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Friday 6 January 2017

Vegan Food at Bill's

Well happy new year everyone! It's still early enough to say that, right?

Yesterday evening was my first weigh-in back on Slimming World* so as a last meal out before the wedding panic begins, Simon and I went to Bill's for some lunch.

I'd always avoided Bill's as when I'd checked the menu before, there was literally only olives on the menu that were vegan! But I was sure I'd seen some buzz about them in the facebook groups and so we decided to check out the menu. And guess what - they have clearly labelled vegan options on the menu! Whoop. (No desserts listed! But they do say they sell sorbet, so if I'd had room for dessert I'd have asked if one of those were vegan - also I've emailed Bill's to check this.)

So anyway, for starters I had the Mushroom Soup. I loved the presentation of this, with the soup in a little jug that you pour over the mushrooms (warning though - don't do what I did and touch that soup bowl and burn your friggin hand - that sucker is hot!!). The soup was delicious. Simon and I both had this for our starter and loved it.

For my main I had the roasted aubergine dahl. This was SO good. At first I was a bit disappointed it didn't come with rice but you know what, it didn't need it! The bread it came with was awesome and it was very filling. I'm not sure what the green sauce on the top was but it was amazing. It was spicy but not crazy spicy, just had a nice kick.

I also had a Fentiman's ginger beer.

Simon and I both agreed that the food was great and kinda wished we hadn't walked past so many times and gone elsewhere! So yes, I'd 100% go back.

I'm going to add this info to my Eating at Chain Restaurants page, but have contacted Bill's for confirmation about desserts and if the breakfast menu can be veganised, so look out for the update there for that, if you're interested.

(*If you want to to know more about my SW journey, I have a blog for that: HERE.)

Have an awesome weekend!
Sal xXx


  1. I love the soup presentation too, so cute!! It looks delicious. It's hard to find vegan cream of mushroom soup!

  2. A very nifty soup presentation!


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