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Sunday 17 January 2010

London foodz & shopping

Remember Joey and Janice's Day. Of. Fun*? Well yesterday was UK Vegans' Day. Of. FOOD!!

(*I couldn't find a vid clip!!)

We had a meet up of a few UK PPKers as a fairwell to Pieta, who is going back to the Netherlands next week ( :-( boo!). We had a lovely day of eating though!

We started with a bit of shopping at David & Goliath in Covent Garden (pics further down) and then to the Neals Yard Salad Bar in Covent Garden for vegan soft serve ice cream. Which by the way was totally effing sock-rocking!! You could get chocolate or mango and I went with a mixture of the too, as did most of us. It was reallllyyy good, especially the chocolate.

It's a pretty cool place. We only went for the ice cream, but there were lots of vegan options on the menu if you wanted proper food too.

Then it was off to Pogo Cafe. After a long bus journey and a very wet walk into somewhere in Hackney that I'll never be able to find again, we arrived. It's an awesome place, really relaxed atmosphere, just a bunch of people hanging out and some eating, some working, some doing cross stich... etc! Plus it's all vegan food.

I knew we were eating again later so I just went for a sandwich, a sausage sandwich. It was really good, I wish I'd asked what brand they use!!

This place is definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Hackney and you have GPS on your mobile phone!! hahah.

After this, we bussed it over to Camden, with the intention of going to inSpiral but in the end we never got there. We went into one of the crazy bazaar type places in camden to find the Secret Society of Vegans stall, which I think is temporary until their new shop opens. I bought an awesome bag, pix below.

After this, was time for more food. We had sort of decided not to go but in the end all decided that we would. So we hopped on the tube to Kings Cross and a short walk away was Itadaki Zen, a totally vegan organic Japanese restaurant. Not only was this place really cool inside and had the cutest waitress you've ever seen, but the food was delicious too!

I had nigiri sushi to start with....

And then this noodle dish that I forget the name of. The noodles were made of sweet potatoes and the mushrooms were called jew ears!! hehehe. It was really really yummy.

A couple of bonus shots: Happy vegans @ Neals Yard Salad Bar. From the front left - around the table: Kip's Friend Nicole, Kip, Zeinab, Pieta's friend Tom, Pieta, Holley and Me.

The shopping! I bought this David & Goliath vest (I have the shopping bag with the same picture on that I bought year's ago at Clotheshow.

Another tee - this was £5 in the sale, also at David & Goliath! Bargain. I LOVE D&G's stuff! They do loads of pajamas, hoodies, baby clothes, bags, watches, fridge magnets....

My SSOV bag. I love it!

Back to food. This was dinner for me & my 2 best friends on Friday Night. Thai green curry with tofu, green beans, baby corn, green beans and peas. YUM. There's basmati rice hidden under there too!

We're all dieting (not that you'd know it from that ice cream shot at the top, but you gotta have a day off now and then right!?) so I have been trying to think of ways to cut the calories and fat way back in my baked goods. This attempt was pretty good but I'm still working on it before I share the recipe. These were mango & coconut muffins.

Oh and last week, I have mostly been eating mini meatloaves. The recipe is from Cozy Inside by Joni Marie Newman and it is awesome. I halve the recipe and bake it in muffin tins to make individual ones, instead of one whopper. The rather ugly side dish was lentils, rice and peas cooked in veggie stock and spices. Ugly? Yes. Delicious? Hell yes. Oh and roasted green beans - my new fave way to cook green beans cuz they go all crispy and delish!

This time, starring alongside some simple steamed green veg and wholewheat couscous made with veggie stock and spices.

And lastly, with roasted sprouts, green beans and tomato polenta that I also added some corn into.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend, peoples.



  1. Long live paper and scisors! That's too funny. All your food looks yummy! Sounds like a fun get together.

  2. You really make me longing for London. I want to visit it again, soon.

  3. I totally remember Joey and Janice's Day Of Fun - I say that very saying a LOT (only I change the Joey and Janice bit obviously!)I used to live in Hackney. It has gotten a lot cooler since I was there but still remains to this very day my favourite place I've ever lived EVER!
    Camden is ├╝ber cool too. I'm loving the t-shirts - that Rock is Dead is AWESOME!
    And did you say chocolate AND Mango ice-cream? Hell yeah!
    Your food looks amazing, as always. That Thai green curry looks ridiculously good. I made "meat" loaf on Friday, not mini ones but a GREAT big one. It was very good - I'll blog about it soon.

  4. i love the mock-minis! what a cute idea.

    and i'm sorry, but your 'ugly' lentils, peas and rice dish looks like a big slop of heaven to me. i wish it were on my plate right now!

  5. Chocolate and mango soft serve swirl- Amazing! But seriously everything looks so good... I'm hungry all over again and craving a half dozen things!

    Plus, seriously adorable t-shirts, they look like things I'd wear.

  6. I'm totally jealous of the soft serve! I've never been able to find that. Maybe I'll get to London sometime - I sure hope so!

  7. ah ha ha! i love those tee-shirts, Sal - they're great! your green curry tofu looks excellent, and i'm all about your mini-meatless loaves, too. yummers, fo 'sho! roasted green beans are my favorite as well, and i think your mango & coconut muffins = the best! i can't wait for you to share the recipe. squeeeee! hooray for one awesome vegan day of eating yummies with fellow ppkers, shopping, and fun times! :)

    p.s. - i'm totally jealousfaced over the soft serve vegan ice cream! :D

  8. I have that bag! Oh man, I have to get that soft serve in March!

  9. Does it have to be a whole day? Yes, because that's how long it takes to love me. :-D

    (Janice voice) Oh. My. God! That soft serve! *drool*

    It does sound like a fun day! You can't beat yummy eats and fun shopping. Those sweet potato noodles are captivating, I must get my hands on some of those.

    Tiny meatloaves kick big meatloaves butt!

  10. yumm all your food looks aweeesome!
    and next time youre in camden, you have have havvve to go to inspiral. its one of my favorite places in london :)
    where you went looks good too though, of course!

  11. Soft ice cream! SSOV stall! A cafe where people do cross-stitch! OMG, DH and I MUST manage a visit to London this year!!!!!!!

  12. i would give my left arm for a thai green curry and some vegan soft serve right about now.

  13. meh, I missed that meetup. I guess it helps reading blogs and forums.

  14. So many lovely food places to go to! I am in no way jealous. ;)

    I LOVE that Rock is Dead print, it is so cute and funny! SSOV stuff is adorable too - I bought one of their Saving The Unicorns t-shirts when I was in Brighton. It glitters, so that is always a winner for me.

    (My random word verification today is... petsmood... is it trying to tell me something about my girls??)


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