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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Poundland / Makeup Gallery Vegan List

So I've seen LOADS of people recommend the Poundland liquid eyeliner and when I googled it I found loads of people saying it's cruelty free but couldn't find anything concrete. UPDATE: THE LINER IS NOT VEGAN ANY MORE AS OF FEB 2019.

So I messaged Poundland and here is their response (TL:DR, I'm happy they're cruelty free and they also sent me a vegan list.) PLEASE SEE THIS POST FOR AN UPDATED VEGAN LIST - FEB 2019.

My questions plus their responses in purple:

The answers to your enquiry are below.

  • Do Poundland/Makeup Gallery test on animals at any point in products (ingredients and final product), or do any 3rd parties do so on your behalf? I can confirm that none of the Make-Up Gallery products have been tested on animals, Our supplier has never commissioned animal testing to be conducted on the products that we sell.
  • Do you ensure your suppliers are cruelty free? Yes
  • Do you / would you test on animals if required by law? We currently sell Make Up Gallery inside the EU where it is illegal to be sell cosmetics tested on animals. There is no plan to expand the business outside the EU.
  • Do you sell these products in any countries where mandatory testing is required (such as mainland China)? No

NB: just to make totally sure, I went back to them to double check that there is no animal testing by Poundland or suppliers on either ingredients or finished products and they confirmed there is not!

Please see list of products suitable for Vegans and or vegetarians


So there you can. I can tell you I've tried the liquid eyeliner and that shiz doesn't budge so if you want a super cheap eyeliner that works, you can do worse than that one! 

Have an awesome week!
Sal xXx


  1. Thank you for all the research you do! I bought the eyeliner and while the brush is clearly pretty cheap it works nicely! And they were even all sold out of all colours apart from brown which shows it must be popular.

  2. Hello! I was having a look at these and the Poundland products say 'made in China' on them. Does this mean they aren't tested because they aren't sold in China - even although they are made there? Confusing!

    1. Hiya, yes it's ok to make it there, as long as they don't sell in physical stores in mainland china.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks for researching this makes me feel better about using these products because they are really good!!

  5. Hi thank you sooo much for your research.
    Couldn't believe they do so many vegan products. My first try was the quick dry nail varnish in bright red - really fantastic product giving a gel look.

    Also got eye shadow packs - again a fabulous choice and finish.

    Shame the lipsticks see non vegan as they have some great colour choices.

    Amazing quality for the price.

    Thank you again xx

  6. Is the lipstick vegetarian though? And what about mascara?


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