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Thursday 28 November 2013

Of all the silly nonsense, this is the stupidest tea party I've ever been to in all my life!

Actually it was a lovely tea party, but I just wanted an excuse to quote Alice in Wonderland, because it was my favourite film as a kid.

Now I must start by apologising because the pics I'm about to post are fucking dire - even by my standards - and don't really do the food justice but I wanted to post about it anyway.

Last weekend, my cousin and I met up in London and she had booked us into the restaurant of La Suite West in Bayswater, London for Vegan Afternoon Tea.

From what I could gather from chatting to the (lovely and super passionate) Maitre D, the restaurant changed to an all vegan and high raw place earlier this year.  Also, there's no alcohol served at any time there, much to the chagrin of my cousin, but as there were pubs right around the corner, we managed to make do without for an hour or so for afternoon tea.

So here's the menu:
I chose earl grey for my tea and as it was a vegan place I didn't have to worry about the lack of soymilk!  (I did warn you the photos were crap - the lighting was terrible in there and I didn't want to use flash....)

Sandwiches... My favourite was the Portobello mushroom & pesto, but all of them were nice. The only one I didn't love was the butternut squash one, my cousin felt the same about it - nice but the flavours didn't quite work. Also the aubergine could've done with a bit longer cooking, but still tasty.
Then the star of the show for me - warm fresh scones!  Delicious and they came with a side of coconut sauce (they say whipped coconut cream but it had a more pudding-y texture, it'd obviously had cornstarch or something similar added to set it) and fresh strawberries. The texture of the sauce was a bit off but the taste of it was lovely and went really well with the fresh strawbs.
The last one was a trio of chocolate thingies. I am not sure if they were all raw, I don't think the sesame halva one was, but they were all really good.  The raw coconut/chocolate cake - I'm still not convinced that was raw because it tasted like sponge and it was delightful. (that's the one at the back with the strawberry 'hat' on!) I took this pic with flash because it was so dark by then that without it, you couldn't see anything at all - yeah I know it doesn't help much! 

So my take on this place is that it's not perfect but it's pretty damn good and their evening meal selection looks really interesting, so I'd be into trying it out for a full meal sometimes too.

Have a good weekend all.



  1. Haha chocolate thingies. OH my goodness this place looks awesome! You know I haven't had a proper tea with little sandwiches and scones in London yet...or actually maybe ever?? I need to go there!

  2. We don't have anywhere to get vegan high tea (as it is called here) in Brisbane. This looks great.

  3. It's impossible to get anything but dire pictures because EVERYTHING is black! EVERYTHING.

  4. Everything looks lovely, dark indoor pictures and all. I think I would have polished off the trio of chocolate thingies in two seconds!

    I like your new profile picture! Your hair is beautiful! :)

    1. haha thanks buddy, I don't think I'd washed it that day! ;0)


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