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Wednesday 26 August 2009

Foodz, pups, facebook and classic rockz!

Hello all,

I can't believe it's wednesday already, how quick is this week going!?!?

Are you bored of my butternut squash pix yet? Tough tittays, I told you there was some left. I made a sauce out of some of my garden tomatoes, soya yoghurt and a bunch of herbs and spices. I dry fried some tofu and mixed that in at the end to heat it through and then added the last of my squash all roasted up with some courgette on top. All on top of wholewheat noodles.

No more squash in this post I swear.

This was dinner one night last week, when I was totally knackered and couldn't be bothered to cook - my current go to quick meal: soft polenta with sweetcorn, vegan butter and nooch! Not exactly the most balanced meal in the world, but good nonetheless!

So as of this week, I'm now working from home (for now anyway). The good thing about that, aside from not having to get dressed (just joking Mum!!) is being able to make a decent lunch. I roasted a yellow pepper, some tomatoes from my garden (yes yes I know I'm showing off!) and some courgette and put them in a wrap with some hummus.

It also means that I can have breakfast if I choose something other than a smoothie. Today I had porridge, made with soymilk, a splash of vanilla and maple syrup. YUM.

Also, it means that I can go to the gym on my lunchbreak, which I did today. Just a quick session of rower, treadmill and a really tough 20 minutes on the cross-trainer. Then I came home and made another wrap, this time, no cooking involved. Just yellow pepper, tomatoes, hummus and mixed sprouts (courtesy of my mum's impulse buying behaviour!)

Last night, my besties came over for dinner. It's not payday until tomorrow so dinner was basic store cupboard stuff: pilaff made with tinned tomatoes and whatever veg werein the fridge/cupboard. Plus a bunch of spices to make it more interesting and the last of the dying herbs from my garden.

I did do us pud though. As we're all still dieting, I tried to make the cake low fat and left off icing in favour of a strawberry sauce. Unfortunately, the cake was a little crispy and I couldn't get the bugger out of the tin (that'll teach me to forgoe the parchment!), so it fell apart a bit. Still it tasted good, that's the main thing. Also, I have plans for the rest of the cake that fell apart when I wrestled it out of the tin, stay tuned for that next time!

Lastly, but not leastly, at the weekend, me & my aforementioned besties (Em & Maz) went up to Rochdale to visit Maz's twin sister Jackie and her partner Kelly at the weekend. I made us some cookies for the journey, chocolate....

Sandwiched with neon green mint icing (a bit greener than I planned). I didn't get an assembled pic but you get the idea.

We had a great weekend of playing on Kelly's 9 year old daughter's trampoline. We went to the pub and played on swings and slides and then spent some time trying to see if we (I) could still do a handstand and cartwheel. Turns out I can but they come with something they didn't when I was 10 - pain!

Also, I didn't take any food pics, which is a shame because Jackie did us a barbecue and it was awesome. I had barbecue tofu on soft rolls, vegan coleslaw (I took Plamil Mayo with me!), corn on the cob, roasted asparagus and barbied veg too. It was rad.

I figure you'll all forgive me for this oversight though if I post pooch pix. Jackie's pups, Lilly (left) and Dru (right). I love these dogs so much! I always wish I could take them home with me! They are big stinky lovebugs!
I've added a couple of things onto the blog too. I always used to post the music I listen to when I cook but to be honest so often now, I have the iPod on random, or have Planet Rock FM on (gotta love that classic rock*) I thought it would just be better to link to my, which shows what crap I listen too.

Also, you can now follow this crap on Facebook too. I'm all modern and shiz. One day I'll catch up with the rest of the world!


(*I love them but when did the Foo Fighters become classic rock?)


  1. Everything looks so yummy! I hope you enjoy working at home. I've been doing that all summer but that time is about to end. :(

  2. Mm... I so wish I could work from home!! For the lunches and breakies alone...let alone all the other good stuff like midday doggy cuddles... everything looks delish as always (including the massive amounts of squash!) ... hehe...:)

  3. the foo fighters can't become classic rock technically for another 15 years.

    as for butternut squash, i could eat it every day and not get bored.

  4. Mmm yum, more butternut squash...sounds good to me.

    That cake looks delicious, I can hardly ever be bothered to make icing but I hadn't considered strawberry sauce before - I ususlly just go for ice cream!

  5. Foo Fighters became classic rock when we became old.... :(
    I was hoping to see you 'Viscount' the chocolate sandwich biscuits but they look pretty damn good anyway! I've never tried polenta, but the more you post about it, the more I want to try it!

  6. where is the recipes for those delicious looking cookies!!?? yum!

    i work from home too (a few days a week) and i absolutely love having more time to cook... enjoy it!

  7. my cable tv has a bunch of music stations, and they recently updated the rock section so now there's classic rock, retro rock, and modern rock. And of course the FF were playing when I turned to the retro rock channel! And I felt really old.

    And I want a cookie sandwich!!! :)

  8. You can never have too much butternut! Bring it on, I'm totally craving some now, any way you can make it. Love the sound of this latest concoction.

  9. haha, omg your food is punk, I love it, especially the electric green frosting, and all those whole wheat squash linguines! I also haven't had a good tortilla wrap in forever and that's making me hungry!

  10. I hear Red Hot Chilli Peppers on our classic hit station here and it always makes me laugh.

    I want that bowl or porridge, it's been years since I've had any and I love the pic of the pups, they are gorgeous!

  11. I would love to work from home, mainly to have more time to make real food during the day - good for you on making it happen! The butternut squash and tofu dish looks nummy, and go on and brag about all of those garden tomatoes :) - I tend to do the same. Love those wraps too.

  12. Foo Fighters classic rock???!!!!
    I don't know whether to be outraged or have a laughing fit at that statement.
    I'll go for the laughing. I suppose if you narrow your radio station down to a particular genre then ya gotta bend some rules along the way.
    (do I sound like I know what I'm talking abouit??)
    Gorgeous food as always Sal. I wanna smoosh ma face in that plate of Butternut Squash and your wraps look delicious!

  13. GOD! I just read DJ's comment!!
    NOW I feel old.

  14. I don't mind more squash...I have some in the oven myself right now. I work from home a lot, too. It is great for my meals, but I get distracted so easily! Blogs, twitter, the get the picture.

  15. Mmmm it all looks wonderful. Is it sad that my favourite thing in the post is the soft polenta with corn and nooch? Yum!!!

    I adore that icing. SO fantastically green!

  16. I could NEVER be bored with butternut squash! I'm disappointed that this is your last posting about it!
    I really must try polenta...
    And those pooches are so cute!

  17. i don't think i'd ever tire of butternut squash. it's so damn delicious! dru & lilly = the cutest! trampoline fun = the best! chocolate cookies with green-minty icing, cake 'n strawberry sauce, and maple syruped porridge - mmmmmmmmm! that's too cool that you get to work from home - and that you can make deliciousnesses for lunch and work out on your lunch break! awesomesauce! i've gotta try your polenta-nooch-sweet corn combination, Sal! and your wraps (hooray on the homegrown tomatoes!) look sooo damn goooooood!

    i hope you're having a stellar weekend, Sal! w00t!

  18. Hi there
    It looks like you like the same type of veggie food as me. It all looks delicious!


  19. mmmmm... nutritional yeast polenta! sounds b12 nutritious to me :)

    I love how those doggies are all piled up and under a blankie. if I even pet kobie, he will start panting like I overheated him.

    wfh (working from home) is always a treat. though it doesn't always lead to enough showers...


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