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Tuesday 5 December 2017

Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas

OK, less than 3 weeks to the big day - are you as behind with gift buying as me? Good, I'm not alone. So here's some ideas for vegan chrimbo gifts.

Perfume is a pretty standard gift for Christmas, I am working on a post about that but for now, if you want a gift set, how about:

Dolma Vegan Perfumes do a bunch of gift sets, including a set of 12 perfumes in miniature and a tester of their aftershaves: (I have the set of 12 miniatures and there's some lovely ones in there!)

Eden Perfumes make a gift set of 3 x 10ml of your choice:

A Kind Mama gift box:
This small vegan business makes awesome looking brownies, donuts and other treats and does a mixed treat box that would make a really nice gift. Available from

Lily England Brushes: their brushes are awesome, vegan and beautiful and would make a lovely gift for anyone who needs some brushes. Available from

Blues Designs Candles
Another nice gift is candles and my favourites are made by a company called Blues Designs. I realllly love her wax melts, I'm not exaggerating when I say the one in my burner at the moment has been in there for AGES! I must have burnt it 10 times and it still throws out fragrance. They're amazing. Available from

Not on the High Street have some really cool vegan gifts including vegan cookie dough sets, fancy vegan cheese sets, truffles and tshirts! Just type vegan into the search bar, or check out these things that look pretty great to me....

Salted Caramel Truffles
Peanut Butter Praline Truffles
Cute 'Go Vegan' T-shirt
Set of 3 Tyne Cheases
Vegan Cookie Dough Variety Pack

If you have a fudge fan in your life (or just wanna treat yoself - you should do that!), check out Slab Fudge; they have a bunch of vegan flavours and the salted caramel one, well that is just magnificent! In fact, I'm ordering some for myself, all for me, all the fudge!! everyone for the Christmas period.

If you have a makeup lover in your life, an eyeshadow palette might be a good gift. Here's my picks for....

Fancy.... Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Eye Palette. This palette is really high quality and swanky AF!
Clearly not my pic! From the CT Website

If you have a fan of colourful makeup, Juvia's place make some super pigmented and awesome palettes at a mid-range price point. The only eyeshadow palette that isn't vegan is the Saharan palette I believe (check ingredients for Carmine/CI75470). I have the Nubian 2 (and the Zulu which is sadly out of stock as I write this) and I need MORE! They are awesome. You can find JP in the UK at Beautybay.
Pic from Beautybay

Affordable palettes? Check out TAM Beauty's website for Makeup Revolution, Freedom and I heart Makeup. My current fave is the Soph x Makeup Revolution Palette. Vegan products are identified in the product description. Sorry for stupid side-ways photo... Blogger will not let me rotate this sucker!

There's always a vegan gift box from one of the subscription companies (you can usually buy gifts or past boxes) like:

Vegan Tuck Box - sweets & treats
The Vegan Kind - snacks or beauty
The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

Shaving kit?
If you have someone who shaves in your life, a nice brush and some vegan shaving cream could be good. This one from The Body Shop is the one my hubz uses and he likes it a lot (it convinced him to trade in his old shaving brush and foam for a cruelty free/vegan option - yay!)

They always have a tonne of Christmas gift sets and they clearly mark their vegan options (in store, on packaging and on the website! The ones that catch my eye are the Snow Fairy sets and this one with Rose Jam scented goodies in!
pic from Lush's website

Or of course if you have a bunch of cash to waste on a daft, yet awesome toy - how about an app controlled BB8? (Anyone else so excited for next week's film release that they have midnight showing tickets?)

Yeah I know! It's pretty cool though! Available from Amazon

Happy shopping :)
Sal xXx

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