Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hello hello you called baby I can't hear a thing.....

So I cleared all the pics off my android phone and found a bunch of food pics!  Lady Gaga title making a bit more sense now? No... OK I'll move on.

A while back, myself and my awesome vegan friends went to Moshi Moshi in Brighton. Although the highlight of this day was really giant Jenga and Gin in a Tin, I am just going to show you the food, because it was excellent.

Moshi Moshi is a sushi place that has lots of vegan options, including dessert (which I was too full for to be honest.

I’m going to start as I mean to go on, with a blurry picture of a half-eaten piece of food. I know you guys love seeing these, so here it is. This is something that has a fancy name that I can’t remember, but it’s tofu skin filled with rice and veggies. Everytime we saw one go round the conveyor we nabbed them, no one else got a look in! hahaha

For the rest of my meal I ordered deep fried dumplings. These were so good, that we all got another round of them.

I also had something with mock duck in it and hoisin type sauce, I think. It was excellent and I had it with a side of brown rice, to be healthy ya know.

As I said, I was too full for pudding and besides, those glutinous rice ball things look like dead baby hamsters anyway. ERGH.

I also found this pic of pizza on my phone. I remember that instead of tomato sauce, I used a base of Sacla’s Aubergine pesto (good shit and no dairy!) then I added facon, peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn. Then a buttload of cheezly. My dad was happy to inform me that it was good pizza, after he stole some of the leftovers.

This past Saturday, I met up with some other PPKers and we went on a lovely day trip to London.  Some of us met at Ms Cupcake in Bristol and I got a PB&J Cookie sandwich and coconut almond cupcake to go.  Then we went onto InSpiral, 4 of us ordered lasagne but only one of us go it!  The rest of us got this veggie bake thing.  Not lasagne but still pretty tasty.  You get to pick 3 sides, so I went for the bean salad, wedges and Greek style salad and also some garlic mayo – which is what that bright yellow stuff is.  Didn’t taste anything like garlic mayo to me but it was yummy.  I've been dying to go to InSpiral for ages and I wasn't disappointed.  I also had some Maple & Pecan icecream, their ice creams are all raw and very tasty.  I didn't get a pic though.

And just because she's so flippin cute.... a bonus pic of Jazzy!

Happy humpday all!