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Saturday 2 January 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how was everyone's new year's eve? How did you celebrate? My friend came over, we had a couple of cosmopolitans, some crisps and watched Police Academy, Goonies and Spaceballs (<3 80s movies!). I managed to stay awake till Pizza the Hut ate himself but was dozing off before midnight. Luckily my friend set her alarm so we could watch the countdown. We cheers'd, hugged, said happy new year then went to sleep. hahaha.

New Year's Day was my veganniversary - 2 glorious years! Last year I baked some blondies to celebrate but I wasn't really in the mood yesterday so I just had leftover chocolate log from xmas! hahah. Happy veganniversary to anyone else who celebrated yesterday too, I know there's a few of us!

Onto the food pics. I don't have any from chrimbo - I forgot to take my memory card with me and now I can't find the cable to get the pics off my camera, DOH! So instead, here are some from Wednesday. We went down to Brighton for the day and had dinner in Terre a Terre. My bro let me take some pics on his iPhone..... The food was amazing, even better than last time!

We started with a plate of the Lavash Tanoor (fried lavash bread with baba ganoush) that we shared between us but I didn't get a pic.

This was my bro's dinner - a rosti with spinach and cheese and an egg on it.

Lara's (my bro's girlfriend) - Saltimbocca, which was mushrooms and polenta I think.

My mum's - she had the Tandoori Tattie (the tofu one). It was really yummy, I'm having that next time!

And mine (my dad had the same) - The Sodden Socca - chickpea pancakes with a couple of different sauces, very yum.

OK back on to my food. For xmas, my awesome bro and his awesome girlfriend got me a waffle maker!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! Here it is, in its shiny new glory!

Inside shot....

Well obviously I need practice folks! I used the first waffle recipe in Vegan brunch, I had to sub a couple of things that I didn't have. But I followed the salt and baking powder etc proportions correctly but I found the batter way too salty. The first batch, I obviously didn't put enough batter on - as you can see.

But the second batch, not only did I forget to re-oil the plates but I put too much in and resulted in this disaster. :-(

So I need to keep playing around with batters and amounts. Like I say they were a little salty but once I covered them in mango sauce (whizzed up frozen mango, soya cream and golden syrup) they were not bad at all!

Last night's dinner was seitan. I cleared out my little freezer drawer the other day to make room for ice and I found a seitan sausage, so I defrosted it. I had it with some roasted veg - peppers, onions and asparagus - cuz that's what I had in the fridge. And some soft polenta. YUM.

And dinner another night - noodles with mushrooms, bok choy and smoked tofu. Quick, simple and yummy.

That's it for now, hopefully I'll have more successful waffle pics next time!



  1. Happy New Year! You got a waffle maker - that's SO awesome!

  2. OMG you have the world's best waffle maker; I'm jealous.

    I tried to buy a waffle maker a few years back but there where none on the retail market at the time.

  3. Happy New Year! I love your waffle maker - good luck with all waffle endevours! I love mine too.

  4. Happy New Year! Loving your Terre a Terre post, I'm writing a post about Terre a Terre too, Nick and I went a couple of days ago and it was awesome. I had the spinachey rosti but I'm going to order the chickpea pancake dish next time - yum.

  5. Ha, my waffles did the "split in two" the first time I used it as well. That non-stick spray clearly is an important step!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year! It was also my veganniversary - 1 year, yeah! So congrats to us both :-)

  7. Happy New Year and Happy Veganniversary, Sal!

    I got the same waffle maker for Festivus! His name is Rodney (he replaces my old Delonghi waffle maker 'Del Boy') and I think he's awesome!

    Have fun finding the perfect waffle recipe.

    I never oil the plates and the waffles always come out nicely. Maybe it depends on how much oil/marg is in the batter recipe?

    And I hate batter overflow on my shiny new machine, so I feel your pain! I think the instructions recommend around 300ml per waffle, so I make my batter in a glass measuring jug (I only ever make half or quarter of the recipe as most recipes make TONS!) and pour in just under 300ml each time (no overflows so far!).

    I look forwards to seeing more waffles soon! :D

  8. happy new years & happy vegaversary, Sal! i totally forgot until i read your post that the 1st was our vegaversary, too! wahoooooo! it's also been 2 glorious years for dan & i! squeeeeeee!

    i always fall asleep during movies. so awesome on not only The Goonies, but Police Academy & Space Balls, too! i love me some Mel Brooks films. :)

    i need to get a waffle maker. yours is making me most jealousfaced. tee hee! sorry the waffles were a little too salty, but i'm glad they tasted awesome with your mango sauce. yum!

    i love your 'fu 'n bok choy bowl, hooray for finding some seitan sausage in your freezer, and those chickpea pancakes look super stellar! i am looking forward to more waffle porn! :)

  9. Happy New Year to you too! Awesome new waffle maker, I can't wait to see what other tasty delights will come out of it in the near future.

  10. Happy New Year Sal! Just back from Blighty and I must say I am so so soooo happy to be home. Loving your waffle making machine.

  11. Happ new year and happy veganniversary!

    Your chickpea pancakes look amazing, I probably would have chosen the same dish!

    Congrats on your new super waffle maker! Ah, I remember when my waffle maker was shiny like that. You'll get the hang of it soon! Enjoy all the waffle goodness! :-)

  12. waffles! that sounds so yummy right now - what a great friend!

  13. We're loving your blog. You've been added to our fav lists at
    It'd also be great if you could add our blog to your list- if you like it!


    The Irish Vegans

  14. Happy new year! All of the restaurant food looks delicious, and good luck with the waffle maker :)

  15. okay you and jojo are totally making me jealous with those terre terre pics! Happy New Year!

  16. A belated happy new year. :D

    I too had a wild and rowdy night... playing Pictionary and the Wii and then heading home promtpy after the fireworks (watched on TV, not actually there) finished. ;)

    Yay for 2 years of vegan!

    I want to go back to Terre a Terre... once was not enough. Stupid being on the other side of the world. :P

    I have a waffle maker, but it makes waffles in the shape of flowers that break into hearts... I can't find just your standard square one here. It took me a few goes to get it right though!

    Yummy food as always. :)


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