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Wednesday 31 May 2017

The Big Fat Vegan Mascara List

A while ago I wrote this post about vegan mascaras you can buy on the high street. I thought it was time for an update (even though I do update that post regularly) to also include high end / online brands. I want to show there are tonnes of options out there for cruelty free AND vegan mascaras, so here we go.

Any brands that you cannot buy on the high street, I will link to a place online you can buy it. All these brands are cruelty free:

I have noted where a brand has a non cruelty free parent company with PC
If the mascara is waterproof I have noted it with W
If I have tried it and liked it, I have noted it with A

- It's a long story mascara

- Mosscara

B. (Superdrug) PC
- Volumising Mascara
- HD Lengthening Mascara
- HD Dual Wand Mascara
(All B. Makeup items are vegan!)

Barry M
- Lash Vegas 2
They have a vegan mascara again - YAY!

Beauty Without Cruelty
- Waterproof W
- Full Volume A
- Ultimate Conditioning

(All BWC products are vegan)

Body Shop 
- Lash Hero

Charlotte Tilbury
- Full Fat Lashes

- Wonderwand Mascara

- All ELF makeup is vegan W (option)

(Above link is ELF's website, but you can also buy ELF from Superdrug online and in selected stores.)

- Yoga Waterproof Mascara W
This is currently their only vegan offering.

- Blown Away
- Rebel Eyes Mascara A
- Rebel Eyes Lengthening
- Volume Serum Mascara
- My Favourite Mascara W

- Deep Darkness Mascara
- Volume Mascara
- Front Row Curl Organic Mascara

(Lavera's other mascaras have beeswax in)

Lottie London
- #Lashgoals

(#curlboss has beeswax in)

Lily Lolo
- Natural Mascara A

- Eyes Right Mascara

M&S Autograph
- Fibre Lash Enhancing Mascara (marked vegan on website)
- High Definition Mascara
- Amplified Lashes Volumising Mascara
- Neverending Lashes Lengthening Mascara
- Aqua Proof Water Resistant Mascara W
- Semi-Permanent Mascara

Medusa's Makeup
- Witch Lash Mascara

Milk Makeup
- KUSH High Volume Mascara
- KUSH Waterproof Mascara W
- Ubame Mascara

- DeerLash Defining Mascara

(Also available in the UK from Cute Cosmetics.)

On The Rise Volume Liftscara
(Also available in the UK at Boots and I think some Superdrugs)

- Stellar Gaze
- Aquarian Gaze W

PHB Ethical Beauty
- All in One Natural Mascara A

Pixi (online and in some M&S stores) 
- Lash Booster Mascara
- Large Lash Mascara

Smashbox PC
Full Exposure Mascara
Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara W
X Rated Mascara

Tarte PC
- Big Ego
- Lights, Camera, Lashes
- Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
- Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

- What's Your Type: Tall Dark and Handsome & Body Builder
- Cheater Mascara
- Mad Lash A

Too Faced PC
- Better Than Sex
(The original, pink tube only, the waterproof has beeswax)

- Fixing Gel Mascara

VE Cosmetics
- Mermaid Lash Mascara

- Very Vegan Mascara A

I have no doubt there are some missing; so I will update this list regularly as and when things change or I become notified of new options or discontinuations / changes in formulas.

What's your favourite? Have I missed it out?

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Last updated 02/08/2019

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Current Favourites - Food Edition

I've got a few beauty favourites that I will probably film a video about but I thought it might be fun to talk about some of my recent favourite food things. Great English there Sal! Let's do this.....

Tofoo Co Tofu

My friend bought this tofu when I visited her and made a curry with it and I was so impressed at the way it held up, I bought some as soon as I got home. And I LOVE it! The texture is brilliant; it's much firmer than Cauldron and it makes the best tofu scramble ever.

I get it from Tesco, but according to their website, you can get it from the Co-Op (never seen it in my teeny local!) and from Ocado too.

They also make a couple of flavoured varieties but I've not tried them yet.

Booja Booja Caramel Pecan Praline Ice Cream

This stuff is delicious but it's also SUPER sweet, so you don't really need that much of it. It's also pretty expensive so I wouldn't be buying it every week, but for an occasional treat, it's a good one!

Oatly Oat Fraiche
Thank you Oatly, thank you so much for this!!!

This stuff is the bomb. I use it wherever I would have used creme fraiche (durr) or sour cream etc in my pregan days. It's especially awesome for dolloping on nachos/tacos/burrito bowl type meals. I also add it to sauces to make them creamy or put a bit on pancakes with some syrup. It's so good.

Caramel Snack A Jacks
I swear these didn't used to be vegan? But they are and a friend of me got me into them recently. Yes they have a cardboard like texture, but who doesn't like cardboard covered in caramel flavouring? No one? Oh, maybe skip these then :)

Seriously though, I like them as a quick snack if I just want a sweet hit.

Food Doctor Roasted Soya
These are a really good post gym snack because 25g (a large handful) is 100 calories ish and has 10g of protein in! I have been trying to find snacks (and foods in general) with more protein in and soya/edamame beans are great for that. And these crunchy little beauties are awesome!

Sweet Freedom 
I know, this stuff is old news but I love it! I especially like the orange spice one, it makes a great sauce for pancakes, or ice cream or just squeeze that ish straight into your gob at the same time as squirting in some schlagfix squirty cream! Don't let anyone ever tell you I'm not classy!

Lemon & Ginger Tea
I had tonsillitis recently and whenever I'm sick like that, I cannot face milky drinks. Although I'm back on it, I've been drinking less regular tea and coffee. Which has been great, because I'm not getting that headache on days I don't have any caffeine anymore! Anyway, I discovered I like this tea. I do add extra lemon juice to it and sometimes a few slices of ginger if I have it. And when I was sick I also added date syrup instead of honey and it really helped my sore throat. 

So those are the things I'm enjoying right now food wise. What's your current food/drink faves??

Sal xXx

Thursday 4 May 2017

Flawless Makeup Brushes - Review

Upfront I will tell you I was sent these brushes for review, but hopefully you guys know that I will not recommend something I don't like....

That being said... I was contacted by the owner of Flawless Brushes recently about being added to my cruelty free brands list and she kindly offered to send me some of her brushes to try.

I've been using them for a couple of weeks now and I really do like them. In fact I have used them every. day. that I've worn makeup since I got them!

My favourites are this one:

A flat topped kabuki style brush. I use this for foundation; I'm a beauty blender girl usually but I absolutely love how soft this brush is and how flawlessly (geddit?) it blends out the foundation. Also, it doesn't absorb a tonne of product, so the brush doesn't get mingin dirty after one use. Great for lazy Bs who do not like to wash their brushes. Not that I'm advocating that... ok moving on.

I also love this diddy one. 
I won't lie, when I got this I looked at it and though, what the hell am I gonna use that for? I tried it to apply and blend out my liquid bronzer* and it does the job brilliantly. (*Nars' Liquid Laguna is vegan if you are looking for a very lovely liquid bronzer.)

The angle brush is good for brows or eye liner. Also, I discovered on Saturday when I had limited time and limited tools, that the brush in the middle is great both for putting shadow on the lid and for a super quick smokey lower lash line! So that's a bonus.

There was also another eyeshadow brush in the set, but it's dirty from use so not in these pics. It's a fluffy blending brush and I love it for exactly what it's meant to do!

I like the fluffy brush on the left in the pic below for setting my eyelid or under my eye with powder, as it's great for applying powder to small areas (I think it's actually meant for highlighting but I prefer a fan brush for that). I've also found that it blends out my cream/liquid blush really nicely too.

The big brush with the short handle on the right, I use for setting my whole face with powder.

A couple of other brushes are also missed out of my pictures due to needing a clean! A blusher brush (very similar in shape, but softer and less dense than the Real Techniques expert face brush, so I think that'd work well for foundation too) and a pencil brush. The pencil brush is a good size for putting colour under the lower lash line and in the inner corner of the eye and it's very soft so blends out the shadow lovely. Also, I think it'd be good for spot concealing.

As I said above, these brushes are super soft and fluffy. I have had a couple of hairs shed from them, but none on my face, just one or two when washing them. Nothing that causes me concern. Also, I'm an idiot and left one of the brushes in a bag for a couple of days with the dirty brushes and a damp sponge after a makeup job. Yes I'm gross. But the brush is still in tact (which is more than I can say for one of my crown brushes, which has lost most of the handle's coating! haha).

If you follow me on YouTube, then expect to see these brushes in a video at some point and if you're not then why not - go do it!! HERE ;o)

So if you're looking for some new brushes and want to support an independent and vegan/cruelty free brand, then check them out at

Sal xXx