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Wednesday 19 December 2012

What will your daddy do when he sees your mama kissing Santa Claus?

"Ah haaaaah! Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall....."

Oh I love christmas! There's less than a week to go and I'm still not bored of christmas music yet!

I figured I'd try and get in a post before chrimbo so that I can clear my camera out before the xmas foodz.  So here goes...

Last week was my work xmas do. We went for an Italian meal and I gotta say, the menu was pretty lacking in veggie options, let alone veggie options easy to veganise.  So I went safe and got bruschetta without the cheese/pesto that normally comes with ....

please excuse my even worse than usual food photography, the light was terrible in there!
Main was more bread and tomato in the form of cheeseless pizza.  Better than a pizza of sadness but not as good as homemade.
The day after the party, I headed down to Brighton to hang out with my friend Jojo.  We had an awesome day hanging out in Brighton. We went to the new Duke of York cinema at Komedia and got hot dogs. Now I was sure I took a photo but I can't find it!  Damn. But luckily Jojo has posted a review on her blog and has a photo of the hot dog we both had that day. Lucky!
Later on that day, before we went to a late night viewing of Gremlins at the aforementioned cinema, we* made a roast dinner, it was pretty epic.  It was the seitan en-croute from 500 Vegan Recipes and it was good!
Here's the top of it - FANCY!
And the plate shot! (Before being covered in gravy)
*Jojo made it really, I just peeled some potatoes!
Speaking of roasts, I made one other week.  I used Julie Hasson's recipe from Vegan Diner for chicken style roast seitan and I REALLY liked it. In fact I liked it so much that I am making it for christmas day.  I will cook it a bit longer though as it was a little undercooked in the middle.  This also got Daddy Alien's seal of approval ("It's better than those slimy ones you made last week! Nicer texture") So there you go!  I had it with sage & onion stuffing balls (hehe balls), broccoli, mash, bisto gray and sprouts - which may look burnt but they're not. Honest.
Earlier than day I made myself a fry up for breakfast (I love Sundays). Scramble, sausage patties, bagel, mini potato waffles and hoops! YEAH.
Speaking of brunch foods... I bought some of the Redwoods smoked salmon style slices at the Veg Fayre the other week. 
I had them on a bagel with some tofutti cream cheese....
I thought they were GROSS!  SO GROSS!  But, a lot of PPKers seem to be diggin them.  For me it's the texture, they are very similar to what I remember smoked salmon to be like and it grossed me out.  I binned the rest of the packet.
Lastly, just because it was on my camera, last night's dinner. Scramble with roasted potatoes, asparagus and green beans with some reggae reggae ketchup to make it extra classy!
That's all for now, I'll be back after chrimbo with holiday foodz!
To all those that celebrate it, have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. I just LOVE the phrase "fry up." I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to use it, but I'm going to start using it all the time! Also, that "salmon" would gross me out too. I never tried real salmon, but fishy foods gross me out.

  2. The seitan en croute does look super fancy pants!

    The smoked salmon stuff does sound pretty gross. I am pretty jealous of some of the Redwoods fake meats you guys have over there. The Redwoods pasties sound so good!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  3. That breakfast looks so good!
    I didn't know mini potato waffles even existed!!
    I need some!


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