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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Barry M Bronzer, Brushes & Mascara

Hello all, hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday (despite the weather)?

Gotta love Barry M for being budget friendly, easily available and having a website that clearly shows what products are vegan (and there's a lot!) So when I recently they have started selling some pretty looking makeup brushes (and that they are synthetic), I decided to buy a couple.  I have the small angle brush, which is much of a muchness with other small angle brushes I have. But I also bought the bronzer brush, which I really love.

It's super soft and fluffy, so perfect for a light dusting of bronzer; I also think it would be good for blush as well. Speaking of bronzer; I've also been loving Barry M's matt bronzer.  Because it's matt, it's great for anywhere you want to look sunkissed and also works for contouring on my light skin too!
I struggled to get this to show up well in natural or artificial light, but maybe this gives some idea:

I've already gushed about my love for Barry M's Gelly polishes and Gelly Lip Pencils.  But I want to also mention another product:

I am going to do a full vegan mascara smack-down post as soon as I can but in the meantime, as I'm already on the subject of Barry M, I wanted to give a shout-out to my current favourite 'drugstore' mascara: The Lash Vegas with fibres.  It's the newest Lash Vegas and I love all 3 mascaras, but this one is extra rad because of the little fibres which add length and volume. And they really do! I usualy HATE mascaras with fibres in because I feel like they get in my eyes, but these do not at all.

Let me know your favourite Barry M products, I'd love to hear!

Have a good week all.

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx



  1. I've just tried the Barry m nail polishes. Love them! I haven't been vegan long so I'm finding navigating beauty products etc tricky! Which shampoo and conditioner do you recommend?

    1. Superdrug do some vegan shampoos & conditioners and they're not bad. But I personally love the Naked products, which you can find in boots. Less chemicals and gentler on the scalp (mine gets get dry and itchy) and they label what products are vegan too. They're also more affordable than some of the other natural brands that you'd buy I holland & barrett etc! They also smell really good!

  2. Great! Thanks Sal. I'll give the naked products a go- my scalp gets easily irritated too, espesh when I colour my hair. Thanks again!


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