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Tuesday 1 November 2011

It's been a long time... we should'nt a left you....

...without a dope beat to step to....*

Well helloooo there!  I decided to wait til MoFo was over before posting these pics.  And also, today is World Vegan Day - Happy WVD to all the vegans out there!! :-)

I'm starting off with the food from Saturday night.  My awesome friend Jojo had a party and made a crap tonne of ace food.  When looking for inspiration, I of course headed straight to the queen of Halloweegan's blog - Wing it Vegan and found these awesome peppers.  As you can see, my carving skills are not as great as River's! ....

This one ended up with a snaggle toof!!  hehe

I also made cornbread, as my other friend Kip made chili, which I forgot to take a pic of! DOH.

Onto the stuff Jojo made (head over to Jojo's blog for more info and also for pictures of the gingerbread house shw made that was pretty awesome!). She made sugar cookies: 


Jelly - with eyeballs in! oooooh scary.

Mummy dogs - sausages wrapped in pastry = genius!

oh and me, dressed as a zombie, shovelling a cake into ma gob!

The next morning, we got up and went to Iydea Cafe.  We all had the same thing, the vegan breakfast bap and a side of hash browns.  The baps was like a lentil burger with tomatoes and avocado on top, it was pretty rad.  And the hash browns were perfectly greasy but not too greasy!

On to yesterday. I finally dug some cookbooks out of storage and headed straight for this recipe from Appetite for Reduction: Arabian Lentil & Rice Soup.  It's AWESOME. I've made it before, but last time I didn't have a lemon, so left that out.  I'm really glad I had it this time though, it really makes a difference.

And a couple more recipes from AFR, the soft broccoli polenta and chilli lime rubbed tofu.  I wasn't crazy about the tofu, but that was more a texture thing that the flavour, I like the flavour, I should have pressed the tofu though.  The polenta was good, but once I added nooch it was amazing. I wish I'd made a more exciting veggie to go with this though, those were just plain, steamed green beans and they were underwhelming!

Tonight I think I'm gonna dig out Hot Damn & Hell Yeah and make my favourite lentil burgers.  What are you guys making for World Vegan Day??


*post title is from this song that I will now be singing all day!


  1. i hear ya, Sal - sometimes i don't dig the texture of some 'fu either. dan and i freeze our blocks of tofu and then press 'em out once defrosted. i totally dig that texture more. i have yet to make the polenta or chili lime tofu (you and be both on the lentil 'n rice soup being the best!), but i wanna - and i'm gonna add nooch to my polenta, too. thanks for the tip!

    i remember Jojo's rock'n halloween post and i got all excitedfaced when she told us the peppers were yours. huzzah! i think your jack-o'-peppers look fantabulous and i love the snaggle toofed one, too. adorbs! <3

    so glad you're back, my friend. i've missed the hell outta ya and all the tasty eats you share with us all. you're the best, Sal! :D

  2. Damn, I always forget about Hot Damn and Hell Yeah! It's so tiny that it gets buried on my cookbook shelf.

    Those Halloweegan peppers are adorable (I miss River's blog!), and the mummy sausages? Genius!

    For World Vegan Day, I'm making the Sweet Garlic & Tomato Pasta from the Vegan's Daily Companion and some slow-simmered rape greens with turnips.

  3. I love the snaggle-toof pepper! All that food looked so amazing - I kinda wish I lived in the south sometimes!

    I had a hard time envisioning that polenta until I saw yours. It looks really good - I think I'll have to make it soon.

    I hadn't planned on making anything for WVD, but now I might since everyone else is!

  4. Yay, you're back! Love the carved orange peppers, that is one creative way to enjoy Halloween dinner!

  5. Oooh, I love those lentil burgers in Hot Damn! And those pics from the party are awesome--the peppers? Waay too cool!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. Those peppers are the best Halloween foods I've seen this year! I think you definitely win the award for most impressive festive feast this time around. :)

  7. Your peppers are way cooler than mine were! The snaggle toof pepper is my favorite! I love him! :D

    Mr. Wing-It and I moved to a new place a few weeks ago and I haven't had the time or energy to cook much at all. I wanted to make at least one Halloweegan treat, but the mojo wasn't there! I'm so glad you enjoyed the peppers and it looks like they were a complete hit! You rock!

    Mmmmm zombie wants cupcakes!!!


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