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Friday 5 August 2016

Friday Quickie - GOSH's new AW16 Products

So GOSH, my favourite drugstore brand, have some new products out for Autumn/Winter 2016. I haven't yet bought any (I will though, I will! muahahaha)... ahem. Anyway I contacted them to check if any of the new products are vegan and they said yes, everything except the lipsticks. Woo!

(UPDATE 11 Oct 2016: The GOSH team have confirmed that there is synthetic beeswax in the Lash Sculpting Fibres Mascara and the Foundation Plus + but although it's synthetic, they cannot absolutely guarantee that there is no trace of actual beeswax in there. So they do not class these items as vegan. I will take them off my list of GOSH's vegan items for this reason.

So I've updated my LIST OF GOSH'S VEGAN ITEMS POST and below is pick that I borrowed from their facebook page.

Will you be picking anything up? Personally I'm extra excited for the foundation, the brow gel, the mascara... oh who am I kidding, it all looks good!

Sal xXx

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