Friday, 18 December 2009

When the Snowman brings the snow, well he just might like to know.....


Woo it's almost Christmas AND I woke up this morning to a lovely layer of snow over my balcony! GREAT BIG SMILE MR SNOWMAN!! I'm choosing to ignore the horrible 2 minute car journey to the gym this morning, yes I am!

Thought I'd start off the food pics with a pretty one - cookies!! I knew I wanted to make some cookies for me & my friends for after dinner last night because I've been dying to make something from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I settled on the Ginger & Macadamia drop cookies because I had all the ingredients in the cupboard - but only because for some unknown reason, the other day when I was in the supermarket I bought macadamias on an impulse!

These were so good and my friends loved them too. It's a good thing I only made a half batch because we ate too many! hee hee.

Here's dinner the other day. I mixed together some soy sauce, maple syrup, spices, lime juice and a bit of olive oil and cooked a piece of tempeh in it. It was yum! I had it with some corn/cucumber salsa, avocado chunks, some peppers and onions cooked up with spices and some tomato puree and some basmati rice.

I struggled to get a good pic of this - miso soup that I threw together for lunch one day when I just needed something light. Miso, veggie stock, spring onions, coriander leaves, yellow pepper and tofu. yum & quick!

Ooh now these were really good! Giada de Laurentis made these stuffed portabellas on TV the other day and I decided to do something similar. I crumbled up some tempeh and sauteed it with an onion and some sausagey spices and herbs. Then I mixed together some fresh thyme, parsley and breadcrumbs. Grilled the mushroom for 5 mins on each side then filled it with the tempeh and then breadcrumb mix. Then topped with cheezly mozarella. YUM. I just had some steamed grean & edamame beans on the side.

This is a recipe I'm working on. I have the icing perfect and the spices but I need to work on a few bits with cupcakes. Stay tuned...!

The view from my flat this morning! :-)

My balcony....

And my christmas tree! I even managed to get the pic when it was snowing outside! I should have taken one at night really though, cuz it looks prettier in the dark.

I promise one more post before chrimbo and next time - there will be cupcakes!



  1. How cool is it to get snow before Festivus?! I had my nose pressed against the window at 5:30am this morning, taking it all in before the cars started to make it messy! I *LOVE* it! I'm like a big excited child today! :D

    Only downside is it's exactly a week too early!

    Loving all the foods and your pretty little tree! I look forwards to seeing more cookies from V.C.I.Y.C.J, and more of those lovely looking cupcakes.

    Enjoy the snow!

  2. Yum! I love stuffed mushrooms! Unfortunately I never really have amazing luck making the Temphe tasty... The sweets looks amazing- and your balcony view so pretty!

  3. You have a beautiful balcony view.

    I lived near Guildford for 6 years, but never visited Fleet.

  4. That tempeh looks delicious, and so do the cookies. I NEED that book. I've been reviewing a lot of dessert books lately though, and I can't justify buying it until I've thouroughly made use of the other dessert books I'm working, I'm going on a cleanse in a few weeks and all those beautiful cookie pics will be way too tempting.

  5. Your food always looks so good! I must try some of those delicious looking eats!
    We've had snow, too (in central Scotland). Thick on the ground as I write! How Christmassy is that?

  6. Lovely snow pictures, and the tempeh stuffed mushroom looks amazing! Especially the melty cheezly cheese - looks delicious.

  7. I'm jealous, your balcony is rad. I want one! ^-^

  8. Love both the food and the view! We just got snow in New York, too.

  9. Snow... evil! ;) I love my sunshine, my warmth and a distinct lack of anything cold and wet on the ground!

    Your food looks great! I epecially like the look of the tempeh, the miso soup and the stuffed mushroom. Nom!


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