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Friday 13 February 2015

Current Favourites

Hi everyone, happy new year! Is it too late to say that? Probably, ah well.

I've had a good rest from blogging, mainly because I've been super busy but this also means I have a TONNE of stuff to blog about. So I'm working on getting the posts ready to go up over the next couple of weeks.

I thought I'd start off with a Friday Favourite post, but not just one - a bunch of stuff I'm loving lately!

My first favourite is the Bdellium 760 Liner/Brow Brush

I actually bought this by accident, I wanted another 762, which is an angle brush I like for eyebrows, but I grabbed this one instead and I got it home thinking, what a doof, this brush is tiny and no good for anything!  Then one day I decided to try it for eyeliner and I'm in LOVE!

It's so teeny that it gets the line really neat, something I struggle with, with a regular angle brush. And it gets your wing super clean and straight; I find this much easier with this brush that a small liner brush.

ALSO I find it easier to eyeliner on others with this! Which is a huge win, as brides always want eyeliner and I do find it a challenge, doing liner on others.

Here it is on the left, in comparison with the 762. I definitely am going to order a few more for my kit and a backup for me, because I'm a lazy person who detests washing makeup brushes!

My next favourite - Revolution Single Eyeshadows

Both of the ones I'm showing are matte and about 2 days after I took this pic, I hit pan on Hung Up. I've only had it since January but I literally use it every. single. day!  No matter what look I'm doing, this is the perfect transition colour. It's great whether you want to build it up and make it dramatic, or just use it for a tiny bit of definition. It's also nice for a subtle matte wash of colour over the whole lid. I LOVE IT!

Shade on the left is Hung Up and on the right is Touch Me
I mainly use Touch Me, a matte cream shade, for highlighting the brow bone and cleaning up the shape of my eyeshadow.

For the prices (£1 people, £1!!), these are fantastic and with a good primer, last just as well as more expensive shadows.

Along the same lines, my next favourite are MUA's Single Eyeshadows. These are also £1 each and I have a few and think they are pretty great. My current faves are these two; the shades are Copper on the Left, Champagne on the right.

Here is a swatch, that is a bit washed out, it is more bronze than this, but it is a very goldy/yellowy bronze rather than a more pinky one. If you have blue eyes, you need this colour in your life. It's gorge!

I have swatched it next to the Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil in shade EP2, which is very very slightly lighter but these two are really perfect for each other: the pencil makes the shadow more vibrant and last longer and the shadow makes the pencil set and not crease. WIN!  (Not all of the large eyeshadow crayons are vegan according to the website, but this one is.)

But the real winner here is Champagne.  OK please can we talk about the beauteousness of this colour!! It's friggin gorgeous!  In fact, I've mainly been wearing it as a cheek highligher, it's so shimmery and pretty. I also love it for an inner corner highlight on the eyes. 

Next up, Collection's Perrie's Little Mix Blush It.

I normally don't even bother checking Collection's blushes as they usually have carmine in but I checked this one and it doesn't. Plus it's lovely! YAY.

It gives such a lovely peachy flush and it's super pigmented! I use a Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face brush to apply this, most days, as it doesn't pick up too much product.

Next, a new (to me) foundation from Superdrug's B range: The B. Radiant Foundation. My shade is No 10, Linen, which is the lightest shade they do.

I think this is meant to be their version of some of the high end illuminating foundations. Which, as they are not cruelty free, I've never tried. But I love this one.  I have dry skin and right now it's SUPER dry. So I apply it with a damp beauty blender and just press it in and it has nice light to medium coverage, that is buildable and the finish is really nice. It's not too glowy but it definitely doesn't have a matte finish, which I am not a fan of anyway.

Also from B, their Illuminating Primer.

I was really really really hoping this would be similar to MAC's strobe cream and you know what, it is!  I had a rummage through my old drawer of makeup stuff that I no longer really use (mostly brands that are not cruelty free anymore) and I found my old tube of strobe cream.  Texture and finish wise they are SO similar. I'm pretty sure the smell is similar too, but my strobe cream is a bit past it and doesn't smell too good anymore.

Here's a comparison for science or something's sake.  Top is the B. Primer, bottom is strobe cream.

Other way round on this swatch, strobe cream on top, B. primer on the bottom. Not sure if this really shows up in the pic, but the effect is really quite similar.

I have a bunch of other stuff I'm loving right now too but there's some that just need their own posts, so look out for those coming up next week.

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx


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