Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FAIL cake!

Well I had planned to blog last week but I don't have many pics to share.  I've decided to do a short post anyway.

Remember I mentioned last weekend was my dad's birthday and I was making cake. Yeah that was a FAIL!

My cakes cracked .... :-(

I tried to salvage it with buttercream and cherries but even cocktail sticks couldn't hold this volcano together!

So we had a laugh and stuck some candles on it anyway.  I was pretty gutted, not gonna lie. I wanted to cry and the state of the cake!  My mum suggested putting a ribbon around it, not sure she was impressed with my response of "what's the point, you can't polish a turd mum!"

Having said all that, once we sliced it, it was pretty damn delicious.

Dinner at the weekend, pizza! Haven't had pizza in a while.  This was a pre-bought based (Tesco Value I think!! haha).  I added some shop bought sauce, broken up facon (RealEat), sweetcorn, peppers and about half a block of cheezly white cheddar. It was good! My dad even snuck some of the leftovers and said it was good.


And soup.  I made this Sunday and am eating the leftovers this week for lunch.  It's the Bodacious Bean & Barley Soup from Garden of Vegan, that I have blogged about before and made many times. It is THAT awesome.

Enjoy the rest of your week peeps.



  1. Oh poor cake! It's so annoying because there's not a lot you can do once it's baked but I bet it was really yummo!

  2. The cake looks delicious, regardless. Sometimes the kitchen gods are against us, really having a sense of humour is all you can do! As long as it tasted damn fine. :D

    Did you do a post about some vegan pore strips once? Can you remind me of the brand? I can't remember. I know I can get that brand here, but I have never seen the strips so I am going to see if I can mail order some.

  3. The cake looks great! I'd be thrilled if someone made me a cake.

  4. as long as it tasted good that is all that really matters!

  5. Haha Sal, I love you more than ever for posting the cake pics anyway! Cherry Chocolate's my favourite & I bet it was totally delicious.

    Also, you've reminded me that I LOVE sweetcorn on pizza, I haven't had it for aaaages.


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