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Monday 1 August 2016

Monday Munchies - Accidentally Vegan Junk Foods

So recently I was watching a video on Naturally Stephanie's channel about accidentally vegan junk food. She's awesome and I love these videos and it inspired me to write a post about some accidentally vegan junk food of my own! Actually, a couple of these items were in Stephanie's video too!

Some or all of these a lot of vegans will already know about, but for those who are not vegan (or newly vegan) I thought this could be helpful.

DISCLAIMER: These items are specific to the brand I'm showing and to the UK! In some countries these items might not be vegan (Starburst is one such example I believe). Also some flavours of the same item might not be vegan. Also in the case of supermarket own brands, other stores own brands might differ!

OK so now that is out the way, on with the food fest. I took a couple of pics of stuff last night and then decided to add more so I took my camera around Sainsburys. I got a few off stares, but it's all in the name of science or something....

Vimto Bon Bons
I found these in the Range of all places!

Cinder Toffee
This is usually vegan but check individual labels; I got this in The Range but often see it in traditional style sweet shops and garden centres etc.

These two varieties of Belvita Breakfast Tops. 
I don't know if any other Belvita biscuits are vegan.

Nature's Store Hazelnut Cocoa Spread
Basically, it's vegan nutella and it's the shit! I've only ever seen it in Sainsbury's, in the jam aisle! 

Proper Corn
Most of the flavours of proper corn are vegan (there's at least one that isn't due to milk so check labels) but this is my favourite. So yummy!

Most pink wafers are vegan and these ones definitely are!

Birds Custard Powder
Just add sugar and non-dairy milk and heat for awesome custardy goodness!

Bacon Crispies
This goes only for Sainsbury's own brand which are marked vegan. Frazzles, which they are a rip-off of, are not as they have milk in!

Generally pretzels are gonna be vegan, but they do have some flavours that have milk in (sour cream etc...) so check labels.

Walkers Tear n Share Crisps
As with all Walkers crisps, some flavours are not vegan, so check ingredients. They love to add milk when it is totally pissing unnecessary!!! 

Some varieties are vegan, some are not. These ones are and they're my favourites. Now if they'd only take the milk out the sour cream and chive ones....

The varieties of Pringles that are vegan will be marked as such:

Chilli Heatwave Doritos
 A couple of Doritos flavours are vegan; in my opinion these are the best ones! :)

I think these are not vegan in the US but they are over here.  

YAY they finally took out the cochineal that was still in the UK skittles! It's not that recent but might be recent enough that there MAY be the odd non-vegan bag floating around, so check the labels for E120! 

Sainsbury's Fizzy Fangs
Labelled vegan and very often in a 3 for £1 deal - win!

Candyland (Barrett) Sherbet Dip Dab
YESSSS! Sherbet Fountains are vegan too if you like licorice, they just didn't have any in Sainsburys today! 

Fry's Chocolate Creams
Oldie but goody! They do seem to have stopped making the orange ones which makes me sad and I rarely see the mint ones anymore. Anyone remember when they used to have fruit creams, which was 5 different centres??

Ritter Sport Marzipan
The mint one used to be vegan too but then they put butterfat in it for some stupid reason. For now, this one is still vegan. 

It's vegan. It's not. It's vegan. It's not. That's how I feel it's been with this. But I checked it today and as of right now, it definitely IS vegan! Also, my Fiance's family live near Bourneville Village and the old Cadbury factory. Fun fact for ya!

Turkish Delight
Most Turkish Delight is vegan, as it's basically sugar and cornflour!   The chocolate covered bars of it are not though :(

Ritz Crackers
There's a cheesy variety that is not vegan but the original crackers are.

Bourbon Creams
Some brands of bourbons are vegan, some are not. These ones are! :)

Ginger Nuts
As above, always check other brands for sneaky animal ingredients.

Hobnobs / Chocolate Chip Hobnobs
Regular Hobnobs and chocolate chip hobnobs are good to go. Chocolate hobnobs are not!

Plain, Double Stuff, Chocolate and Golden are vegan. The Peanut Butter ones (in the UK only!) are not, as they have milk in. BOO!

Biscoff Spread
Before this was available in every UK supermarket, I used to import it from Belgium. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS!! Totally worth the extortionate shipping.

Betty Crocker
All (I believe) of the frosting tubs are vegan and so are some of the box cake mixes. Not all though, so as always, check ingredients. A few vegan options are shown below.

Some fruit pies...
Mr Kipling pies used to be vegan but then they went and put milk in them and annoyed the hell outta me. But occasionally you'll find an accidentally vegan variety, like these from Sainsburys. Their plain apple ones are not vegan.

Jam Tarts 
UPDATE: Mr Kipling have added milk to their jam tart recipe 
:( so check out some supermarket own brands, as there is bound to be an accidentally vegan one.

Mr Kipling Treacle Tart
Oh yes yes yes!

Soreen Banana Malt Loaf
Regular Malt Loaf? Nope. Banana Malt Loaf? YEP!!

Goodfellas Apple Crumble Dessert Pizza
Weirdly, this sweet pizza is vegan.

Vegetable Fingers
Again check other brands, but these veggie fingers are usually vegan.

And also these veggie burgers...

Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate
If you're looking for some hot chocolate this one is vegan

HOWEVER to confuse you, the one in this style tub is NOT.

What are your favourite accidentally vegan junk foods??

Sal xXx


  1. The new Strawberry cheesecake Oreo's are also vegan and pretty tasty too!

  2. This is fabulous information. There are quite a few things on here that I didn't know we're vegan (my waistline doesn't thank you though!) xxx

  3. Amazing! Didn't know about lots of those. Thank you!

  4. Great round up. I think my favourite accidentally vegan crisps are Tesco own brand prawn cocktail 'Skips'. I think the M and S ones are too.

  5. Come to the US all our oreos are vegan! I recently got their cinnamon buns one, and it was pretty tasty.

    I wish we did have that flavor doritos in the US. The only vegan flavor we have is this sweet chili flavor that is my least favorite. Jokes on my Dad who turns his nose up on all my food (because it's all rabbit food ^__~) LOVES those sweet chili Doritos. I have broken the news that they are rabbit food. XD

  6. Jam tarts have just started adding milk again.Read it on a Facebook group somewhere.

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