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Wednesday 7 June 2017

Birthday Food (and a bit of makeup!)

So last Friday was my 38th (fuck!) birthday and unlike most years when I ask for a tonne of makeup, or vouchers to buy a tonne of makeup, I mostly asked for gym stuff. Yes I've become that bellend! I got a new fitbit...

Ooooh shiny!

My trainers are on order and my best friend bought me a gym towel that I asked for. Also I spent this morning browsing Fabletics for gym leggings (I forgot to skip the month, duh), but I digress.

I did get some makeup, my awesome Bro and Sis-in-law brought me this lovely lot and I need to play with it all soon so I can organise my thoughts on it!

Simon also bought me a beautiful bracelet and a cute Penguin called Pongo to add to our collection, seen here acting as my glamorous assistant, showing off the Vegan Tuck Box that my rad friend Jojo sent me.

But onto the food.

We went to Las Iguanas, which is a chain restaurant here in the UK, for those of you not on this side of the pond. They have a separate vegetarian menu, that has all the vegan options marked on it.

We shared a couple of starters. Firstly, chips & guac:

Then we went for the Taco Plank, which had coconut squash on (so good!)

For my main I picked the Moqueca de Palmitos, which I'm pretty sure I have every time! It's a lovely mild curry type dish, with coconut milk and tonnes of veggies in, including squash and hearts of palm. They serve it with rice and some green beans.

We also shared some curly fries :)

I spent the rest of the day drinking birthday prosecco, but I also wanted to show you the cake that Simon had made for me! How awesome is this! He sneakily asked me some of my favourite cruelty free makeup brands and so this cake features Nars, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Charlotte Tilbury and Nabla! So cool. My photo doesn't do it justice at all.

Also this cake was HUGE! Inside was layers of chocolate sponge, with chocolate frosting and also a top layer of speculoos spread. It was delicious.

Overall I had such a good birthday. Even more so because I feel super grateful for how things have changed in a year. Last year on my birthday, I was basically in tears on the couch most of the day due to a back injury, that meant I was in so much pain, I could barely walk to the loo! After that, a load of other stuff went wrong and the rest of 2016 was a complete shower of shite.

So far, 2017 has been awesome and I feel unbelievably lucky that my back is pretty much better. 10 minutes of walking at Christmas had me in agony; now I'm doing my 10,000 steps every day and going for 3 mile walks whenever I can (with no pain!). I am back at the gym and feel better than ever. My fiance has a new job that he loves and is happy in and in a few short months, we'll be getting married.

So 38 is looking like being a good year and I'm super excited for what's to come. If I had a drink in my hand I'd cheers ya, but apparently it's bad luck to cheers with water, so I'll not do that, I'll just bugger off and stop rambling.

Love & stuff
Sal xXx


  1. Happy belated birthday. What an amazing cake. Glad to hear things are going well and I hope you have a fab year x

  2. Happy Birthday! THAT CAKE IS AMAZING!! Wow. And it sounds delicious. Also, all of the birthday food looks so good. I LOVE that elf shadow in the tube. I have it in two shades, and I wear it almost every day now. It's so easy to apply, and it stays put all day. Plus it's shiny!

    1. Thank you xx

      I can't wait to try the eyeshadow, might go fancy to work tomorrow 😬

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a very good time.
    The food looks amazing, I love that they have a plank of tacos!
    And the cake is gorgeous.

  4. Happy Birthday!! It looks like an amazing day with delicious food! I'm so happy 2017 is turning out so much better, you deserve it!!
    That cake is AMAZING!!!!!

  5. Yay! Birthday fun! That taco plank looks awesome and I can't believe that the cake is even better than it looks because there's Speculoos inside! WOWZA!


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