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Sunday 10 January 2010

Semi waffle success, McVegans and cake!

What is it about weekends - they go way too quick!!! Hope everyone is having a good one though anyway.

I started Sunday with some waffles! I made some yesterday and they were not bad but I forgot to take a pic. These are today's - chocolate with walnuts in. I'm still working on the recipe, there never seems to be enough to fill the whole waffle iron and they come out look like a big round one! But I'll get it right. They were pretty yummy with a blob of soyatoo whipped cream and chocolate syrup (just maple syrup and cocoa powder mixed together).

Lunch - I made McVegans. I had made some seitan the other night with these in mind. I cut a circle out of a seitan patty and out of a block of tofu. I dipped the tofu in chickpea flour seasoned with a little salt, onion powder, paprika and black salt and then lightly fried in a teeny bit of oil. Then stack the sucker up on a wholewheat english muffin, with a tofutti slice and stick it under the grill until it melts. YUM.

Friday night I had the girlies over for dinner and cooked us up a mushroom risotto. I've never made a proper one with arborio rice and adding the stock slowly before, so I was glad it all worked out. In fact it was really yummy. I added a bit of tofutti cream cheese and some nooch in at the end. We had it with steamed green beans and sugar snaps.

For dessert - a choccy cake. I cut the sugar and oil right down in this and added some apple sauce to make it lower fat - it was really good. I also chucked in some dried sour cherries. Although I hiked the calories right back up by putting chocolate ganache on top. Ah well, it was yummy and friday night!! (I'm still working on this recipe!) I struggled to get a decent pic of this.

With a blob of soyatoo!

And to drink we had Nigella's apple martinis (vodka not gin!). I bought the apple syrup online and got some apple sourz liqueur last time I was shopping so that I could make these. I thought I'd have to up the syrup because I'm not one for really strong drinks but I didn't - they were perfect. They need ice though in my opinion! So good but pretty sweet though. I've just realised that I bought granny smith apples to serve a wedge of apple in them and forgot. DOH!

This was dinner on Thursday I think. Roasty sprouts and butternut squash and potatoes with a seitan cutlet. I also made the merciful miso gravy from La Dolce Vegan to go with it. That stuff rocks.

This was another meal from last week that was awesome! The squash was a bit crap - it's one of the most tasteless ones I've ever had. The tofu I just sprayed with braggs and sprinkled it with spices then baked it. The lentils were the star though. I stole the idea of the barefoot contessa and veganised / spiced it up a bit. Recipe at the end of the post.

Lunch last week - blended up chickpeas with some mayo and nori flakes and some sweetcorn added, with a salad of rocket, shredded carrots, cucumber and avocado. The dressing was just some lime juice, soy and wasabi powder. YUM.

And another lunch - miso soup: Veggie stock, soy sauce, lime juice, pak choi, red pepper, tofu, spring onion and miso. really quick but really yummy.

Edit: I forgot the lentils recipe - so here it is:

Spicy lentils
1 tsp olive oil
1 Small onion, diced
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp salt (or to taste - dep on how salty your stock is)
1/4 tsp black pepper
1- 1.5 cups (250 - 375 ml) veggie stock
1 medium carrot, diced
125g green puy lentils
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp cider vinegar

Heat the oil in a pan and saute the onion for a few minutes. Add the garlic and spices and cook for about a minute.

Add the lentils, carrot and about a cup of stock and stir well. Cover and cook for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the lentils are cooked. Add more stock if the pan goes dry at any time. If at the end of the 20 mins there's stock un-absorbed, turn up the heat and cook it uncovered a few minutes till most of it's absorbed.

Stir in the tomato puree/paste and vinegar and then serve.

This makes 2-4 servings, depending on how big you want the portions to be.

That's all for now folks. Enjoy what's left of your weekend.



  1. Yum, I love McVegans. Holley gave me some Pure cheese slices to try so I think I'll make some with that (even though I've heard it's kinda gross!)

    That cake looks damned awesome too.

  2. Nice McVegans. Everything looks so yummy!!

  3. I have one of Nigella's cookbooks with the recipe for those apple martinis in it - I've been thinking about them ever since! Maybe I should really buy the ingredients (especially since I love Gin...).
    Also, your McVegan looks great!

  4. Wow, what a DELICIOUS post. Holy crap. Everything literally made my mouth water - especially that chocolate cake!

  5. you spicy lentils sound great, Sal! hooray for a chocolate-cherry cake & some seriously good look'n chocolate & walnut waffles. mmmmmm! your mcvegans have me wishing i was waking up to one tomorrow morning, and super awesome on the risotto success. yum! roasted brussels and butternut squash = my fav. man, you always make the yummiest potatoes, too. i never thought about adding wasabi to a salad dressing before - totally gonna have to give it a whirl. thanks, Sal! i wish monday weren't tomorrow. boo! :)

  6. Mmmm yummy - your McVegan looks the bomb. As does your choccy cake - it looks deliciously moist and chocolately.All the food looks fab - you never disappoint in the food pornz Sal

    (I was looking for some Soyatoo when in the UK but couldn't find it anywhere!!!)

  7. Ah, this post makes me so hungry! Now you've made me realize that it's been way too long since I last made waffles.

  8. 1.) Wow I need a waffle iron like that mine makes little waffles... boo...
    2) uhh.. YUM! McVEGANS... LOVE IT!
    3) CORN??! What a great idea! We've been totally lazy and have been eating exorbitant tofu salad from Mother's all weekend... but it is delicious! I have to make some of my own now!

  9. I love your "yummy scrummy" plate! So cute! That cake looks so good it doesn't even look like it's low-fat. *drool*

    All the risotto I've ever made has come from a box. Yours looks perfect! I think you have inspired me to try to make my own.

    Keep enjoying those yummy waffles!

  10. dude - everything looks stellar. especially those martinis! but i'm drooooooling over those egg mcvegans. i've never had one, and those looks like the best i've never tasted.

  11. It all looks great. I want to come round to yours for dinner and cake and cocktails. ;)

  12. what a good idea to use seitan leftovers for the McVegans. and, oh mai gawd, that cake.


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