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Friday 15 April 2016

Mildred's Kings Cross

On Tuesday I found myself in London for work - it doesn't happen often but as it did, Simon and I decided to meet for dinner after he was finished too.

So a quick tube trip from my office to Kings Cross and we made our way to Mildred's. I have been to the Soho one a couple of times, but hadn't yet been to either of the new locations (they also have one in Camden).

A quick scan of the menu showed that a lot of the options are vegan (it's a totally vegetarian place in case you've never heard of it). I started with a glass of Cava, as the prosecco wasn't marked vegan and Simon had a virgin mule cocktail, which was VERY gingery.

We shared a starter of the buffalo tofu with ranch dressing. It was super spicy and delicious and the ranch was amazing! I've never tasted ranch before so no idea what it's meant to taste like but it was great.(Follow your heart do one, so I'll be picking that up when I see it!)

For the main, I had the mushroom and ale pie, which I'm pretty sure I've had all 3 times I've been to Mildred's haha. It's soooo good! Perfect chips and mushy peas went alongside it.

I didn't take a pic of Simon's main as it wasn't vegan. But for dessert he picked the Pavlova so I could try it. It was marked vegan but when I tried it I was sooo suspicious, because it was exactly how I remember egg meringue tasting! OK it's been a while, but I was still unsure. (By the way, I emailed them the next day and asked if they used aquafaba and they confirmed that they do - definitely need to do some experiments with it now!!)

This was seriously, soooo good. In fact, I don't normally go for fruity desserts (as shown by my choice of a chocolate brownie) but I'd definitely pick this next time over the brownie, even though the brownie was also excellent! It was topped with coconut cream and raspberry sauce. It was brilliant.

As I mentioned, I picked the peanut butter brownie which was delicious! It came with vanilla ice cream too. If you're a chocolate/pb fan, you will love this!

All in all, the food was excellent and I wouldn't hesitate going back. in fact I'd really like to go back soon for more buffalo tofu and pavlova funtimes!

Sorry for being a bit absent on the blog the last couple of weeks. I'm trying to get back into a regular posting schedule.

If you are subscribed to my youtube channel, you will have seen there was a new video yesterday; it was a get ready with me with my current skincare and a few makeup favourites. Go check it....

Have an awesome weekend!
Sal xXx 


  1. That sandwich looks delicious, and the beautiful chips!! Can't wait to watch your new YouTube video!

  2. I miss Mildred's! Let's go when I'm back. I always get a burger and the chocolate brownie but holy wow, that pavlova looks RIDIC! And hell yes to ranch, it's my fave!!

  3. I visited a Mildred's back in 2009 when I was in London... and had the ale and mushroom pie! Obviously a definite keeper for the menu, it was really good.
    I really need to try some aquafaba recipes. I would love to make a pavlova for my dad because he really likes it. He isn't vegan, but I am not about to make or buy him an eggy one.

  4. I went to Mildred's about two years ago and I had the pie too. Can't believe it's been kicking around since 2009! I definitely remember enjoying it.

  5. Oh man I hate that scary moment when you are like "Did I get the right thing?!" That happened to me with a quesadilla, it was so cheesy, but once it started to cool down I was like "yeah this is daiya!" I gotta try the whole aquafaba thing!

  6. Everything looks amazing & the mushroom pie sounds really good! :)


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