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Tuesday 2 February 2016

January Favourites


It's February, so it's time for a favourites post. They're mostly makeup but there's a few food bits too, so I'm just gonna mix it up.

Firstly, this Pro Melt liquid lipstick/gloss from Freedom Makeup. The colour I love is called Up and it's just the most perfect pink. I find myself reaching for this almost every day as it goes with most eye looks. So pretty. It's a comfortable texture too, it's kind of like a very pigmented gloss, but melts is a good description.

A food one - M&S brought out loads of gelatine free sweets recently, YAY. Not all of them are vegan - some of the shiny sweets have beeswax in. But these are vegan and they are SO good. They really do taste like the fizzy drinks they represent. Yummy.

Then these churros. These are from Asda's frozen section and they just take about 10 minutes in the oven. To melt the choccy sachet, I just chuck it in a cup of hot water. OMG these are so good. I don't think they're limited edition either!

Next up, my new phone case! I found this in tesco, heheh. It's a clear case so you can see the colour of your phone through it, but it's covered in pugs! So cute.

I discovered these recently. They are salty snacks made of snap peas and yes they are vegetabley and they don't fool me into thinking they're crisps. But they're pretty nice for a lower fat snack! I saw a few flavours in the supermarket too.

OK I probably shouldn't really include this, because I literally opened it 2 days ago. However, I LOVE it already. It's the Indelible Paint in Purplexed by Medusa Makeup (I got it from Firstly the shade is gorgeous but most important, it is SO pigmented.

This is seriously one swipe! Most coloured eyeliner, even awesome ones like Makeup Geek's, need a second layer to get full pigmentation. This doesn't at all. One swipe! Look at that... amazing!

I got this cute lil piggy from Primark, of all places. Basically it suckers onto the back of your phone and you can then use it as a stand. Really helpful when I'm watching youtube on my phone! :)

Next up is this baby; Lush's Ultrabalm. I feel like I've had a stinking cold for a month. I haven't but I feel like it! This has been saving my poor, chapped, sore nose. I put a teeny bit of this on my nostrils after every nose blow and it helped so much. I have also been using it as lip balm, because my lips have been mega mega dry.

Having a cold plays extra havoc on my already dry skin. It's already dry because it's been so cold but add a stupid cold on and ergh. So I find that foundations with less coverage are better. So I've been reaching for this foundation a lot. The shade is pretty much a perfect match for me and I love the coverage of it. It's enough to even out my skin but it's not heavy; my skin still looks like skin. I can then use concealer to cover any imperfections showing through.

Something I've been loving recently is the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. It's brightening, obviously but also it works as kind of a primer for your concealer. I have pretty dark circles under my eyes and this helps a lot and gives me a lovely bright inner corner too.

Lastly, is another Freedom product; the brow powder. I use Soft Brown, just the lighter of the 2 shades. I bought this back in December and I loved it straight away. It's the perfect shade for me and it's really soft and blends out perfectly. They do a pro palette of all their shades which I am definitely picking up for my pro kit. Freedom is super affordable and you can find it in Superdrug.


So that's it. What have you all been loving this month?

Sal xXx


  1. I have to say I don't wear much make up but I love the medusa lipstick that I have. It is super nice color and bright. I just wish they had more natural colors, since my husband is not big on me wearing make up. Or I put my foundation on horribly and you can see parts of my lip with BBCream on it, I need lipstick to cover it and not be too bright.

  2. Ahhh I love the new M&S sweets and heard they were planning to make more of them vegan friendly by removing the beeswax. I hope so, I love sweets SO MUCH!

  3. Those fizzy sweets are so good, you're totally right, they actually do taste like the drinks they're meant to taste like! They're up there with Fizzy Fangs and Biona sour snakes for the best sour gummies award for sure!


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