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Monday 4 May 2015

A Post about LUSH!

Hello everyone, how was everyone's bank holiday weekend?  Good? Excellent.

I decided to talk today about a couple of things I've tried lately from Lush. Who doesn't love Lush? They're awesome, they're super vegan friendly, their vegan products are clearly labelled and they're not just cruelty free; they're actively fighting against animal testing.

Well the other week I started a new job and on my first day, my boyfriend came home with a bag of Lush treats for me (yeah, he's the bestest!).  He got me 3 bath bombs and a None of Your Beeswax lip balm.  I didn't picture that here but I like it well enough.  It's a bit grainy, like it was last time I bought it, but a look at the ingredients list tells me that the culprit is likely the shea butter.  Despite the graininess, it does still melt onto your lips nicely and does what it says on the tin; it's never gonna be my favourite though.

Onto the bath bombs, because these I LOVE. I usually buy bubble bars; I like the bubbles and I like that you can break them up and use them in 2 or 3 baths, depending on the size.  So it was a nice change to try these.

The first one he got me was the fluffy egg bath bomb. I didn't take a pic of it and the UK site no longer has it but you can see a pic of it HERE.  Basically this had so much pink colourant in it that it dyed my bathtub (and my fingers) pink! EEK.  It came off but I was panicking for a wee minute there.  It smelt really really good too.

Then was the Dragon's Egg, which is a citrusy scented bomb that starts off white but changes to yellow in the middle. It's very very cool watching it change.

The downside is that when it's done it kinda looks like you're sitting in a bath tub full of pee! Albeit, glittery, sweet-smelling pee (like I imagine a unicorn would produce!), but.... yeah, pee!

He also got me the Big Blue, which I haven't tried yet but apparently it has seaweed in the middle, so I'm looking forward to that one. It smells really good.

 Something else I bought recently (at VegFest actually) was the Sweetie Pie shower jelly.  This stuff smells REALLY good but erm, it's weird.

It kinda has the texture of that green goo you used to get in a pot that made fart noises and slid down the wall when you chucked it! (Anyone else remember that?)

It's also kinda hard to use.  I struggled to get much lather with it.  So it smells nice, fun gimmick but not something I'd repurchase.

While I'm talking about Lush I thought I'd mentions some of their other products, that are staples in my beauty stash.

Godmother Soap
This smells like Snow Fairy (I'll get to that in a minute) but you can get it all year round - win!  I mainly use this to wash my beauty blender and for deep cleaning some of my more dense makeup brushes (like foundation brushes).

Vanillary Solid Perfume
I don't know if they still make it, but Lush used to sell a solid handcream that smelt gorgeous from afar but had this weird nasty herbal smell up close. Smelt a bit like wee! Blarr.  But this has the lovely vanillary (dur) smell of that handcream without the nasty herbal wee smell.  YAY.  Also, this lasts all day!

it's even got real vanilla seeds it... so cool!

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
I think I've mentioned this before but I love this powder, it smells gorgeous and it's talc free. I use it as I would talc.

T for Toes
This stuff is magical. It really really does work. Sprinkle in your shoes and it stops sweaty smelly shoes later that day!!

Snow Fairy
This bottle's old, I stockpiled it a couple of years ago and technically I should've used it by now! But yeah, I used to buy 3 big bottles every year when it was released and make it last as long as possible, as you can only buy it between October and December. Then I discovered Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush shower gel and this kind of got put in a cupboard and forgotten about. Til a few weeks ago when I discovered it (my S&G one ran out). Oh man I love it, it smells AMAZING! I have probably enough as well to last me til they re-release it again. YAY.

I wanted to also mention the latest Charity Pot body lotion/cream, but I couldn't find it to take a pic.  I liked the old version but picked up one of the £1 samples when they changed the recipe/scent. I really loved it so I asked for one for Christmas; they do two sizes as well which is great because last time I got the larger jar and it went off before I could finish it. It smells like Turkish Delight and I love it.

Lastly ... does anyone else find they end up with something like this: a bag of half used bath bombs / soaps / bubble bars? heheh

What's your favourite Lush product? I need ideas of what to try next! ;o)

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx


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