Thursday, 12 December 2013

My current obsession is....

So like every other PPKer/vegan on the planet, I got my excited hands on the latest offering from Isa Chandra Moskowitz last month, Isa Does It and I'm a bit in love with it!  So here are some meals that I have made from (and inspired by) this book, over the last couple of weeks:

First up the tempeh balls (hehe) and sketti.  Now I didn't use the sauce recipe in the book, I just made my own by wingin it.  I made these for me & by bestie at the weekend before a night on the sauce and we both liked it a lot.  Although I'll probably bake them next time as they were a bit soft. But still delicious. I  love me some tempeh.

Next up, Coconut Chaana Saag.  I picked this to make for dinner for myself and my mum and dad and it was great. But it was so similar to the type of curry I normally make when I'm wingin it that I wish I'd picked another recipe. But still, we all loved it.  I used spinach instead of kale, but aside from that, no other subs.

Then the Roasty Soba Noodle Bowl with Miso Tahini (this recipe is on Isa's blog if you don't have the book yet). OH MY GOD - GOOD! That sauce I could chug (to coin a Guy Fieri-ism*) and why have I never thought to roast cauliflower before because roasting cauliflower turns it from crunchy, cruciferous, crudité into a magical tray full of win!!  (*I know he's a bit annoying but I can't help it, I love Guy on DD&D and his Arnie impression ... and alliteration apparently!)   Anyway I halved the recipe but still got loads of sauce, enough to make 2 bowls and use the leftovers for salad dressing, which was AWESOME!

And here's some that were inspired by this book because I was too lazy to follow the recipes exactly.

This book is cashew cream heavy. I mean seriously, there are a tonne of recipes that call for soaked cashews and I LOVE that about it.  So following that lead, I roasted some orange pepper, garlic, shallots and tomatoes while my cashews were boiling for 15 minutes (I was on the fly, I didn't have time for 2 hours of soaking!)  Then I whizzed them all up together with a bit of veggie stock and some tomato puree to make this ace pasta sauce.
This was inspired by the butternut alfredo sauce, I just did the first bit - blending cashews, roasted butternut squash and stock - to make my sauce. I need to try again but making the recipe as written because I liked this a lot.

Scrambled Chickpeas. I didn't follow the recipe, I did my usual seasonings of a bit of turmeric, black salt and a crap tonne of nooch instead. This was a genius idea! 

And lastly.... this is the recent recipe from Isa's blog for gingery coconut stew with brussels & rutabaga* (which I am a bit obsessed with at the moment!) and my only regret with this is that I halved it, because it was AWESOME.  *Swede if you're on this side of the pond!

That's it for now.

It's nearly Christmas peeps! EXCITING!!! Almost time to start my Christmas baking.  What are you making this year (so I can totally steal your ideas! j/k)