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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Holiday food: Greece

Every year. Every. Freakin. Year. This happens.  It's MoFo, it's all going swimmingly, I'm in the swing of blogging then MoFo ends and suddenly it's almost December and I haven't blogged since. I suck, sorry.

So I thought I'd get back on track with a few pics from my holiday to Greece at the beginning of October.  I haven't got many, the reason is that the hotel I stayed at, the evening meal was included in the price and although the owners really really tried, they didn't really 'get' my diet. So there a few things that I was unsure of (they insisted were animal product free) and a few things that went back to the kitchen as they were blatantly an omelette! haha.

Starting with the first thing consumed in Kos, the house wine. Pretty gross!  The rose was better. Much better!

Cocktails were on special one night. I have no idea what the heck was in this, but it was strong and so that night is kinda blurry!

 We mooched into town one day and found a nice little cafe.  I ordered hummus and some butter beans, not knowing that both came with a generous serving of pitta bread.  It was way too much food for just me but it was excellent.  The hummus was fantastic and the pitta was light and fluffy.

The butter beans had a light tomato sauce on they were excellent too.  We went back to this cafe and I ordered the beans again, as I knew this would be enough food for lunch and I enjoyed them so much.

OK so remember those hotel owners I mentioned, well 2 of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But seriously, some odd food combos came my way.  When the meat eaters got smoked salmon on toast I got....

Bread, with a piece of lettuce topped with a melon wedge and a pineapple slice. Possibly the oddest thing I've ever eaten? Once I stopped laughing I took a photo.

One night, my dinner was a pizza, with a pile of chips in the middle. I can't complain about this... pizza: good! Chips: good! Double carbs: GOOD!! Mr George's pizza base was excellent and the sauce was great. There was pineapple on it and I believe pineapple on pizza is an abomination. But you'll see that pineapple ended up being a bit of a theme with my food that week.

One night I got this, a jacket spud with some sort of mushroom sauce. and ? Yep, you guessed it... PINEAPPLE! The promised me the sauce had no dairy in it. I dunno!

I got a lot of salads that looked like this:

That salad above was my starter on the Greek night excursion we went on. For the main the did me some stuffed peppers and potatoes. Those potatoes - I wish I knew how they did those because they're magical!!  The stuffed peppers were pretty good too.

I got stuffed peppers again on one of the day time excursions too. Not as good as the Greek night's efforts but still tasty.

I had a fab week, despite the food haha.  I met some great people and made a friend that I've met up with a couple of times since so all in all I call it a win! :)

I've got a tonne of pics on my camera and a couple of reviews to do so stay tuned. :)



  1. That bread with pineapple is quite something... but mushroom sauce with pineapples? What the heck!

    In Thailand, I once got a big chunk of raw cabbage with ice cubes and green beans, but I think it may be traditional there. You can see a picture of it here (last picture of post) :

    1. haha, wow! that looks, erm special!!

      And yeah seriously, pineapple in basically every meal!

  2. At least they tried? I didn't know pineapple was such a thing in Greece.
    But I am totally down with pineapple on pizza, I don't care if it is trashy and non-traditional, I love it. ;)

  3. Hahaha, weird!! That pineapple melon toast is insane. But fries on a pizza! I'm down with that. I went to Mexico once and told my server in a restaurant that I was vegan (had to explain what that meant!). I was served vegetable fajitas with french fries in the fajita mix! And you know what? That was good as hell!!!! Love french fries on anything.

  4. Ha! That bread with melon and pineapple is funny.


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