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Wednesday 15 April 2015

SEVENTEEN: Cheek Stamp Blush

I bought this cute little Cheek Stamp a while ago from SEVENTEEN (CV); it's a big gimmicky and the applicator stamp is a bit pants but it does go on with it (although you'll need to blend it out afterwards) and it's actually a pretty nice, very subtle blush.

I got the colour Blushin' which is a very pale baby pink with a bit of shimmer  This just shows up on my pale skin as a nice flush of pink but deeper skin tones might want to go for one of the darker ones. 

(*SEVENTEEN confirmed to me by email that this product is vegan.)

Outer packaging

Inner packaging

Applicator with some product on

the product itself

I wasn't going to post the swatch because to be honest you can't see the product that well, if at all! I swear it shows up on the cheek, although as I said it's very subtle.

I wouldn't class this as a fail product at all, although it's nothing spectacular. But it's a good shade for days when I'm doing either minimal makeup, or when I don't want much on the cheeks.

There's a few different shades of this available and I will probably pick up a couple more next time I'm in town because Boots are running a 3 for 2 right now! :)

Happy humpday all.

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Sal xXx


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  1. Oh yay, I was looking at these in Boots the other day as I'm a sucker for gimmicky packaging with make-up. Gonna pick one up later :)


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