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Friday 27 February 2015

Friday Favourite: Neve Duochrome Palette

My Friday fave this week is this gorgeous Duochrome Palette from Neve Cosmetics. If you've not heard of them before, Neve are a cruelty free, very vegan friendly, Italian brand. I love their eyeshadows, they are really pigmented and their palettes retail at about £25, but the pans are HUGE.  I don't know if it shows below but you get 10 in a palette, so that's around £2.50 per eyeshadow and each one is 3g.  You can buy refills too. So to put that in perspective, you get 3g for £2.50 (£2.95 if you buy the refils pans). MAC eyeshadows are £10 for 1.5g (and that's just the pan, they are £13 in the plastic case!)

The packaging is beautiful, it's a bit more pinky purple in real life.

The colours

The colours are described on Cocktail Cosmetics, as follows:
  1. Acid Rain cold green with reflections gold.
  2. Utopia  - dark cobalt blue with pink highlights.
  3. Phoenix  -intense heat from the copper-colored glows pink.
  4. Chimera  -dark purple with pink highlights and copper crystals.
  5. Twilight - intense gray satin bronze.
  6. Poison Apple  - fuchsia purple with greenish water
  7. Abracadabra  - cerulean blue with shades of light green.
  8. Pollen - deep yellow with greenish lime green.
  9. Poison - tobacco dark brown with green highlights.
  10. Midsummer - ocher yellow with pink highlights.
And here are the swatches

L-R: Acid Rain, Utopia, Phoenix, Chimera, Twilight
Poison Apple, Abracadabra, Pollen, Poison, Midsummer

Ugh, beautiful. Check out Phoenix, that amazing copper! It's soooo gorgeous.

Also, duochromes are fantastic for a dark smokey eye, so I swatched a few of them over a black base (black gel liner)

I got this palette from Cocktail Cosmetics, but it seems to be out of stock right now (I think it's limited edition) but a quick google shows it for sale HERE for £24.95.

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx


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