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Wednesday 16 November 2016

Arbonne Selling in Taiwan - What does this mean?

I know I know it's a bit of a dirty word, but I am not a rep, so I'm not gonna try and sell you anything.

So apparently Arbonne, who sell vegan products and are Leaping Bunny certified, are moving into selling in Taiwan. I saw a few concerned comments saying that this means they'll now be subject to mandatory testing.

The only source saying this wasn't the case was a rep, so understandably, a lot of people had trouble with accepting that as fact.

I did a fair bit of searching on the issue and I messaged Leaping Bunny to ask them if this will affect Arbonne's certification. They confirmed to me that as long as they stay out of mainland China, then they will still be certified.

It appears that Taiwan do not have the same requirements as China and many cruelty free brands do sell there already (from what I can tell, Lush used to sell there but their deal ended with the distributor so the stores closed, doesn't seem to have anything to do with testing!)

My go to for information about cruelty free products, animal testing and legislation is always Logical Harmony and Tashina wrote this article, interviewing someone from the Humane Society last year.

Also, Taiwan have just passed legislation that will see a ban on animal testing and newly testing products, very similar to the EU ban, that will come into force in 2019, details here: Taiwan Testing Ban

So overall this is good news for fans of Arbonne, although I'm still no fan of the aggressive sales techniques or the working practices of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies - John Oliver, as always, brilliantly lays out why. However, I have heard a lot of (non-rep) people say that they love the products.

What do you guys think? I know they're pricey, has anyone tried anything / loved anything?

Sal xXx


  1. Hi Sal, this is really interesting as I am also keen to find out. I am a rep, but the info I have been given has been pretty generic. But here is an interesting Q and A which you may have already seen -

    I am of the opinion that aggressive sales sadly tarnish the brand, so sorry if you have been subjected to that! In reality, the products are at a price point that beats many Swiss formulated products, with ingredients of similar calibre. The technology that goes into the formulations and clinical testing is also very good. Comparing to beauty brands that are found in the dept stores, the prices don't actually differ too much - and considering they are not bulked out with petroleum, animal fats no synthetic fragrances and perfumes, people realise the little more they are paying is worth it.

    Personally my clients love the re9 range, and the makeup primer is a best seller. The nutrition is also good and I have a lot of 'desk based' clients who find the shakes and supplements good for keeping their energy levels up.

    If you do want to get some testers let me know - you can contact me on here


  2. I used to be all about Arbonne! I had a friend who was a rep, and they were the first vegan makeup brand I knew about. I loved the blushes, lipsticks, and shadows. But since she stopped selling (and I discovered brands that are much cheaper and more widely available - like in stores), I stopped using it. Still good stuff though!


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