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Monday 20 June 2016

Recent Company Responses Regarding Animal Testing

I have recently written to a couple of companies regarding their animal testing policies and wanted to share their responses with you.

I asked them:

- Do Viseart test any ingredients or finished products on animals?
- Do any third parties test ingredients or finished products on animals on your behalf?
- Do you ensure your suppliers are cruelty free and do not carry out any animal testing?
- Do you sell your products in mainland China or any other market where mandatory testing is required?

Also, are any of your eyeshadow palettes vegan?

Their response:

"No to all your questions, except for the vegan one*.

Some of our palettes are vegan, some are not. Which ones are you interested in so we can tell you."

I only asked about the Boheme Dream and Neutral Mattes Palettes and they confirmed the Boheme Dream palette IS vegan but the Neutral Mattes has carmine in 1 shade.

I then asked for a vegan list and they said:

"We don't have time to put this together right now. But in the future we will and we appreciate your support!

So, if you are interested in a specific palette, just shoot them an email and they will confirm for you.

Viseart palettes are available in the UK from LOVE-MAKEUP.

*I originally added them to my list of animal friendly brands. A commenter called Lizzie raised below about them saying no to all questions and obviously one of those was 'do you ensure your suppliers are cruelty free?'. Thank you for this - this totally didn't register with me. So I'm checking that with them. They'll hopefully be on the list once I know for sure, but for now I've just marked them as pending.

Viseart have confirmed that their suppliers are cruelty free. So I've added them to the list again.

I asked them exactly the same questions as I asked Viseart, as above. Their response:

"Primark does not conduct and does not commission any animal testing.  Our terms of trade with our suppliers make it clear that cosmetic products and their ingredients must not be tested on animals."

As you can see, they didn't confirm about China/markets that require mandatory testing. I have written back to them to confirm and will update this post when I receive a response. I have not added them to my list of animal friendly brands.

UPDATE: They confirmed that they have no stores in China and at the moment, Primark do not sell online.

Sal xXx


  1. If Viseart said "no to all your questions" then surely they said no to "Do you ensure your suppliers are cruelty free and do not carry out any animal testing?" .... that makes me question them a bit :/

    1. Thank you for this, this didn't register at all! I have contacted them to clarify this.

    2. Okay, keep us updated with what they reply to you! :)

  2. I've been trying to get in contact with Viseart for over a year with no success :-(
    Which email did you use to contact them?
    I once received a response from one of their suppliers about the 01 Neutral Matte palette, who stated that they got in contact with Viseart and were told it was vegan.
    I'm so confused! :-(

    1. Oh that's frustrating. I just went on their website and used the contact us email.


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