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Monday 12 May 2014

Love Lipstick!

LIPSTICK! I named the blog after it, so I figure I should write about it.  So this post is dedicated to some vegan lipsticks, in case you were looking for some options.

There's tonnes of vegan lip products out there, lots of them easily available in our drug stores but actual lipSTICKS that are both cruelty free and vegan? Whole different ballgame. But there are options out there and here are a few.

I thought I'd start off with the option you can actually buy on the high street.

Good old Superdrug! Gotta give them so much love for bringing out a fully vegan makeup range that is affordable and doesn't totally blow. Their regular lipsticks are ace, they are nicely pigmented and smooth and have a decent colour range.

L-R: Watermelon, Doll's House

They also do glossy lipsticks, which are not as pigmented but then they're not meant to be, as they're shiny like gloss.

L-R: Flamingo, Raspberry

Lime Crime
I know I know, a lot of people wouldn't touch LC with a 10 foot pole and I get why. But I have to admit that they make some truly awesome vegan makeup products. Their lipsticks, I LOVE them. Look how adorable the packaging is for one - unicorns dammit!  They are also really opaque and they smell like MAC lipsticks, which isn't a bad thing.

L-R: D'Lilac, Geradium, Babette

Another company you can always rely on for (low-priced) vegan products. There's a bunch of different ELF lippies; my favourite being the moisturising ones, which I did a blog post about HERE if you wanna see swatches.

Then there's the mineral lipsticks, which I think are great also.

L-R: Runway Pink, Party Pink

And then not forgetting the super duper cheap as chips basic lippies, they're just £1.95 each! They smell a bit like sweet crayons which is weird but for the price, they're pretty awesome. Especial Nostalgic which is a gorgeous pinky nude (that I've even seen bloggers describe as a similar colour to Nars' Turkish Delight!). Packaging is pretty naff and cheap looking but for less than 2 quid, can you really complain about that? (No.)

L-R: Fantasy, Classy, Nostalgic, Seductive

Autograph by M&S
You know how much I love Autograph, I've said it before and their lipsticks are vegan and awesome! WOO! They have glossy versions of these too and I really really like them.  The packaging is nice and doesn't look cheap and I like the push in bullet, makes it a bit sturdier in a handbag than a regular lid, in my opinion.

L-R: Nude Pink, Pink Parfait, Very Pink, Raspberry

Too Faced La Cremes
OK these are the most expensive lippies in this post, which is why I only have 2. But omg are they ever freakin gorgeous! The packaging is beautiful, just lovely and the lipstick formula is creamy and glossy and pigmented. GUSH GUSH GUSH, they're great. They're just freakin pricey (£18 each!)

L-R: Juicy Melons, Marshmallow Bunny

Makeup Revolution
New kid on the block,  Makeup Revolution has a couple of vegan options for £1!  Not all of their lipsticks are vegan, check out this post for details of the ones to avoid.

I feel like I should also give a shout-out to OCC's Lip Tars even though they're liquid so not technically a lipstick but they are so damn awesome that you need them in your life. But I have tonnes of them so I think really they need their own post!  Leave me a comment on here or FB/Twitter etc if you want to see that!

Here's to an excellent week!

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx

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  1. I wanna see an OCC post! I also need to get that M & S Raspberry lipstick, it's gorge.


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