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Thursday 17 September 2009

Cluck Cluck!

Last weekend was my best friend's hen night. We had a lovely trip to Brighton starting with just the bride and the 3 bridesmaids on Friday lunchtime. We had t-shirts made for the occasion that we wore to Brighton and during the days. And as I said last time, I was on cupcake making duty.

Ages ago when I googled around for this I found these and thought they were awesome. Mine aren't quite as perfect but I was pretty pleased with them anyway.

They are Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World's golden vanilla cupcakes. With just a plain vanilla frosting coloured with a buttload of pink gel food colouring. I bought a chocolate mould to make the willies and the ball & chains I made out of fondant, food colouring and edible silver paint. Plus awesome leopard print cake cases I got online.

close-up of the willies. hehehe.

Dinner on the first night, the bride & 3 bridesmaids only - we went to Terre a Terre. I was so excited, I've been wanting to go there for ages. The mistake we all made was ordering a bread course first instead of a starter and the waiter failed to mention the bread dishes are HUGE!! Way too much for one person.

I got the Lavash Tanoor, deep fried lavash bread with aubergine dip. So freakin good but WAY too much of it.

My friend ordered the Slap It On - I checked with the waiter because it says vegan option available on the menu and I couldn't see what was not vegan. He confirmed it all is vegan, the menu just hadn't been changed. It looked good but again, way too big for a starter.

Here was my main, one of my friends had the same. The Miso Pretty - reverse sushi and ginger. It was soooo good. I definitely prefer the reverse rolls as well - sometimes I find sushi too fishy with all that nori, this way there's way less. It was fantastical.

We were too full for pudding so we went back to the hotel instead.

The second night was the big one. We dressed Em up as a cheerleader and we wore black skirts with neon pink tights, pink accessories and pom poms. If you're a friend of mine on facebook, look out for the pics later today!!

We went to Bar Ha Ha and started on the cosmos. There were a lot of willy shaped things that night, including these stupid straws! (You can see a bit of my pom pom & sexy pink fishnet glove there!! hahah)

Proper cosmo in a proper glass this time. STRONG but good.

By the time I remember to take a pic I'd eaten half of it.... tomato bruschetta. Tasty!

The vegan main was not all that inspirational but it was pretty damn tasty. Penne with tomato sauce, roasted peppers and butternut squash.

Again we were too full for pudding, so we stuck to liquid pudding instead.

I was pretty lucky with the hotel too. I managed to get soymilk from them for cereal in the morning, plus there was toast & jam, fruit and hash browns that I could eat too. So I had a good brekkie on Sunday before we headed home.

The absolute best part of the weekend though was saturday morning. Em, myself and the other 2 bridesmaids, Vicki & Maz, had a pamper session in the hotel spa. They converted a function room for us and put 4 beds and 3 therapists in there and some mood lighting!! hahah. We had a full body salt scrub, full body massage and a pedicure each. It was soooo relaxing and it was fun all being in the same room together.
All in all it was a great weekend and now I can't wait for the wedding!! :-)

So I know before I said I'm not doing the "listening to..." thing anymore cuz I've put my thing on here, but this won't show up on my cuz the album's not out yet. But you can stream Charlotte Hatherley's new album HERE. I suggest you do it and then buy the CD when it comes out next month because it is freaking amazing, just like the lady herself. Do it.

Oh and also go download Steel Panther's album, I went to see them last night in London and they rocked the friggin house down!!



  1. wow. the eats at terre a terre looking freaking amazing!

    and i'm lovin' your cupcakes - hilarious. :)

  2. Penis cuppies!!!! So cute! I baked a penis cake for my friend's bachelorette party a couple years ago. It was so much fun to eat! Also, the ball and chains are adorable....but now I have Social Distortion in my head (that's a good thing, of course!).

  3. I had the sushi when we went to Terre a Terre last time and also loved it!

    Those cupcakes look almost good enough to eat :)

  4. you are the cupcake queen, Sal! dayyyyum! those cuppies look perfect & professional, my friend. wow!

    the eats at Terre a Terre look divine - deep fried lavash bread sounds freak'n fantastical, and the sushi looks pretty, indeed! i'm glad it was all really tasty. hoooooray for lots of delicious drinks, and dressing up like cheerleaders is just too funny, and really fun! i'm glad they had some tasty eats at Bar Ha Ha and the hotel, too. sweet awesomeness on all the spa treatment! pedicures = my favorite. dan plays in a metal band and i have heard steel panther before (dan's got quite the collection of metal music). that's freak'n fantastic that you got to see them - community property & stripper girl crack me up! they're such a fun band!

  5. Mmmmm..... looks like Terre a Terre has a couple of new things on the menu since I was there. Oh, to go back and eat more!

    The whole weekend sounds absolutely awesome. :) What a great time!

    And hee to penis cupcakes.

  6. Penises are compulsory on any hen night - lol. Love the Cuppies and I LOVE the leopard print cases!!Sounds like you had a great time Sal - the hotel sounds lush.
    Checking out Charlotte Hatherley now.

  7. I agree with Jessy, your cupcakes look fantastic and professional! I love that you guys dressed up to go out as well, sounds like a fun weekend :D

  8. Oh Sal, your food always looks so amazing.. especially the cupcakes.

  9. Those are some funny cupcakes - very creative! All the food looks good, especially the sushi rolls. Never heard the term hen night over here, but it sounds like a load of fun - sounds like you all represented well.

  10. Those cupcakes are silly! I love them.

    It looks like a super fun time!

  11. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!! I LOVE the cupcakes!! And deep...fried....bread!!???? *drools*

  12. Cute cupcakes!! Hehehe, they are so funny!! Everything else looks awesome too :) Sounds like a really fun night!

  13. What gorgeous cupcakes! You are SO talented! All the food you had looks great, but it must have been disappointing to be too full for pudding! (My sweet tooth talking there!)
    If the wedding goes half as well, it'll be the event of the year!

  14. Ha, your cupcakes are so adorable! Love the little decorations, those must have taken so much patience.


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