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Sunday 22 February 2015

Milani Cosmetics in the UK

I wasn't planning to put a post up today but, ermmm I'm a wee tad over-excited. It's because the other day, I decided to have a browse on Cocktail Cosmetics and saw that they are now selling Milani! WOO!

I've been hearing people raving about the moisture matte lipsticks for a while and Nikkie Tutorials' youtube vids have been making me want Luminoso Blush* for ages now. So yeah, excited is the right word.

So I made a little order and here's some swatches and my first impressions of the stuff that I got.

Moisture Matte Lipsticks 

Matte Passion

My first impression of these is good. The formula is nice.  I swatched passion on my lips over a bit of lip balm and it went on lovely.  There was a bit of staining when I removed it but that is to be expected with such bright colours.  This looks a bit less orange in the lip swatch than it actually is. It's a proper pillarbox red. 

Matte Diva
Diva I swatched right after removing Passion, without adding lip balm first. And it definitely does cling to the dry bits on my lips, so this formula would appear to apply best with lightly moisturised lips (wipe off excess lip balm though or it'll just slip off).  Diva is GORGEOUS. It's a proper bubblegum/barbie pink, although my lip swatch has washed it out.  The hand swatch above is a bit truer to life.

I'm looking forward to testing these out properly and seeing how they wear.

Baked Eyeshadows 

Copper Excess

Left dry swatch, right damp swatch


 Left dry swatch, right damp swatch

The packaging for the baked eyeshadows said you could use them wet or dry, so I swatched them both ways.  I don't think it made much difference on the hand, so I'll try using them wet & dry on the eyes when I get time to trial them.  They're pretty though, Intermix is a bit of a deeper brown in real life.

I got a couple of the Baked Blushes. This is the packaging, you lift up the colour and there is a little mirror and a brush inside.

I was surprised when I received these that they looked so matte, from swatches I've seen online, especially of luminoso, they look super sheer and shimmery!  So I'll be interested to see how they look on the cheeks, blushes never look the same on your hand as they do on your face! :)



It's a bit powdery as you can see, but the colour is pretty!

Not all Milani products are vegan. So to find out what is, just go to the product page on the Milani website and click on the shade, it will then say (vegan) under the shade name if it is. I'm also not 100% convinced that the brushes that come with the product are vegan, so I'll be emailing Milani to double check that.

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx

*Cocktail didn't have Luminoso blush, I ordered if off Amazon. Naughty, I know!


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