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Wednesday 29 November 2017

Vegan and Cruelty Free Gel Polish Manicures

I get asked a lot which gel polishes are vegan friendly and it's been ages since I researched it. So I decided to contact some of the well known brands see which ones were OK. don't see your favourite? Leave me a comment and I will contact them, if I have not already. NB: these are gel polishes that cure under a UV/LED light, not 'gel effect' polishes.

Firstly, feel free to bookmark this page as I will update it as and when there are changes, or I get new replies. These are my findings so far:

CRUELTY FREE (any marked vegan relates only to the gel polish unless otherwise stated):

Salon Treatments
- Bio Sculpture vegan
- The Gel Bottle** vegan - all products
- Gelish / Polygel vegan [Nail Harmony]
- Ink London vegan - all products except their Kolinsky brushes, which are natural hair
- Orly Gel Fx vegan (Orly are Logical Harmony approved, so I only contacted them to ask if Gel FX was vegan)
- The Manicure Company vegan

**my nail lady uses The Gel Bottle and it is AH-MAZING! Seriously. Nothing has ever stayed on my nails as well as this, including cheapo acrylic!

At Home Systems
- Leighton Denny vegan - all products (not technically a gel polish but they make a gel top coat that goes on top of any regular polish)
- Madam Glam vegan 
- Red Carpet Manicure vegan 
- SensatioNail vegan friendly (NOTE, the website says that the products don't contain animal ingredients but their CS told me that all shades except the following are vegan, these shades contain carmine: Original SensatioNail - Jelly Sherbet & Ravishing Raisin. SensatioNail Express - Want a Peach of Me? Made Him Blush, Merry Meringue & Lovely Lychee.)
- Bluesky - previously on the no list for not being able to confirm if they sell in china but bluesky are now Vegan Society registered! Win!


- Shellac [CND brand]: not cruelty free - 26.02.2018 originally they were on my ok list above but they have this week been added to Logical Harmony's avoid list for testing where required by law. So clearly they are big fat liars! 
- OPI GelColor: not cruelty free
- Jessica: grey area. Replied with generic 'we are cruelty free' statement 12.10.2017 and have not responded to any further questions sent that day and chased several times since.

Brands I have contacted, but have received no or limited replies from to date; I will update as received
- Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish: I originally contacted them on 09.10.2017 and again 21.11.2017. No reply received.
- IBD Just Gel: emailed 21.11.17, no reply received to date.

Happy humpday!


  1. Hi Sal! Im a Nail Technician.I LOVE this post as ive recently turned vegan and am now looking into some of the brands you have suggested to re stock with! however im finding it very hard to find synthetic Acrylic Brushes as they all seem to be kolinsky or sable hair!! i wondered if you would happen to know of any brands that sell vegan brushes??
    Tamsin x

    1. Hi Tamsin, it is something I looked into a few years back when I was looking at traininbin acrylic and I had the same problems as you. I couldn’t find any synthetic brushes :(

  2. Perfect. This is exactly something that I wanted to find out!

  3. Hi!

    I use semilac and was wondering if you’ve contacted them to find out if they test on animals?


    1. Hi, no I’ve never heard of them. Will see what I can find! 😬

    2. Check this tweet :)

  4. Hi there! I'm new to the nail gel craze- & I was just wondering, is it easier & cheaper to just do this at home yourself? I was told its much easier to just go to the salon since the gel can only be taken off by a nail tech. Any advice is very helpful! Thank you!

  5. Hello! Very useful post thank you. Do you happen to know anything about Missu? I contacted them and received this response, which doesn’t make a great deal of sense! ‘We only use the top quality ingredients. But we didn’t apply any Vegan documents, so we don’t claim our products are Vegan.’

  6. Hi Sal, have a look at the new all Vegan Cruelty free professional gel company at

  7. Hi Alien.

    Thank you for your list.
    I wonder about company the Gelbottle, becouse they areonly on yourlist. I have never seen this company on any other list, so it is new for me.
    I am writing this becouse i am nail technician and im looking from years for company like the gelbottle. Once boughta lot of gel polishes, called SNP, but after i knew that info on their website was a liar hehe, so my start with vegan nails failed before i really strted haha. Thats why i am writing. I dont know exactly what i want from you.. I wrote to LH if they could check them also. How do you think, why they are only on your list?
    Thank you for all great work you do with brands <3
    All the best!! <3

    1. They are a fairly new brand and I contacted them as a salon near me uses them. LH has a more lengthy process I think but hopefully they’ll get on that list soon.

  8. Sal!

    Thank you so much for your fast answer! So i am waiting for update LH list.



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