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Wednesday 2 September 2009

Elvis! Elvis! Let me be....

.... keep that pelvis faaaaaar from me!!!

I should probably start with the pic that inspired the post title so you don't think I'm totally nuts. Peanuts to be precise - The Elvis Cupcake! VCTOTW banana cupcakes, the Elvis variation. I can't believe that it took me so long to make this cupcake cuz they are AWESOME! I swapped the regular flour for white spelt and they were damn good.

The reason for these cupcakes was dinner, I had 4 friends over. For the main, I made us spelt pasta with mushroom and cashew cream sauce. It was really good, but the pic is ugly. Sorry.

Speaking of spelt flour and pasta, I had lunch last week with a fellow ppk'er, who introduced me to a great little health food shop that sells LOADS of different wheat free pastas. I also got tempeh - Squeeeeeee!! Only ever seen this online and in Brighton before so I was soooo excited.

So excited that I went back a couple of days later for more pasta and some tofu. The smoked tofu on the right is real good stuff. It has herbs and sunflower seeds in and is perfect just raw in a sandwich. And I speak as someone who HATES the texture of most raw tofu!

Most of the smoked tofu went into sandwiches like this. With mayo and tomato.

Today, the last of it went into some miso soup. 2 cups of water, half a bunch of udon noodles, red pepper, spring onions, chilli (from my balcony - yay!), a tablespoon of barley miso, a tbsp or so of low sodium soy sauce and smoked tofu. I added some hot sauce, as my chilli was pretty lame and the juice of half a lime. Some fresh coriander would have made this super.

Backtracking a bit, my spin on after dinner mints for when the friends came over was cake truffles. Remember that vanilla cake from my last post? And the neon green icing from my last post? I took the leftovers of each, mixed them together and covered them in melted mint chocolate.

Cute and tasty.....

Inside shot. Yum yum yum, these went down well!

I had some mushrooms and cashew cream left over, so I made some cream of mushroom soup. It was delicious and I had it with crusty bread.

Today I was trying to get inspired to make something with the potatoes and fresh corn in my fridge. So I came up with this spanish inspired stew. It had yellow pepper, onion and tomatoes in, plus a craptonne of paprika and some smoked paprika too. I served it with basmati that I stirred some vegan butter and fresh parsley & chives into. Not bad at all for a wing-it job.

And look, the great british summer, or what was left of it anyway.

Just keep your cool now you're starting to DROOOOOOLLLL. Hey! Fangool, I'm Sandra Dee!



  1. Whoa, I just drooled on myself. Those chocolates look fantastic, what a rad idea! And anything with mushrooms in it is okay in my book, I'm totally going to try that soup sometime soon. I love you Sal! Thanks for keeping me inspired in the kitchen!

  2. ooooh, those elvis cuppies look stellar, Sal - i'm gonna have to try them gluten-free - they look too damn amazing not to make. i love how you took the leftover mushies 'n cashews & made a soup - and that used the leftover cake 'n green icing to make those truffles. so awesome! miso soup - that's what i've yet to make. yours has inspired me to make some soon. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for tempeh, Sal! wahooooooo! smoked tofu - something i need to try - your sammie looks divine! i love mayo 'n tomatoes (with a little black pepper) on a tofu sammie - it's my favorite. i think the spanish stew and your mushies pasta both look uber tasty! mmmmmmm!

  3. Oooooh... noms. I have long pondered the making of the Elvis cupcake. Perhaps now I shall get off my butt and make it with your inspirational story! At the very least it is a good chance to wear my new apron. ;)

    I love smoked tofu, I think it has to beone of the best things ever. I've only ever seen one type over here, which is just plain smoked tofu. Pricey but delicious. Your one with herbs and seeds looks fabulous!

  4. I loved the Grease theme for this post, Sal!

    I want want want one of those after dinner cake truffle mints and an Elvis cupcake!

  5. I so want one of those cupcakes!!!

  6. Haha... that totally made my day... made me think of grease and bye bye birdie....

    looks so good.. we don't buy a lot of that pre-seasoned tofu but I bet the texture is great in sandwiches I'll have to try that and I have some leftover cookie dough and ice cream in the fridge from a friends birthday... mmmm... chocolate covered cookie dough...truffle things anyone??? Mwahaha... how awesome is it that vegan baking is totally safe raw???

  7. Wow, that all look SO good, lady!

  8. Everything looks so tasty! I have an Elvis Cuppie recipe for my cookbook too, but it's a little different from the VCTOTW recipe. That one looks great!

    The truffles looks AMAZING! And now I have the whole Grease soundtrack on shuffle in my head. :-)

  9. This post made me sooooo hungry! I think I will go make myself a smoked tofu sandwich right now!

  10. I use exactly the same kind of Tofu (though the packaging is different, probably due to country differences? I dunno).I think that this is the best smoked tofu that I could buy- and I've tried quite a few. I really like the texture, it is so firm - I hate squishy smoked tofu.

  11. um, i could totally go for a nice smoked tofu sammie right about now. glad you found the new store!

  12. now that's a hunka-hunka-burnin' cup...cupcake, that is.

    i love smoked tofu and could eat an entire package by mahself.

  13. I'm always making "Elvis" sandwiches, so I bet the cupcakes are to die for!! They look amazing :)

    My mom eats GF, so I'm on the lookout for things to make for her. Good to know spelt flour worked well for you!

  14. Everything looks great... but now I'm craving miso soup!

  15. Tee hee, I can't even begin to imagine just how many times I have watched that movie! LOVE the cupcakes. Mmmmm.

    That being said, I love what you did with that leftover fluro green icing too!!

    Oh heck, I love all of it!!!

  16. So much awesome food Sal. That Cream of Mushroom Soup has kick started my Soup craving, it looks so good. And I´m loving the after dinner Mints too - you're really making me crave things this morning!

  17. it's so cool that you have so many dinner parties. it's been forever since I had one.

    that mushroom soup has gotten me hungry. I love the stuff.

    It seems strange to me that the UK wouldn't have tempeh, tofu, etc at every store.

    I loved the elvis cupcakes. I also love the banana split one w/ the pineapple preserves.


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