Thursday, 19 January 2017

Mitchum is not cruelty free :(

OK so for years I've been under the impression Mitchum deodorant was a brilliant accidentally vegan and cruelty free deodorant, despite being owned by a non-cruelty free parent company (Revlon).

It was just something that was told to everyone in vegan message boards and chat groups and accepted. Not like me not to research that, but for some reason I didn't until I saw a few people saying that it's actually not cruelty free at all.

Silly me! After the whole Batiste debacle you'd think I'd have learnt, but we all make mistakes so .... I did a bit of googling and the only sources I found saying it was vegan were replies on message boards or the odd blog post. I found them on a few 'do test/avoid' lists from bloggers I trust. So I wrote to them and asked to try and get an answer for myself.

They of course came back to me with Revlon's stock animal testing statement, the usual spiel about how they don't animal test and haven't since the late 80s and believe in innovation and women expressing themselves through makeup... etc.

And then - the important bit - "Regulatory authorities in a few countries conduct independent testing in order to satisfy their own mandatory registration requirements., Revlon complies with all regulations in the countries in which are products are sold...."

So basically they submit to animal testing where required by law. This means they are not cruelty free.

So I wrote back and said (I'm paraphrasing), yeah thanks I know Revlon aren't cruelty free but I just want to know about Mitchum specifically. Do you sell in China and can you answer my original questions in relation to Mitchum only, thank you please.

They wrote back with "This is the only statement we have for all Revlon/Mitchum/Almay products"

So there you have it. Not cruelty free, not gonna buy any more.

Now please excuse me while me and my sweaty pits cry into our tea and then try to find something that works even half as well!

Please leave me your suggestions in the comments if you have a deodorant that works well for you!

Sal xXx

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Video

A new video is up now on my youtube channel and I think it's a good one!

Simon did my voiceover haha, please go check it out and leave him some love!

Sal xXx

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

The other day I filmed a video about my favourite vegan makeup brushes and it's a question I see asked a lot. So I thought I'd do a post about some vegan brush brands (and brands with vegan options) for anyone looking for some animal free makeup brushes.

Any that you cannot buy easily in a (UK) store will have a link to an online supplier next to it.

Brands whose brushes are all Vegan:
This only goes for brushes; not for any makeup that the brand manufactures. Any you can’t buy on the high street will have a link to an online supplier.

B. (Superdrug)
Barry M
Beauty Without Cruelty
Eco Tools
Furless (not UK but shipping is pretty quick and reasonable)
Lottie London
Real Techniques

Brands that have vegan brush options:

bdellium Tools (all the Bambu ranges of brushes are vegan but not all their other lines are)
Crown (they have a couple of synthetic brush ranges and the product description for each one confirms if synthetic or natural (animal) hair)
ELF – all the studio brushes are vegan but I’m not 100% sure that all the older ‘Essentials’ range are.
Makeup Revolution – I think all their brushes are synthetic but I’m putting them in this list as I cannot guarantee that 100%!
MUA – as above with Makeup Rev.
Sigma (most if not all are vegan now, as they’re in the processing of swapping them all to their synthetic fibres, check product descriptions)

Some resources for browsing vegan makeup brushes:

Hope this is useful! This list is by no means exhaustive, so if I've missed your fave brand, leave me a comment and I'll add them.

Sal xXx

If you want to see that video, I will link it below when it's up :)

Friday, 6 January 2017

Vegan Food at Bill's

Well happy new year everyone! It's still early enough to say that, right?

Yesterday evening was my first weigh-in back on Slimming World* so as a last meal out before the wedding panic begins, Simon and I went to Bill's for some lunch.

I'd always avoided Bill's as when I'd checked the menu before, there was literally only olives on the menu that were vegan! But I was sure I'd seen some buzz about them in the facebook groups and so we decided to check out the menu. And guess what - they have clearly labelled vegan options on the menu! Whoop. (No desserts listed! But they do say they sell sorbet, so if I'd had room for dessert I'd have asked if one of those were vegan - also I've emailed Bill's to check this.)

So anyway, for starters I had the Mushroom Soup. I loved the presentation of this, with the soup in a little jug that you pour over the mushrooms (warning though - don't do what I did and touch that soup bowl and burn your friggin hand - that sucker is hot!!). The soup was delicious. Simon and I both had this for our starter and loved it.

For my main I had the roasted aubergine dahl. This was SO good. At first I was a bit disappointed it didn't come with rice but you know what, it didn't need it! The bread it came with was awesome and it was very filling. I'm not sure what the green sauce on the top was but it was amazing. It was spicy but not crazy spicy, just had a nice kick.

I also had a Fentiman's ginger beer.

Simon and I both agreed that the food was great and kinda wished we hadn't walked past so many times and gone elsewhere! So yes, I'd 100% go back.

I'm going to add this info to my Eating at Chain Restaurants page, but have contacted Bill's for confirmation about desserts and if the breakfast menu can be veganised, so look out for the update there for that, if you're interested.

(*If you want to to know more about my SW journey, I have a blog for that: HERE.)

Have an awesome weekend!
Sal xXx

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Best of 2016

OK so I dunno about you but personally, 2016 has been a festering turd of a year and I for one cannot wait to be done with it. Between the death of our beloved Jazzy cat, back injuries, job losses, Brexit, more back injuries, more colds than I can count on one hand, an endless stream of celebrity deaths and Trump... this year is not one I want to remember.

However, it wasn't all bad, right? RIGHT?

Right! Behind every cloud there is a silver lining, so here are the good bits from 2016!

I found out that I'm going to be an Auntie again in 2017. We booked a venue and started planning our wedding for next year. I got a new job, one I actually like with a boss who is pretty awesome. I already knew I won the lottery when it came to friends and family and I feel so lucky to have had my awesome parents, fiance and friends all there for me through it all.

Again, I already knew the guy I'm marrying is amazing, but dealing with so much difficult stuff together this year has just made us even stronger.

OK OK, onto some less mushy stuff.

Rogue One
It was pretty damn epic. In fact I'm looking forward to going and seeing it again before it leaves the cinema.

We had a day of cinema when this film came out (we planned to watch 5 films in a day but quit after 3) and the BFG was the first one.

This book was my absolute favourite as a kid and I loved the cartoon movie from the late 80s with David Jason as the voice of The BFG. So I had high hopes for this movie and it did not disappoint. I loved it.

I especially loved Jemaine Clement as Fleshlumpeater :)

Zizzi's updated their menu again late this year and added even more vegan options, after introducing vegan cheese for their pizzas earlier in the year. They added a lentil ragu, which I HOPE they never discontinue and a dessert pizza.

Earlier this year Sainsbury's released their new range of vegan cheeses and it was pretty friggin exciting. The taste test video I made has more views than the rest of my videos put together I think hahaha.
Caramelised onion Gary, melted on toast!

TV Shows!
There were quite a few good TV shows this year, I'll start with...

Gilmore Girls - A Year in the Life
I KNOW I wasn't the only one excited for this. I couldn't wait to watch the new episodes and although it wasn't perfect (far from it) I still loved it!

If you want to read some very thorough and awesome reviews of the series, head over to my friend Randi's blog to read her posts about each of the episodes (and spoilers so only if you've already watched!)

there was also

Stranger Things
Everyone seemed obsessed with this one and rightly so, it was brilliant!

I had trouble with this at times and couldn't decide for a few episodes if I was into it, but by the end I was totally hooked and loved it!

The Crown
My most recent obsession! I don't give a flying crap about the monarchy but I do love me a dramatisation like this. And it's fantastically acted.

Sainsbury's Meatless Balls (hehe*)
Sainsbury's updated some of the meat analogues this year, including their meatballs and they are pretty dang amazing!
here they are all saucy and covered in Gary! ooh-er!

*In case you're wondering, the answer is no! It will never not be funny :)

Really, I just want to give props to all the brands out there who've brought out even more awesome vegan products, whether accidental or not. Like Oatly and their custard and creme fraiche, Quorn nuggets, fillets and spicy burgers, Alpro dessert moments and new ice creams... more and more stuff is appearing every day. 

And also to the chain restaurants who are starting to realise we exist. I mentioned Zizzi's above but also Bella Italia, Harvester*, Toby Carvery, Ask Italian, Nando's and Prezzo's  all now have at least one vegan option labelled on their menu and most have a pudding that's suitable too. (*I still haven't found a Harvester near me that has the new menu, but hopefully some day soon it'll arrive!)

Skechers Memory Foam Trainers
I know I know, I'm getting old, but dammit they're just so damn comfy!

I've deliberately left out makeup and beauty items, because I'll be filming a video on my 2016 beauty favourites.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to whoever is reading this, for staying with me this year, whether you're new here or not. Have an awesome New Year's eve no matter what you do and I'll see you in 2017.

Also, if anyone is celebrating their veganniversary tomorrow (like me - 9 years!), happy veganniversary.

So eff off 2016, you're no longer welcome; 2017 we're counting on you!!

Love & smooches
Sal xXx

Friday, 30 December 2016

New Year's Eve Makeup

Hey peeps

Just a quick post as it's NYE tomorrow (thank fuck, the end of this year cannot come soon enough!) and for anyone stuck for some makeup inspiration, I've posted a few tutorials this week. One has just gone live and there is one more tomorrow.


Head to my channel via THIS LINK to check out any of the above looks and there's one more tomorrow!

Have an awesome NYE whatever you do and I will see you in 2017!

Sal xXx

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Foodz

Hey beautiful peeps,

I was pretty rubbish at taking food pics this year, but I did take one of our main. This year Simon had his first every totally vegetarian Christmas day (he isn't veggie, but he doesn't eat most meats anymore including turkey).

My back was still pretty bad so I helped by chopping the veg for our wellington sitting at the dining table hehe.

This year, we couldn't find a tofurky anywhere, so we made this magnificent beast from Mildred's recipes. The only changes we made were to leave out the truffle oil as we couldn't find any and we added a few extra finely chopped muchrooms, that I sauteed with the onions. It was fantastically awesome and I would not hesitate to serve this to any omnivorous dinner guest!

Also, it wouldn't be boxing day without an epic boxing day leftovers sandwich!!

oh look, a couple of christmas day bellends!
On Chrimbo day, my bro made the dessert and I didn't take a pic! doh. But basically it was a dairy free ice cream bomb and it was the bomb. Geddit? .... I'll get my coat.

Oh no wait, come back... before I sod off, I'll leave you with a shameless plug for my latest video - a new year's eve party makeup tutorial (it was actually the makeup I work on Christmas day, so much for subtle glitter). I'd love it if you checked it out and subscribe if you haven't.

Also, tell me what you had for Chrimbo dinner / leave me a link to your blog or instagram... etc if you've posted it.

Sal xXx