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Tuesday 22 December 2015

Christmas Party Food

The work Christmas Party... the day that all vegans dread! Or is it just me that has bad luck with the food at these things?

Well here was this year's offering... they didn't do too bad, considering when I said vegan they just sent me a list of allergens in all the dishes, which did nothing but show me that I couldn't eat anything!

So they made some exclusions for me and here is what I got. (Excuse the blurry pics, I normally use Simon's phone for food photos but as he wasn't there, I had to use my hunk of crap, soon to be ex, phone!)

Roasted pumpkin for the starter:

This was ok. Two out of the four or so varieties of pumpkin on the plate were sweet and lovely. The other were totally flavourless. There was some spices on there, that were hard to make out. Except for Cinnamon, which they had used whole ones of, broken up. I got several pieces in my teeth, which was unpleasant.

Rating: 4/10

Barley Risotto for the main course:

I love barley, I love risotto and this was really good. I'm not totally sure what the purees were, I think possibly parsnip, but it was good, whatever it was. The only odd part was the bits of corn on the cob; they were teeny and the centre was rock hard so you couldn't get a fork in there. So I had to pick them up to eat them. Not all that dignified really hehe.

Rating 8/10

Mango crumble* for dessert:

*I couldn't eat the crumble bit so it was left off. Basically what I got was chopped up mango. With mango sauce.  Then they brought me out some mango sorbet to go with it. A mango trifecta!!

The sorbet was good, the rest was a bit pants!

Rating 2/10 (not particularly exciting or tasty).

The pub itself did a great job of getting everyone's food out, still hot and on time. That places was completely PACKED full of Christmas dos. I'm also really glad they were able to accommodate me but more importantly, I'm glad there was wine!

Small portions and wine meant that I was hungry when Simon picked me up. So on the way home we stopped for Chinese food!  haha (terrible bedroom dinner photo!)

How did everyone else do, food-wise, on their festive work events?

Sal xXx


  1. Mine had a few canapes that I could eat but they did that thing of thinking vegan = garlic and it was so overly garlicy and raw it felt like it burnt my mouth. Then there was pizza which was just handed round the bar and there was supposed to be some vegan slices but I never spotted any. I'd eaten a salad before hand luckily and the cocktails we got were good. I texted Matt when I was on the train home and he picked me up and took me to the chippy for chips and gravy.

  2. Oh dear that sounds bad! Thank goodness for cocktails! And other halves and takeaways! :)

  3. That is nice that your office went to a restaurant. My husband's work has their holiday party at his house and has the thing catered (but use to have it at Italian restaurants, which in America is a vegan nightmare) It is nice to have it catered because it is easier to not eat and people not notice. o___o It is an Italian caterer (like I mention vegan nightmare) so the vegan food is a bunch of cold oily veggies grilled. It isn't so bad putting it on a slice of bread, but we usually just eat at home beforehand now. XD At least they made sure we had SOMETHING to eat, and there are always booze. lol

    1. Oh no I feel your pain; our last work outing was in an italian bar and I could literally eat bruschetta and that's all. Luckily it was very nice bruschetta but everyone was raving about the food and I was like, eh, it's ok! haha

      Hurrah for booze, haha! x

  4. Am I the only one who just doesn't go?

  5. This doesn't look like the worst but the Chinese takeout looks better!


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