Tuesday, 15 April 2008

There's no place like home....

....there's no place like home... there's no place like home.....

I been saying that for 5 days and I still didn't miraculously appear in my living room - I had to drive home! That Dorothy wench has a lot to answer for!

Anyway I have, as predicted, been eating naff food since going onsite and couldn't wait to get home to cook myself something proper.

I decided on a southern fried tofu 'burger' with barbecue sauce. I was dreaming about this bad boy all the way home from Brum! I got the idea from an incredibly disgusting looking chicken thing that my workmate had at the pub the other day. It was a piece of over-cooked chicken with a load of cheese and barbecue sauce, this was my version. I know it's daft to do more than one pic but sue me - I was excited!
The tofu, straight out the pan...

After topping with a tofutti slice and grilling....

With all the toppings - barbecue sauce (leftover from the tofu in the previous post) and pickles! YUM!

Then dinner - Pasta bake. I wanted something easy so I used frozen veg and some Caldron marinated tofu pieces (my god, I love those) and a bunch of other stuff that I yanked / fell out of the cupboard.
Up close & personal
Pudding was a quicky, bananas with sugar sprinkled on top then grilled, topped with a quick chocolate orange sauce.

Cooking to: Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

Finally, before I went on site I made fruit cake (L) and carrot cake (R) for my workmates.
Here's the carrot cake once we cracked it - I made a fooking shite load of orange cream cheese frosting so the leftovers went in the freezer and I just ate a massive spoonful - now I feel sick.

Dat is all.

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