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Friday 2 September 2016

Friday Quickie: Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lights Highlighter

Makeup Revolution (and sister brand Freedom Makeup) are definitely one of my go to brands for affordable but awesome products.

I love their eyeshadows and I will probably talk about those in a future post, but they also make some of my favourite affordable highlighters too.

Recently I saw that they brought out a rose gold highlighter, so I obviously had to have it.

When I got it and swatched it, I just thought, ok this is beautiful but it is no way going to work as a highlighter on me, because I'm too pale.

Swatchy swatch

Sadly I was right and it is too dark to be a highlight for me. However, it does work as a blush and it makes a for a beautiful, glowy, peachy blush. So not wasted at all and I've been wearing it most days this week.

You can get this highlighter from Superdrug or from TAM Beauty's website (Revolution's parent company). HERE.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and sorry for the lack of posts recently. I will try harder next week! :)

Love & stuff
Sal xXx

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