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Monday 27 April 2009

Let there be Rock!

I was looking through my camera last night and saw that I had a crapload of food pix on there and now I see why - it's been almost two weeks since my last blog post. So strap yourself in - i've got a lot of pics for ya!!

Starting off with last night's dinner. I really could not get inspired last night and couldn't decide what I wanted and somehow it struck me that soup & a sarnie would be a good dinner. And it was. The soup was just a roasted yellow pepper, an onion, some potatoes and veggie stock cooked up and blended with a little soya cream. It was really good!

The sarnie was some tofu that I marinated with some miso, maple syrup and some other stuff that I forget and then baked. With cucumber, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and vegan mayo. YUM!

The inside of the sammie....

This one was brunch yesterday. I had a 'great' idea to try and make individual frittatas. Yeah it didn't really work. It was more like baked tofu scramble. It tasted good though but I need to work on the recipe!

Mum & Dad came round for lunch on Saturday and Dad had made tomato & basil soup and brought it with them. It was tomato with some other stuff chucked in and it was awesome.

I made us some lower fat carrot cake muffins, with an orange glaze one. I ALMOST forgot to take a pic, I was just about to scarf the last one when I remember. Hence the messy pic!

Last week we resurrected our tradition of my girlies coming round in the week for dinner. I made balls! (Hee hee!). That's VCON's beanballs to the less childish of us. The recipe said it made 12-15 balls (hee hee!) but I got 23 out of it! Obviously I don't know what a walnut should look like!

On top of spaghetti ... all covered in..... tomato sauce! YUM. I had read reviews saying the balls (hee hee!) were mushy. I agree, they were a little, but not enough to bother me as they tasted really good.

I also made us some garlic bread to go with.

We're all trying to be good and avoid cake so I made a Lychee & Lime Sorbet. It was ok but I went a bit overboard with the ginger! I will work on it.

This was a stir-fry I did last week. I was knackered and had to get food shopping on the way home so I just picked up a pack of stir-fry veg, a sachet of sauce, a pack of marinated tofu pieces and a pack of crispy seaweed, then just served it with some udon noodles. It was ok, the sauce was a bit bland so I had to jazz it up with some spices.

The next two were variations on a theme. I saw a recipe for a great looking salad in a book I bought a while back called the Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook. It's a pretty good book - it has lots of recipes that if they are not vegan, are mostly easy to veganise. It also has suggestions for both veggie & vegan meal plans. But anyway, back to the salad. I didn't have everything they called for so I decided to wing it.

Udon noodles, marinated tofu pieces, avocado, salad leaves, toasted cashews and I made a dressing with the juice of a lime, a tbsp of mirin, a tsp of rice vinegar and a tbsp of soy sauce. I finished it off with lots of chopped fresh mint and coriander. It was really light and zingly. YUM.

The next day, I still had half an avocado so I went with some more cold udon noodles, julienned carrot, avocado, tofu, spring onions and a similar dressing as before but with a bit of chilli and some peanut butter mixed in. Really good!!

A meal last week - I made a pilaff using barley instead of rice and lots of cumin and paprika. And I served it with the Cumin Lime Tofu from Eat Drink & Be Vegan. I love that stuff - soooo good!

Lastly, a couple of experimental low fat baked goods - both of which need work! Firstly some cookies - they had cashews and sultanas in and oats. They were nice but not quite right.

Secondly, some muffins. These also had sultanas in and some spices and other stuff that I forget. Again, they need work.

OK and non-food related. My mum bought me a Hetty!! Which is the female Henry Vacuum cleaner. Not only are these little things cute, they are more environmentally friendly as they use less energy and they are powerful little suckers too. Plus they take up less closet space so there is more room for shoes! Win-win!

It even came with a pink canvas bag to encourage you to use less plastic bags when you do your shopping.

And lastly, it was pointed out to me last time that I hadn't yet posted a pic of my tattoo. Sorry, it totally slipped my mind. I have struggled to get a decent pic and this is where it's still a bit scabby but you get the gist.... My two best friends have the same* tattoo as well.

(* Well it was supposed to be the same but the guy who did it messed them all up so they are all slighly different.)

Cooking to: Mostly this week - AC/DC (went to see them thursday and they were freakin amazing!!)


  1. Firstly I love your little pink Hetty! So cute, I wish we had them here!

    And yummo looking meals, they all look like they would be good to eat here now that it's getting cooler. I esp. like the carrot cake muffins, mm!

  2. Mmm, I love those beanballs! I always make them smaller so I get more of them.
    And I love your tattoo!

  3. All of your noodle dishes look yummy. So do the beanballs, I love those!

    Nice tattoo! That's the same spot I have mine actually.

  4. I'd love that sarnie! and everything else, too :)

  5. Thanks for showing us the tat, it's pretty >:)

    *must resist the urge to get inked again.....*

  6. Love the tat! Wrist tattoos are my fave. And the Hetty is super-duper cute. I think I would actually enjoying vacumming with something that cute.

    The cumin tofu looks especially delish!

  7. hooray for the ink, Sal - i think it looks most glorious! i really love it - it's not only cute, but totally bad ass, too! nice! also nice: getting to see AC/DC - fuck yeah! :)

    your soup 'n sammie look suuuuuper scrumptious! i'm all about a tasty sammie with some sprout goodness, and especially one with some miso & maple goodness! mmmmmm!

    your carrot cake muffins and the cookies you made look stellar! when you get those recipes tweaked you need to post 'em! i'd love to make some - they sound great and look perfect!

    i still need to make those bean balls, and might i add that your garlic bread made me drool. dan and i haven't had garlic bread in forever and i think we need to make a point to make it happen soon!

    i love that you took the udon stir-fry leftovers and made a delicious salad with 'em! peanut 'n chili in the sauce sounds like the perfect addition, too! damn, Sal - you've got so many rock'n eatz go'n on! hellz yeah!

    i also need to try the cumin lime tofu! cumin is one of my favorite spices! ooooh, and lychee + lime sorbet = brilliant! sorry there was a bit too much ginger - it looks divine and sounds super scrumptious though! i need to learn how to make sorbet - i also need to get an ice cream maker! mmmmmmmm!!!

  8. So much good food here - I made the beanballs're right, they were a little soft, but still taste great. The noodle dishes look tasty too, and I definitely need to try the cumin lime tofu...mmmm.

  9. Holy freaking awesome food pornz batman!
    Your balls look super scrummy

    *giggles for half an hour*

    I LOVE Hetty and I'm seriously coveting her right now. You really do have all the best gizmos and gadgets Sal.
    Nice tat too girly!
    Did you get any photos of AC/DC????
    I bet they ROCKED!

  10. it amazes me when i see someone's week of food that looks so amazing like yours. my non-blogged food is never that good!

    and i am sooo jealous of your vacuum. too cute!

  11. What a kickin' sandwich! And great tatt!

  12. Wow, all of your pictures are amazing! I'd especially like to dig into that big sandwich :) Carrot cake muffins sound great too!

  13. Mmmmm... I want noodle bowls, NOW!!! Love the tat - so cool your two bezzies got them too!

  14. hetty is so cute! and I love the shopping bag. I've been sending shopping bags out as gifts to family for years. hopefully some of them get used at the grocery store.

    I just love your asian themed meals. they look so good.

    what are the spots in your bread? looks tasty. I'm such a sandwich hound.

    someday I'll get off my butt and make balls. I keep seeing pics of them, but always forget to follow through.

    the stardust around the hearts in your tatt is a very nice touch.

  15. Great tattoo! It's so cute, and I love the placement... Pretty much the same place I have my vegan bunny. ;)

  16. Woah! Tons of amazing food! Love the mini fritata idea. And, who doesn't love balls? Ahhhh!!!

  17. I love your Hetty and I love the tat! I so want another one...have it all picked out & everything, but I need to save the cash.
    I have never made those beanballs...not many recipes from Vwav I haven't made. I need to get on that!

  18. All your food looks great! Especially the soups...I'm a sucker for soup.

    Thanks for your good wishes on the book, too, Sal. It means a lot!

  19. I'm so jealous of your Hetty! I have never even heard of one, but it's sounds great and I'm a sucker for pink appliances.

  20. Mmm so much goodness in one post! Yay for udon noodles, and your maple-miso tofu sounds great!

  21. Mmmm so much fabulous food!

    You have awesome looking balls there (tee hee, still a child here too :P)

    And I love your Udon noodle dressings! Yum!!

    Awww I want a Hetty!! *love*

  22. what a CUTE vacuum cleaner! it would make me look forward to cleaning up!

  23. Sometimes a simple soup is perfect, right?! Hetty! Wow, I want one!

  24. I also don't know what a walnut looks like, because when I made the beanballs I also got about 20 of them. Maybe American's just have really big walnuts? So they make really big balls? (Hee)

    I love your pink vacuum cleaner. I want one! I also love your doona cover from your last post. It is so nice. Too pale for me, with a black cat, a tabby cat and a red cat, no white for me!

    BTW - how frakking awesome is Supernatural at the moment? Only two more episodes to go. Eeeeep! I can't believe that two weeks ago I was actually WITH those beautiful boys. *sigh*

  25. thos beanballs look so yummy!
    thanks. i make something that looks alike


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