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Friday 27 February 2015

Update on Makeup Geek's Vegan Items


As this post was pretty out of date, I thought I should update it.

Makeup Geek now keep a list on their site of which products are NOT vegan. You can find it HERE.
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  1. I'd encourage everyone to be careful with Makeup Geek - Marlena, the owner/founder/CEO, sent me an email claiming that carmine and beeswax aren't animal ingredients because bugs are "NOT ANIMALS!!!!" (Yeah, she shrieked in all caps like that. She must think they're plants?) She also claims to have banned people for 1) asking for individual products to me marked as vegan instead of making every individual email for an accurate list and 2) stating that products with animal ingredients aren't truly cruelty-free. She also has no idea what's in the products - that SHE formulates - until they come back from the lab, which is alarming. I really feel, as a vegan, that she and her products cannot be trusted at all and would encourage everyone to think twice and use extreme caution.


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