Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ciate London - Vegan List

I first heard of Ciate a few years ago when they brought out the nail caviar thing that was popular for a minute or so. Well they now have loads more products, not just nail polish anymore. I asked them for a list of their vegan options and this is what they sent me:

Vegan Items:
Lash Chalk – Daydream
Blush Pop – Darling
Blush Pop - The One
Blush Pop – Tantalize
Blush Pop - Girls Night Out
Blush Pop – Glamazon
Glow Pop – Honolulu
Lip Locked – SoBe
Lip Locked - In The 305!
Nail Gym
Status Grow
Bloom Boost
Base Balance
Nail Goddess
Knight in shining armour
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Frozen 
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Ice Box
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick – Popsicle
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick – Daiquiri
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Snow Cone
Cooling Eyeshadow Slick - Ski Bunny
Lip Lustre - Wild Fire
Lip Lustre - Summer Love
Lip Lustre – Dare
Lip Lustre - Kiss Me
Lip Lustre – Truth
Lip Lustre - Call Me
Lip Lustre – Vixen
Lip Lustre – Vamp
Eye Chalk - Jump Rope
Eye Chalk - Dot-to-dot
Instabrow – Blonde
Instabrow - Medium Brown 
Instabrow - Dark Brown
Beautiful Cuticles
Perfect Paint Job
Liquid Chrome – Galactic
Liquid Chrome – Celestial
Liquid Chrome – Lunar
Liquid Chrome – Cosmic
Liquid Chrome – Stellar
Liquid Chrome - Sci-Fi
Kiss Play Stay
Partner in Prime
Geltox Detox Removal Solution
Marula Cuticle Oil for Dry and Peeling Nails
Marula Cuticle Oil for Weak and Thin Nails
Marula Cuticle Oil for Maintaining Healthy Looking Nails
Patent Pout – Bombshell
Patent Pout - High Five
Patent Pout - Drama Queen
Patent Pout - Bee's Knees
Patent Pout - La La Land
Patent Pout – Abracadabra
Patent Pout - Air Kiss
Patent Pout – Canoodle
Lash Locked
Precious Metal Eyeshadow - Washington Ave.
Precious Metal Eyeshadow - Collins Ave.
Precious Metal Eyeshadow - Lincoln Road
Bamboo Bronzer - Star Island
Bamboo Bronzer - Palm Island
OP Blush & Bronzer Duo - Bluff Point
OP Blush & Bronzer Duo - Seaside Park
Coconut Top Coat
Liquid Velvet - Diva
Liquid Velvet - Risque
Liquid Velvet – Sass Pot
Liquid Velvet – Smitten
Liquid Velvet – Swoon

Sal xXx

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