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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Street Foodz

Afternoon all. As promised in my mammoth beauty favourites post, I also have some food pics to share with ya.  Last weekend, I met up with my vegan ladybros in London for a day of scoffing and gossip.
My friend Holley and I started in Cakes 'n' Treats in Camden, as we wanted CAKE!  Cakes 'n' Treats is an all vegan cafe located in Pratt Street, which is about a 5 min or so walk from Camden Town tube.
But after being starvin for cake, Holley had a breakfast and I had a tofu scramble-filled bagel!  My bagel was pretty ace, behold....

Holley did get cake though, double (triple?) chocolate gateaux. She let me try a bit and it was really good. I loved the frosting because it was sort of moussey, not overly sweet.  I do love a cupcake but the amount of sugar in buttercream always makes them soooo sickly.  But yeah this was good. Holley described it as just like a Sara Lee chocolate gateaux which is apparently a good thing. But I don't remember eating those as a kid really.

And because it would've been wrong to not get something sweet, I took away a vegan snickers. Basically this was super gooey caramel, with big whole peanuts in and a chocolate topping and it was DELICIOUS! I had it the next day and it took me a few goes to finish it becuase it was very sweet. But that caramel, OMG - awesome!
Then we headed off to meet Jojo at a pop up market - help me out Jojo, where was it?  I just am along for the ride when we go out in London because I usually don't know where the hell I am. But we met at Liverpool St. Station and walked about 10 minutes from there to an indoor market, where The Mighty Fork had a stall.  I've blogged about them before (I had the Big Chilli last time), this time I knew before I got there I was going for the Brew Dog (because last time I was kind of regretting not getting one of those as well haha) and I made the right decision. Awesome.  I loved the extra jalapenos they put on too, because I like the sshpicy!
We then found a bar round the corner from the market and stayed for a couple of hours chatting and drking prosecco out of a plastic champagne flute. Fancy!  By that point it was time for more food. So we hopped on the tube to Soho and found an all you can eat, vegan thai buffet that Holley suggested. It was great but I only remembered to take a picture of my first plateful; which included awesome noodles, spicy 'beef' curry, rice and somewhere hidden under there are a couple of spring rolls.
Last week, Mummy Alien had a week off work and as I'm currently an unemployed bum, we decided to go to Guildford town for the day and do some shopping. There was a farmers' market going on and when I saw the bread stall I knew we had to go look. I wish I'd taken down the name of the stall now, because the bread we bought was delicious and I found a vegan pasty!  Marked vegan and all their items had ingredients lists displayed as well.  I'm just gonna have to go back aren't I!

I must admit I'm surprised that it was pretty good. It had loads of root veggies and wholewheat pastry. Normally this kind of thing is bland as hell and needs salt, but this one didn't. I very much enjoyed it! Now that I think about it, it would've been even better if I'd thought to bust out the Reggae Reggae sauce. Dammit!

Last a pic of a curry that I knocked up last week after watching Jamie Oliver's Money Saving Meals, he made an Indonesian beef rendang with leftover beef and I've been googling for ages and I cannot find the recipe anyway.  But basically I didn't write it down anyway, I just stole his idea and used Fry's beef strips. I also added veggies which Jamie didn't, because I like me some curried veg! I've put some basic instructions below if you're interested.

First, I chucked the following into my mini food processor: a whole red chilli*, a clove of garlic, a thumb size piece of ginger, 2 small shallots, about 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds, about 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and all the stalks / half the leaves of a small (supermarket) bunch of coriander.  I whizzed it up as fine as it would go (I added a tsp or so of olive oil to help it along).

Then I hacked up half a red pepper and sauteed it in a couple of tsps of coconut oil.  Then I added the paste and cooked that out for a couple of minutes.  I added a big carrot that I chopped and blanched for 5 minutes in the microwave. I also added a couple of handfuls of green beans that I chopped in half and a good couple of handfuls of Fry's beefy strips.  Then I added a couple of cups of hot water and a stock cube and let it cook down until the rice was done cooking (about 10 minutes).  While the rice had it's 5 minutes standing off the heat with a lid on, I added in half a small tub of CoYo coconut yoghurt and the remaining coriander leaves.  A good stir and it was done!

*I tasted a bit of the chilli as Jamie said to do and it wasn't overly hot so I chucked the lot in, seeds ribs and all. It was after I blended it that my tongue started burning! hahaha. So this was pretty hot, but I like it like that.  Really I'm just suggesting that you test your chilli first and if you don't like it too hot, take out the seeds/ribs!

This would've served 2.  My mum and dad ate the leftovers between them though.



  1. the snickers thing looks so rich & chocolatey! i want one now!

  2. Yo, that snickers and hot dog are calling out to me! I wanna hang out with you and Jojo and eat hot dogs!

  3. Oh man hanging out in my hood!! I need to come back. Everything looks great! <3

  4. Oh my god, that cake... That cake...! I can't see anything else beyond those decadent chocolaty layers, and now I'm craving fudge for my morning snack.

  5. So much yummy food! Love the new blog as well. :)

  6. Oh man, I can't wait to get another hot dog at Veg Fest!


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