap to be donated but there was a giant carrier bag full of donatable stuff, which I gave to some very happy teenage girls (our friends' daughters). The pic above is one of about 4 from the clear-out I had 2 years ago!

Even after said clear-out, I have more makeup than one human ever needs. Now that I'm married ... nope, nope can't do it. Can't pretend that getting married made me a grown up!

OK so now I have other priorities, like saving for a new place to live, I can no longer spend all my disposable income on makeup. So I'm putting myself on a no-buy.

Also I binge-watched all of Kimberley Clark's anti-hauls and it really did hammer home how I'm guilty of buying stuff just for the sake of having it, even if it ends up just sitting in a drawer! I really recommend these videos, even if only for entertainment value. Kimberley is smart and hilarious!

Obviously as someone who likes making youtube videos* this is a bit of a problem, as I won't have a tonne of new stuff to review for you, so the content will have to change a bit to use up stuff I already have.

So I'm allowing myself to buy essentials such as deodorant and toothpaste of course. And things like concealer when they run out, I'll replace (and mascara as that should be replaced every few months). But I'm really not going to need a new foundation, eyeshadows or lip products for some time! I'm also not cancelling my Vegan Kind box for now.

So is anyone else on a no buy?

Sal xXx

*youtube have just demonitised my channel for not having enough subscribers. They're doing this to all small youtubers (less than 1000 subscribers) so I'm not alone and it's not like I'm going to miss the 20p I'll probably make from the ads haha. But it is a slap in the face! So anyway, if you feel like it, please subscribe to my channel because youtube being dicks aside, I love doing it and am planning to continue and also to get more regular with my posting schedule.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Wicked Kitchen at Tesco - A review

Firstly - I'm giving away the Soph x Makeup Revolution palette in my latest youtube vid - go HERE if you want to enter while you still have time :) (It is international!)

Shameless plug over....

....So with it being January/Veganuary, LOADS of new vegan items have been hitting the shelves of the supermarkets lately. I'm all for that and was super excited when Tesco launched a fully vegan range of ready meals.

The range, from Wicked Kitchen, has sandwiches, wraps, salad bowls, pizzas and ready meals and here is what I've tried so far:

Fiery Tofu & Slaw Sandwich - £3
I'll be honest, most of the lunch options didn't really do it for me. But the Fiery Tofu & Slaw sandwich sounded pretty great to me.

They're not lying when they say fiery, this sammie is WARM! But I like the spice so I enjoyed it. It could do with a bit of seasoning but you'll see that's a common theme among the reviews in this post! (I haz a salt tooth!)

I really enjoyed this and would purchase again!

Veggie Pasta & Amazeballs - £4
First of all, not amazeballs I'm afraid. I thought this was nice but nothing special. Nothing I couldn't make myself cheaper, less calories and tastier. So I probably won't buy this again. It needed salt (all these meals need salt!)
Pic from Tesco as I forgot to take one of the package!

Terrible photo of the contents!

Nana's Mushroom Bolognaise - £4
This one I like a lot and will definitely rebuy. These meals only take 4 mins to heat up in the microwave and this one is really tasty. As above though, needs salt ;-)

Damn, it's hard to get a good pic of ready meals when you take them out the pack! I added a tonne of nooch, obvs and I also generally put a layer of spinach in my bowl before I plate all meals!

Naked Burrito - £4
This one was excellent! Super spicy with those slices of Jalapeno and this kind of meal is my kind of meal. Rice and toppings. It was yummy. I love the oyster mushrooms and the beans in this. Would also rebuy this one!

Here it is completely mangled on top of some extra spinach, with a dollop of Oatly oat fraiche on top, because I'm obsessed with that stuff!

Gunpowder Potato Chana Masala - £4
My favourite of all the meals I've tried. So good! I loved the spice, it wasn't too hot, it was just yummy. And potatoes + rice, double carbs!! Win! Again needed salt, but as I said, salt tooth.

Again, pic from google due to my sieve-like memory
Again I added Nooch and Oat Fraiche!

So in summary, I've enjoyed pretty much everything I've tried so far from this range. I'm planning on putting one of the pizzas on this week's Tesco order to try out at the weekend. I also want to try the butternut mac and the teriyaki noodles.

They are a little pricey at £4 but they are really good quality and generous portions. I normally wouldn't eat ready meals this often, but a flare up of RSI in my hand/wrist meant that cooking was tricky this week so these were a godsend.

Have you tried anything from this range? What do you think?

Sal xXx

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Dermalogica Vegan List

I asked for this a while ago from Dermalogica and forgot to post it, but it's kind of a pain posting the screenshot to facebook so here it is! haha

I asked Dermalogica for a list of their vegan items and they confirmed the following items are NOT vegan:

Vegetarians and vegans may choose to avoid products that contain the following ingredients:

PEG-8 beeswax
Pearl Powder
Sodium DNA (salmon byproduct)
Silk Amino Acids
Hydrolyzed Pearl

Products vegetarians and vegans may choose to avoid

  • Essential Cleansing Solution (Retail and Professional)

  • Gentle Soothing Booster (Retail)

Honey Extract (extrait de miel)
  • Body Microfoliant (Professional)
  • Power Recovery Pack (Professional)

Hydrolysed Pearl
  • Sheer Tint Light SPF20 (Retail)
  • Sheer Tint Dark SPF20 (Retail)
  • Sheer Tint Medium SPF20 (Retail and Professional)
  • Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 (Retail and Professional)

Pearl Powder
  • Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque (Retail)
  • Redness Relief Primer SPF20 (Retail)

PEG-8 beeswax
  • Massage Cream (Professional)

Silk Amino Acids
  • Active Moist (Retail and Professional)
  • Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (Retail and Professional)
  • Skin Smoothing Cream (Retail and Professional)

Sodium DNA (salmon by-product)
  • Oil Free Matte SPF30 (Retail)
  • Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 (Retail)
  • Daily Defense SPF15 (Retail)
  • UltraSensitive Tint SPF30 (Retail)
  • Solar Defense Booster SPF50 (Retail and Professional)

Glucosamine HCL
Since 2009 Dermalogica® has used a vegetable derived version of Glucosamine HCL, as an alternative to Chitosan. There is no allergy risk with reference to shellfish or concern for use by vegans or vegetarians.


Friday, 8 December 2017

You Smell That? (a post about vegan and cruelty free perfume!)

One of the most difficult things to replace when I first went vegan was perfume. Ever since it was discovered that most high end brands are not actually cruelty free I of course stopped buying them, but I do still have a few dregs of high end perfume left (that shiz lasts forever!) But as it became time to replace them I had to look for new options.

Also, now it's gift buying season, I know a lot of people will be looking for perfumes. So here are some options for vegan perfumes for you.

Eden Perfumes
Eden are my number one pick if you are straight up looking to replace a high end scent. They're a vegan company, based in Brighton and also do mail order. They make awesome dupes of high end perfumes; I currently have four of them and have my eye on several more!

They also do a gift box, which is three 10ml perfumes of your choice, which is brilliant if you want to try a few out before committing to the full size!

You can buy from their Brighton store or from

I was recently very kindly sent the perfume box set by Dolma, which has generous samples of all 12 of their perfumes. I was really impressed with them! I think this box is great value at £25 and a good way to find a scent you like; I do find it difficult buying perfume online without being able to try it out first.

They have Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society certification and their perfumes are free from parabens and palm oil for those that wish to avoid those ingredients.

They are pricier than Eden, but I do think their prices are reasonable for quality perfume and more affordable than some high-end perfumes.

You can buy from Dolma's website: 

A small, vegan business that I discovered when I received one their lip scrubs in a Vegan Kind Beauty Box. Since then I've become a complete convert to their lip balms and when I realised they did perfumes, ordered a couple of those too. They are not traditional scents but fun ones, like the two I have - parma violet (my fave!!) and berry cheesecake. They're pretty strong but give them a few minutes after application to settle down and they're lovely and last ages! They also do larger bottles of perfume if you don't want a roll on, but I love these for slipping in my handbag.

You can buy from Fairypants' website:

Pacifica is an all vegan, cruelty free brand that used to be pretty tricky to get hold of in the UK but I'm seeing it more and more in independent health food stores and some larger Holland and Barrett stores.

I have the spray and the roll on of the their Persian Rose and I love it. If you love rose scented things, you need this.

Let's not forget Lush; always an awesome option for loads of vegan body products and all their fragrances are vegan. My fave is vanillery - look how old this is!! They don't even make this style anymore. It is past time for me to pick up a spray!

All M&S's own brand toiletries and cosmetics are Leaping Bunny approved and I'm pretty sure that all their perfumes are vegan. They do mention in the product description on the website if a product is vegan and I could only find a couple that don't mention it, so I live chatted with them and they said yes they're vegan but they recommend checking with them if you're interested in any that don't stipulate vegan (!!). So yeah, just double check if it doesn't say but I think you're pretty much safe.

My faves are these: 
True red, more of an evening scent for me

and Inspire is a lovely fresh scent, that is perfect for daytime

Body Shop
It looks as though all their perfumes are vegan, but to be safe, I just search 'vegan' on their website then filter fragrance. Anyone else a 90s teen that misses Dewberry and finds White Musk super nostalgic?? No? Just me then.

If you do want a perfume from a high end brand, there are a couple of options:

Charlotte Tilbury - Scent of a Dream
Simon is actually getting me this for Christmas. It's tough to describe but it smells very grown up to me! In fact I've heard a few people describe it as 'granny-ish', which I'm totally ok with!
Pic from their website, obvs!

Illamasqua - Freak
One of my all time favourite perfumes!

Kat Von D - Saint & Sinner
I only have a small bag size of Saint and this was about £20 - the full size is about £60 I think. It's nice but I don't find it lasts all day. Plus this fucker leaked in my makeup bag on my way home from honeymoon and destroyed my ABH brow wiz, so I'm still salty at it! hehe

What's your favourite perfume, have I missed yours out?

Happy Fri-yay
Sal xXx