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Friday 9 June 2017

June's Vegan Kind Box (Food)

I've been getting the Vegan Kind beauty boxes for a while and I think they're pretty awesome, but they're quarterly and I like getting boxes of cool shit. So I decided to sign up for the monthly snack box, because I'm a complete pie and yesterday, my second one arrived.

Because I love you, I busted out my proper camera and went outside and took these pictures for you! No shitty iPhone pics for yous today! That is love.


So inside the box there was a Bounce V Life protein ball (I've seen this brand in Holland & Barrett and the majority have whey powder in, so it's nice to see one with the Vegan Society logo on!)

Next up was this Chewsy lemon chewing gum; not gonna lie, I'm not excited about this. Mostly because I'm worried it'll be minty lemon flavour, which is abhorrent and should be banned. I'm keeping it for a taste test video that I'm planning on filming REAL soon, so keep an eye on my youtube (*cough*linkabove*cough*) channel for that.

Next these salted sticky toffee sweets which sound pretty good. As I turned them over to read the ingredients I was saying to myself "please don't be made of dates please don't be made of dates...." They are made of dates! BUT they do also have golden syrup in, so I'm feeling hopeful. In fact I'm gonna try one right now, hang on......

OK so they're good! Don't taste too healthy, nice kick of sea salt and I like the crispies in there. Not sure they're worth 50 calories for how small a piece is, but good if you don't care about that shit or just want a salty chocolate hit. If only they were ball shaped!

Next up, Metcalfe's Sweet n Salty flavoured Skinny Popcorn. I'm already a fan of this; I quite often buy a bag for a snack!

Next, this interesting looking natural energy drink. It says it has gurana and high levels of caffein in - sold! I'm gonna try it on Monday morning.

Also, although I say it's a food box, I believe it's sold as a 'lifestyle' box so you also get at least one non-edible item. This month's was this candle from Harper's candles. I love that it has the TVK logo on. I have to be honest, it kinda smells like a generic home fragrance spray you can buy in the supermarket. However, those are full of shite and tested on animals so this is way better anyway. I love a good candle so I'm interested to try this out.

So that's this month's box. What do you think? Did you get it too? What do you love? What do you think is total pants? Do you think it's worth the box price (I totally do!)? Why am I asking so many questions? Seriously Sal, what is this, 20 questions?

I must say, I'm never disappointed with the beauty or food (so far) boxes; they really are a great way to discover new stuff for a lot less than you'd pay for the individual items. Here's a pic of the May beauty box, for those interested:

And last month's lifestyle box:

You can sign up for either of TVK's boxes via their website >> linky link.

Have an awesome weekend.

Sal xXx


  1. Boxes are so much fun! I get a monthly box for six months of the year, I love the surprise. I like the sound of those salty chocolate date thingies. If only they were balls... Hee hee.

  2. I want those Goupie things! They look delicious!

  3. I want the Goupies too! I've never seen them on sale anywhere. I have a mild Hippies addiction. I thought I'd tried all the flavours but I have come across Cheese and Love so I must hunt that down!


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