Friday, 10 November 2017

Lily England Makeup Brushes

Recently I was contacted by the owner of Lily England, who make really pretty vegan makeup brushes, asking if I'd like to try some of their brushes. I of course said yes please and they sent me this absolutely beautiful package of brushes!

The sent me two sets, one that comes in a lovely faux leather bag and contains 2 face brushes and 3 eye brushes. The bag is the perfect size for my makeup brushes and I took it with me on honeymoon as it holds quite a few!

They also sent me the 8 piece eye brush set

Hopefully you already know that I wouldn't recommend something just because I got it sent to me, so when I say I love these brushes you can trust that. I went on my hen do the day after I received them and they were thoroughly put through their paces!

In fact they were used on pretty much all 8 hens at one point or another over the weekend! At least one of my bridesmaids ordered the 8 piece set before we even got home and I ordered 2 more sets as birthday gifts for some friends of ours' daughters, who are just getting into makeup.

They are super soft and really pretty, which my terrible photography doesn't do justice to. I use the eye brushes basically every day, I love them and you will be seeing them next time I do a favourites / makeup video I'm sure.

Also, since I got these brushes, I ordered the face cleansing brush, which I also really like but I have only used it a few times so I don't have a full review of that yet. I have my eye on their rose gold detangling brush too, (yes I'm a sucker for rose gold!) so no doubt I'll be ordering that soon.

Sal xXx

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Southampton Vegan Festival

This weekend just gone was the first Southampton vegan festival and my husband and I (yep, we got married! More on that another time though!) got in the car, drove the hour or so to get there to check it out.

It was worth the trip, we ate some really good food and always spent way to much moolah on stuff to take home. Here's what we got...

We started with some Greek food from Greek Vegan Deli Specialities; having just come back from our honeymoon in Crete, we had to! And we were not disappointed. We both got a pitta (which was amazing!) filled with tofu halloumi, falafel, salad and a bunch of dips including vegan taramasalata! avocado, some sort of sweetcorn relish and what I think was beetroot hummus.

It was so good, I mean look at it! (I love that they gave us a fork too, as it was a messy sucker!)

I also grabbed some of their baklava to take home, which Simon and I ate for lunch the next morning.

After we ate, we decided to have a leisurely wander around and this is what we bought:

We got a couple of pieces of cake from Vegan Sweet Tooth, London to share. We went for the pistachio, pomegranate and rose cake. The frosting tasted like straight up soya yogurt to me, which I wasn't a fan of at first but actually it worked well with the cake. The cake was really tasty and I liked the rose flavour.

We also bought a piece of the nutella brownie which I wasn't a huge fan of, it just tasted healthy, if you know what I mean! haha. It was good but I'd have preferred it to be sweeter.

Then we found the VeggiJelli stand which interested Simon, as he has requested a trifle for his upcoming birthday! We got 4 packs to take with us.

And some ready made to eat then and there. It was pretty good and they told us it works well for trifle as the fruit won't stop it setting. The more important question I forgot to ask was will vodka stop it setting (like the sachets of veggie jelly crystals you can buy in holland and barrett!!)?? I'll let you know!

Then we went to the Eden stand so I could get a new bottle of their J'adore copy! I ended up buying that and their copy of Flower Bomb. Plus two for Simon! I've been trying to find a copy of his Mont Blanc aftershave for ages and after a chat with the lovely owner, he advised me that one of their Abercrombie copies is actually exactly the same. And it is pretty spot on!! So yay. We also picked up their copy of Jean-Paul Gaultier's classic for men.

I spotted a stand called LoveSeitan and as I do, I had to give it a go! I bought a half loaf of the original seitan, but they had a curry version, a smokey and a couple of others.

Then one of my favourite things, was some fudge from Slab! I got two bars of the Tiger Butter (chocolate and peanut butter), a cookies and cream and a salted caramel. Honestly I thought the tiger butter would be my favourite and it is really really really good, but the salted caramel was my favourite! SO good, I will definitely be ordering some more of their vegan bars from their website.

We also of course had to pay a visit to Hannah Banana's stand, as she made our amazing wedding cakes last month and we are big fans! We grabbed a couple of cupcakes, not picture, for a friend of ours working on the Sea Shepherd stand, as she missed out on our wedding cake and we also grabbed a slice of the Speculoos cake and some jaffa cakes. We did have a jaffa cake cake at our wedding, but all the jaffa cakes were eaten before I got a chance to have one, so I was really pleased that Simon spotted these - and they were yummy!!

Lastly, we managed to snag the last Drunken Mushroom Pie from the Mr Nice Pie stand; Simon and I ate this last night and it was really good!

Then before we snuck off, we grabbed a burger to share from Got No Beef (which also had a FroYo section too, but I forgot to get some). Lighting was crap so my pics are not so great, but hopefully you get the idea. This was a tasty burger! We got cheeseburgers, with the mild cheese and all the toppings :)

The lighting really was shite!

So all in all it was really good and worth the trip!

I believe the venue will be different next year, which is probably a good thing. There were definitely a few issues, it was in a nightclub so lighting was low, hence my even shitter photos than ususal and although apparently the venue said the parking was free beforehand, they changed their minds on the day - not the fault of the organisers though and I don't remember it being particularly expensive to park!

Did anyone go? What did you think?

Sal xXx

Friday, 15 September 2017

A Friday Quickie about Makeup Revolution


If you saw my Beauty Chat Video recently then you'll have seen me talk about my frustration about companies like TAM Beauty who will not confirm which products are vegan.

Well I was super excited to read yesterday that they now do show this information on their website. I went and checked and yep, it's there!

I'm so excited that I can now recommend them again, as I do think they're a great, affordable and vegan friendly brand.

To check if a product is vegan, go to the product's page on the website and just scroll down (you might have to click 'ingredients':

click to enlarge

If you're looking for loads of affordable dupes for high end or non vegan products, check out TAM Beauty!

Have an awesome weekend!

Sal xXx

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Bird in the Hand Pub, Sandhurst

Just a food quickie today.... So it's not often I find a local place with awesome vegan options (that isn't a chain restaurant!) but I heard about this place through the Reading Vegans Facebook group and Simon and I decided to go check it out yesterday.

They have a separate vegetarian menu and lots of it is either vegan already or could be made vegan. They also said to me that if you ring the day before, they'll get in extra ingredients to make something more exciting for you, specially and they always carry vegan ice cream and custard. They also make a vegan apple crumble.

I decided on sausage and mash -they use Linda McCartney sausages (my fave!) and it was delicious. Look how fancy the potato is too!!

I was too full for dessert, this was a pretty big lunch.

Next time we go we're going to try going on a Sunday for lunch and I'll call them beforehand to see what they come up with. Keep an eye on my instagram if you want to see that.

So if you live in the Surrey/Hants border areas; this place is near Yateley/Camberley - about a 5-10 minute drive from the Meadows and is well worth a visit.

Sal xXx

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Poundland / Makeup Gallery Vegan List

So I've seen LOADS of people recommend the Poundland liquid eyeliner and when I googled it I found loads of people saying it's cruelty free but couldn't find anything concrete.

So I messaged Poundland and here is their response (TL:DR, I'm happy they're cruelty free and they also sent me a vegan list.)

My questions plus their responses in purple:

The answers to your enquiry are below.

  • Do Poundland/Makeup Gallery test on animals at any point in products (ingredients and final product), or do any 3rd parties do so on your behalf? I can confirm that none of the Make-Up Gallery products have been tested on animals, Our supplier has never commissioned animal testing to be conducted on the products that we sell.
  • Do you ensure your suppliers are cruelty free? Yes
  • Do you / would you test on animals if required by law? We currently sell Make Up Gallery inside the EU where it is illegal to be sell cosmetics tested on animals. There is no plan to expand the business outside the EU.
  • Do you sell these products in any countries where mandatory testing is required (such as mainland China)? No

NB: just to make totally sure, I went back to them to double check that there is no animal testing by Poundland or suppliers on either ingredients or finished products and they confirmed there is not!

Please see list of products suitable for Vegans and or vegetarians

Intense Lipgloss
Sheer Lipgloss
Lip Liner
Pressed Powder
Eyebrow Pencil 
Kohl Eyeliner
Liquid Eyeliner
Cuticle Care
Top Coat
Healthy Nails
Nail Hardener
All Coloured Nail Polish
Ridge Filler

Not Vegan:
Concealer (not vegetarian either!)

So there you can. I can tell you I've tried the liquid eyeliner and that shiz doesn't budge so if you want a super cheap eyeliner that works, you can do worse than that one! 

Have an awesome week!
Sal xXx

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Vegan Kind August Beauty and Lifestyle Boxes

It's that time of the month again when the Vegan Kind lifestyle box arrives! Also, it's August so it's time for a quarterly beauty box too. (I also unboxed both of these on my Instagram Stories, so if you're quick you may still catch it!)

Here's a sneak peak inside both the boxes:

Lifestyle box

- Sweet Freedom Choc Pot
- Candy Kitten Sweet Peach sweets
- Almighty Foods Strawberry Blonde Botanical Bar
- PhD Protein Superfood Mango Smoothie
- We Are Tea Super Berry tea bag
- Emily Veg Crisps
- Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Deodorant Balm

Beauty Box

- Eden Perfumes 10ml "Daisy"
- Chirp Body Hair Mask
- Zerreau Beauty Waterless Body Wash Foam
- Figs & Rouge Hero Cream
- Faith In Nature Brave Botanicals Shampoo sample
- Tisserand 'Happy' Aromatherapy roller ball

What do you think? As always I think both boxes are great!

Sal xXx

Friday, 4 August 2017

W7 Very Vegan Makeup Range - Review

So recently I ordered some of the new W7 Very Vegan range. I talked about this in my Beauty Chat video but if you hadn't heard, affordable brand W7 released a totally vegan (and Vegan Society approved) range of makeup.

I ordered an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, highlighter and a lipstick; here is the video of me trying them for the first time / first impressions.

I also wanted to use them all a good few times so that I could give you my proper opinion on all the products.

Starting with:

Eye Eco Eyeshadow Palette - £14.95
If you ever wanted a vegan (and more affordable) dupe for the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay, this is a good option.

 (for full swatches, check out my video linked above!)

Overall I like this palette. The shimmers are pigmented and go on well, they last pretty well and the colours are nice. There's a bit of fall out, so be aware of that and maybe do your foundation first or put some translucent powder down to catch it. I should add that I have hooded eyes, so without a primer, even super expensive shadows will crease on me. I use the same primer I use with all shadows and these last as well as some of my more expensive ones. In the video I only primed one eye and the eye I didn't prime did crease.

If I had a criticism of the palette at all, it would be that there's only 3 matte shades, one flesh tone, one black and one that could be used as a crease colour; I'd have preferred a couple more matte crease shades, as I think only having one limits it a bit. But overall it's a good palette.

Eyeliner - £5.95
I don't like this eyeliner. Mainly because I am not a fan of stiff, nib style eyeliner applicators, which this has. I find it difficult to get a smooth line and really hard to draw a wing without blobbing it to hell. The actual formula is ok and lasts well so if you like this style of brush you may love it! But for me it's a no.

I also found that when going over it to make it fully opaque, it lifted some of the liner off!

Mascara - £7.95
I like the mascara. It is not my favourite mascara wand ever because I am messy and I like a nice thin plasticky type wand. But I do like this mascara. It holds a curl on me and doesn't flake. Also I cried a lot the other day and it didn't run down my face. So there's that. For the price, there's other mascaras I'd pick over this one.

Blush - £8.95
I LOVE this blush; it's my favourite thing out of all the items I bought. The colour I got is Sugar Sugar and it's the perfect peachy pink. I love it. It's a nice formula, it lasts well and doesn't look chalky. I also love the embossing - the heart detail. It's so cute. And it has a decent sized mirror. I would absolutely recommend this blush and will be buying the other colours!

Highlighter - £8.95
I like the highlighter. I got the paler of the two shades available and it's a touch darker than I'd like it to be. However, it's a lovely highlighter. You're not gonna be seen twinkling from space or anything but it is very nice and catches the light lovely. I have other highlighters I prefer and this is very yellow gold, but it is very pretty and I see myself reaching it for it often.

Lipstick - £6.95
I like the lipstick. Although I wasn't crazy about it at first, it actually lasted a really long time, I mean hours! Through drinking and eating which surprised me for it having such a slippy formula! I would buy more of these! 

So that's my thoughts on what I have tried so far. I didn't buy a concealer or foundation, as my skin is tricky to find good products for. However, at the price point W7 have set, I will probably try them at some point. I will probably also pick up some of the eyeshadow quads to try.

Oh and here's the look I came up with on the video! :)

Let me know your thoughts - do you think the range looks good? Have you tried anything? Would you?

Sal xXx