Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ciate London - Vegan List

I first heard of Ciate a few years ago when they brought out the nail caviar thing that was popular for a minute or so. Well they now have loads more products, not just nail polish anymore. I asked them for a list of their vegan options and this is what they sent me:

Vegan Items:
Lash Chalk – Daydream
Blush Pop – Darling
Blush Pop - The One
Blush Pop – Tantalize
Blush Pop - Girls Night Out
Blush Pop – Glamazon
Glow Pop – Honolulu
Lip Locked – SoBe
Lip Locked - In The 305!
Nail Gym
Status Grow
Bloom Boost
Base Balance
Nail Goddess
Knight in shining armour
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Frozen 
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Ice Box
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick – Popsicle
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick – Daiquiri
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Snow Cone
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Ski Bunny
Lip Lustre - Wild Fire
Lip Lustre - Summer Love
Lip Lustre – Dare
Lip Lustre - Kiss Me
Lip Lustre – Truth
Lip Lustre - Call Me
Lip Lustre – Vixen
Lip Lustre – Vamp
Eye Chalk - Jump Rope
Eye Chalk - Dot-to-dot
Instabrow – Blonde
Instabrow - Medium Brown 
Instabrow - Dark Brown
Beautiful Cuticles
Perfect Paint Job
Liquid Chrome – Galactic
Liquid Chrome – Celestial
Liquid Chrome – Lunar
Liquid Chrome – Cosmic
Liquid Chrome – Stellar
Liquid Chrome - Sci-Fi
Kiss Play Stay
Partner in Prime
Geltox Detox Removal Solution
Marula Cuticle Oil for Dry and Peeling Nails
Marula Cuticle Oil for Weak and Thin Nails
Marula Cuticle Oil for Maintaining Healthy Looking Nails
Patent Pout – Bombshell
Patent Pout - High Five
Patent Pout - Drama Queen
Patent Pout - Bee's Knees
Patent Pout - La La Land
Patent Pout – Abracadabra
Patent Pout - Air Kiss
Patent Pout – Canoodle
Lash Locked
Precious Metal Eyeshadow - Washington Ave.
Precious Metal Eyeshadow - Collins Ave.
Precious Metal Eyeshadow - Lincoln Road
Bamboo Bronzer - Star Island
Bamboo Bronzer - Palm Island
OP Blush & Bronzer Duo - Bluff Point
OP Blush & Bronzer Duo - Seaside Park
Coconut Top Coat
Liquid Velvet - Diva
Liquid Velvet - Risque
Liquid Velvet – Sass Pot
Liquid Velvet – Smitten
Liquid Velvet – Swoon

Sal xXx

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Zizzi's Autumn 2016 Vegan Options

Zizzi's recently updated their menus and added some more vegan options, including a proper dessert - not just sorbet! So obviously I had to try it.

Last night was mine and Simon's 2 year anniversary so we figured it was a good excuse to go try it out.

Firstly we shared their new spicy nuts which were really good!

And also their new bruschetta; I'd had the old version which was cooked tomatoes and while tasty, wasn't really my thing. Their new one has cherry tomatoes and pesto and is more like a traditional bruschetta. It was really good.

For the main, I decided to try the lentil ragu, rather than go for pizza again (as much as I love their vegan pizzas) and I made the right choice. I LOVE pasta and this was delicious. I've had a lentil ragu before (in Jamie's Italian) and wasn't a fan but this was really good.

For dessert I obviously had to try the dessert calzone. It's sugary dough filled with bananas, caramelised pecans and chocolate and it was yummy. The dough was a bit erm, doughy! haha. It was kind of tough to eat, I definitely needed my knife, but it was worth it. And the coconut / chocolate swirl ice cream that came with it was really good too.

Have you tried the latest vegan offerings from Zizzis? Let me know what you thought if you have, or if you fancy trying them.

Sal xXx

Monday, 3 October 2016

Long live Gary!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that Sainsbury's have brought out a pretty decent range of vegan cheeses (GARY!)

I have so far tried:

The grated cheddar
Wensleydale with Cranberries
Greek Style (feta)
Cream Cheese style
Caramelised Onion Cheddar

All of them are good! The grated cheddar I probably wouldn't eat as it, it's needs to be melted, but all the others are pretty good on their own or on a cracker.

My favourite is probably the feta style, it's REALLY good. I was not someone who was obsessed with cheese in my omni days but I did love me some feta so I'm glad that a decent one has finally been released.

The caramelised onion cheddar melted perfectly under the grill, on a piece of toast... behold it's beauty:

All the cheeses are coconut based and do have soy in, in case anyone with allergies is wondering.

For anyone who wants to know more, here's my review video of these cheeses (except the caramelised onion, I bought that after I'd filmed it as the others were so good!

Have you tried anything yet from the range? Let me know what you think.

Have an awesome week.
Sal xXx

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Urban Decay Vegan List

I will start with a disclaimer about parent companies; Urban Decay are owned by a non-cruelty free one (L'Oreal) and it's totally up to you if you choose to support cruelty free companies with a non-cruelty free parent.

I used to avoid companies like this but you might have noticed that more recently I have started to buy brands again that fall under this category. If you guys want a more detailed post or explanation on that let me know. Otherwise, I'll crack on...

I emailed Urban Decay and asked whether any of the single Moondust shadows (and the liquid Moondust, which I'm not sure have been released yet) were vegan (as they look SO pretty but the palette isn't vegan). And they sent me a list... of all their products, showing which items are vegan. Which is super exciting. They said I could share it here, so here it is. There's a lot! :o)

Eyeshadow Primer Potion:
Minor Sin

Monday, 26 September 2016

Burts Bees

Just a quickie with some info for any fans of Burts Bees, (not vegan but they were cruelty free); they have started selling some of their products in mainland China, where mandatory animal testing is required.

Here's the article that Cruelty Free Kitty wrote about it, including their correspondence with BB. They are saying that it's non-special use products only and so it might be that they keep their cruelty free status.

However, until any more is known, I've removed them from my list of cruelty free brands. If it turns out they're ok, I'll happily add them back.

 Sal xXx

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Kat Von D Beauty - Now in Debenhams. Um, YAY!

You might know from this blog that I'm a HUGE fan of the Kat Von D makeup range and have ordered in the past from Sephora.

Well it's now in the UK at Debenhams. SO EXCITED!

As soon as my no-buy is over, I'm on it!

Not everything from this brand is vegan, (they are working on that) but a lot of it is. There is a list of vegan items on the website HERE.

I definitely need more metal crush eyeshadows (the pic below is me wearing Electric Warrior and her Tattoo Liner in Trooper which I also love).

I also want to pick up the lock it foundation in the correct shade, because the one I have is way too dark and too pink, so has to be mixed with a much lighter, yellower shade to match me.

Also on my list is the concealer and powder to try! Not forgetting either that KVD's liquid lipstick formula is one of my favourites, so some more of those wouldn't go amiss in my collection :)

What will you be picking up?

Sal xXx

Friday, 2 September 2016

Friday Quickie: Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lights Highlighter

Makeup Revolution (and sister brand Freedom Makeup) are definitely one of my go to brands for affordable but awesome products.

I love their eyeshadows and I will probably talk about those in a future post, but they also make some of my favourite affordable highlighters too.

Recently I saw that they brought out a rose gold highlighter, so I obviously had to have it.

When I got it and swatched it, I just thought, ok this is beautiful but it is no way going to work as a highlighter on me, because I'm too pale.

Swatchy swatch

Sadly I was right and it is too dark to be a highlight for me. However, it does work as a blush and it makes a for a beautiful, glowy, peachy blush. So not wasted at all and I've been wearing it most days this week.

You can get this highlighter from Superdrug or from TAM Beauty's website (Revolution's parent company). HERE.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and sorry for the lack of posts recently. I will try harder next week! :)

Love & stuff
Sal xXx