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Friday 8 May 2015

Lucky Leek, Berlin

Today, my next post about Berlin is all about the food we had at Lucky Leek. This was where we wanted to eat on Valentines Day evening, but of course it was fully booked. So I booked us in for Sunday for our romantic (fancy) meal.

This is the fanciest vegan meal I've EVER had; not just fancy either, but also AMAZING.  Everything was delicious, I seriously couldn't fault a single thing I tried.

From the menu you pick how many courses you want, there's basically 1 option for each course. Then there's also the specials.

We started with a cocktail, I picked a Kir Royale (which is basically Creme de Cassis and Champagne or Prosecco) and it was excellent.

Mr A and I both decided on a starter and a main and if there was room, we'd order pudding. But to start with they brought us out a little amuse bouche! Crap pic sorry and I don't really remember the details of it except that the little spoons had some seitan in there and I said to Mr A 'ooh that's pleasant'.  So yeah, awesome review there, Sal!

For the starter we both picked the same dish: Sweet chestnut filled ravioli with red onion confit, pumpernickel and some vegan feta.  It was really good. It had crispy fried onions on top, the pasta was perfect and it was just the right size for a first course.

For Mr A's main he picked off the specials menu. It was a mango risotto, which I thought sounded gross but it was delicious. It had a very delicate curry flavour and some really yummy poppadom crisps!

I picked off the regular menu and chose the Seitan Involtini.  No idea what Involtini is but my lard this was freaking amazing. I've made some good seitan in my time, at least I thought I had until I tried this. Hands down kicks the crap outta any seitan I've ever tasted before. I don't know how they got that texture but it was amazing. Maybe they sold their soul to get it like that??  

And it came on a bed of cucumber mash. Which I know, sounds weird and like the cucumber would overpower everything. But no, imagine the best mashed potato ever, then multiply the awesomeness by 10! The cucumber in it is braised so it's very subtle.  I think I said to Mr A that I would happily roll around in a vat of that mash!  We'd had a bottle of wine by then though!

We were both too full for dessert but as I said ... there was wine!

My last Berlin post will be up next week so for now, have an awesomesauce weekend peeps.



  1. So fancy! I would love to murder that Seitan Involtini right now.

  2. Cucumber potato mash sounds amazing. The whole thing looks great. Yum!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous meal. That cucumber mash is very intriguing.


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