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Friday 20 November 2009

You know what I say when I feel like swearing? Fudge!

Been a bad blogger again haven't I!! Well I won't bore you with yakety yak, I'll just get on with pics of some of my recent eats. Starting with Wednesday night's dinner: Roasted tofu and stuffing balls (just packet mix), steamed cabbage, mash and roasty carrots. Sunday lunch on a wednesday night, perfect!

This was a really quick meal. I just sprayed each side of some tofu triangles with a bit of low sodium soy sauce then rubbed some 5 spice powder in and baked it for 30 mins, flipping once. The noodles were just straight to wok rice noodles, red peppers, sliced up mange touts and carrots. I made a sauce with a little peanut butter, lemon juice, soy and 5 spice. Really quick and tasty.

This one took a bit longer, but not that much. I was in the mood for moroccan-inspired foodz. So I made a veggie tagine that had all sorts in: tofu, courgettes, red peppers, onions, brown lentils, tomatoes, apricots, spices and a bit of agave. The couscous was simple - veggie stock, lemon zest and raisins.

But the real star were the flatbreads that I made to go with them. I just eyeballed everything so don't have a recipe really but next time I'll write it down so I can post it.

This was another random dinner. I was not feeling all that inspired and hadn't been food shopping so I just pulled out whatever was in the fridge and that was basically onions, mushrooms and peas! I cooked them up and added some cashew cream (I just whizzed up some cashews and water until they were as smoothe as my processor would get them) and a tonne of nooch. On wholewheat spaghetti with some smoked tofu on the side. Not bad for an uninspired night.

Lastly, last Friday was my dad's birthday and I decided to make cupcakes from a different book than vegan cupcakes take over the world. No disrespect to that book, it's probably my favourite book ever, I just wanted something different. So I made the caramel apple spice cupcakes with penuche frosting from Veganomicon. I'm glad I did cuz they were really REALLY good!!

I found the frosting a bit hard to work with as it set up pretty quick but I got it on as good as I can. So they were not perfect - but it is home cooking after all - not bakery perfection.

The frosting made loads and it was super sweet so I didn't want to pile it all on. I really only used about a third of it on the cupcakes (which I only got 11 out of, despite it saying there'd probably be leftover batter - I guess I filled the cases too much!).

So I figured that instead of freezing yet another load of leftover frosting I'd make into fudge, as it was setting up that way already anyway. So I stired in about 1/3 cup of creamy peanut butter over a low heat to get it to mix, then put it into a plastic food box and left it to set at room temp. Once set (an hr or so later) I cut it into chunks. It was SOOOOO YUMMYYYY!!! For realz. My friends and I ate some of it with our drinks before we went out Friday night.

If you have a go at this, you might want to refrigerate it when you're done pigging out (trust me it's sweet so unless you can tolerate a crap tonne of sugar, you won't be able to eat that much of it in one sitting!). It will stay in shape at room temp but melts a little.

That's all for now, I'll try and not leave it so long next time!


(PS: Post title inspired by this scene in Supernatural. Hehe I Love Dean!!)


  1. hello again, Sal! it made me most happyfaced to see your post pop up in my google reader. yay!

    so many delicious eats! your moroccan-inspired foodz look outstanding, i'm all about the peanutty-noodles 'n 'fu, your fu' & stuffing balls look super stellar, and fudge = the best! mmmmmmmm! i've never made fudge; i think it's about i did! i love that you used the leftover frosting from the ever-so glorious caramel apple cuppies. hellz yeah!

    oh, and your flatbreads look absolutely perfect!

    happy weekend times!

  2. Ooooh yummy yummy fudge! Fudge will be making an appearance in a few peoples stockings this year (god that sounds wrong!LOL!).
    Loving all your yumz but I'm especially liking the tofu and stuffing balls - ya know what a sucker I am for that stuffing mix.

  3. Oh my, everything you make is just out of control looking. I want it all!!!

  4. Mmmmm... fudge! What a great way to use leftover frosting!

  5. Ha! That Supernatural clip was too funny!

    Your yakety yak is never boring! That's crazy talk! Every time you post something with tofu you kill me a little. *jealous*

    Happy belated birthday to your dad! Bakery perfect cupcakes have nothing on homemade ones! Perfect schmerfect.

    Way to improvise with the frosting/peanut butter fudgy fudge!

  6. Oh Dean, I love you so you big goofy sexy doof. Just please eat a little less electrocuted pig thigh, that was gross.
    (Sexiest words out of his mouth ever: 'Go vegan, stay human'... *sigh* Though said in a truly gross episode).

    I love the fudge idea with the frosting, I always find I have lots left over and either end up accumulating in the freezer or just throwing out. I am not a fan of a tonne of sugar.

    Great quick dinner ideas. :)

  7. The cupcakes and fudge look so good. Yum!

  8. oh my gosh, that fudge..i just want to take from the screen, haha it looks soo good!
    your moroccan food looks great as well, i looove morrocan food..such distinct and different flavors!

  9. Oh man, peanut butter fudge? That sounds and looks dangerously tasty. Just dip those squares in some chocolate and we'd be talking downright addictive!

  10. That flatbread looks awesome! Cheater fudge, yum!

  11. Sal, you are a genius for making that frosting into fudge! I thought about making some fudge yesterday. I am glad I didn't yet. I'll try this!

  12. Oh man!! I have yet to make vegan FUDGE!!! Looks so good!


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