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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston-upon-Thames

So this post has only taken me a month and a half to write, hahah.

As you might have seen from my Chain Restaurants post, I don't live in a place that has any vegetarian or vegan restaurants. So on my birthday in June, Mr A took me to Riverside Vegetaria in Kingston for a birthday lunch. 

It's a little bit of a strange place but I think if the weather is nice, it would be lovely to sit outside. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that nice, so we got a table inside. 

The food was brilliant though. We started with hummus and bread, but to be honest, we really didn't need this!

For our starter we picked the organic potato balls (hehe) with chilli sauce. It was pretty spicy sauce and the potato balls were absolutely yummy!

For my main, I picked the organic spicy Jamaican stew, which had sweet potatoes and mixed beans in a yummy sauce over brown rice, my favourite! I thought this was awesome.

Mr Alien went for the masala dosai, which is basically a big pancake filled with spicy potatoes and it was flippin gorgeous. I would definitely order this if we went again!

It also comes with a side of veggie curry

and coconut sambal, which was really good!

We were too full for dessert but we grabbed some cake to take away. The cake was ok, not as good as the savoury food though. However, it was way better than the abomination of a vegan option we found in a nearby bakery! Vegan & gluten free cupcakes which were basically chocolatey rocks with really dense icing on the top. Not good!

But back to the average cake... choccy!

And an apple type affair, not my cuppa tea. Mr A preferred this one though.

This place has lovely food and we had a couple of nice cocktails too. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Kingston upon Thames.



  1. Looks so good! Need to try That cake! X

    Dungaree loving over on-

  2. Oh, i like the spicy veggie curry! Please feel free to visit if u want to taste Asian food with a wide variety of menu!


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