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Thursday 8 January 2009


This week I've been trying to make stuff from my cookbooks. Monday I made the Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy from VwaV (that's in my last post though).

I own a lot of cookbooks but most of the time I don't bother with them and just end up winging it instead. But for some reason this week I've been feeling a bit uninspired so I've dragged out the cookbooks. I made a pot of Sarah Kramer's Bodacious Bean & Barley Soup last night to take over to my parents' house tonight, as they've not been well. But you don't need yet another pic of that!!

I ordered the PDF download of Joni Marie Newman's cookbook Cozy Inside. This is totally my kind of cookbook - all comfort food and the recipes all look amazing. Last night I made the meetloaf and I wasn't disappointed, it was delicious. I served it with white bean mash and lots of roasty veggies. Definitely looking forward to trying out some more recipes from this book.

Here it is out of the oven and cooled. I am not a TVP lover I must admit, because whenever I've used it before it's been a bit crap, but this recipe is awesome. I just made a half batch, because it's just me. Good thing I did though cuz I wouldn't have had enough TVP or ketchup for a full batch.

With veggies (roasted peppers, butternut squash, brussels & tomatoes).

Tuesday I made the famous VegNews Mac N Cheese. It was as good as everyone says it is, although I think I would probably leave off the breadcrumbs and not bother baking it! The cheezy sauce is awesome. I didn't have any carrots though and subbed orange pepper, hahah but hey it worked!

Cooking to: James Morrison - Songs For You Truths For Me (hella crap name but awesome album)

This pic is just cuz I found it on my camera, it was lunch on Tuesday. It's the quick pea soup I posted a while back, but this time I stirred in a big handful of rocket leaves before blending it.

Can you believe it - this post contains NO DESSERTS!! I just haven't been in the mood to bake or eat them this week. Ohmigod, I might have to skate home tonight - hell just froze over!!


  1. I've never heard of the famous mac n cheese but I'm looking it up now, everytime I make vegan mac n cheese me sister eats like two bites then makes a face and won't eat anymore, i'm determined to make one she'll eat!
    Anyway delicious eats per usuhem, and i love the cooking song

  2. Amira, this one's good because it doesn't have nutritional yeast in the sauce - I don't like the taste of too much of that in a sauce, a little is fine but it's often overpowering!

  3. I love the VWAV Gravy, I could put it on most everything! I need to try that Mac & Cheese!

  4. Joni's recipes are the best! I haven't tried the meetloaf yet - but it looks great!
    I love the Punk Gravy - it's just super yum. Be careful with that crazy weather - it's -11 here this morning (usually only 3 or 4c). Yikes!

  5. The meatloaf looks lovely! I'm loving River's meatloaf recipe at the mo, she rocks socks!

  6. Mmmmm, Mmmmm and Mmmmmm.
    That meetloaf sure does look good - I still have to try River's recipe that rabbit rabbits on about ;)
    And I've heard some wonderful reports on that Mac n' Cheese recipe - even though I was never a fan in my pregan days I am sorely tempted to give it a go.

  7. AHAHAHAHA I read the comments as they come through, in my email and the Google Ad that was showing when I read yours Jeni, was for Ann Summers - Genuine Rampant Rabbit!! hahahahahahahaha.

    Little things please little minds I guess.

  8. Yay, cookbook week. I am the same, I own so many and never use them!

  9. I love the look of that meatloaf, in fact, that whole meal looks immense!!!

  10. man...that meetloaf looks awesome! i'm the same with my cookbooks... i rarely use them unless i'm in a slump. i got 4 for xmas though and really need to make some stuff out of them! alas, it seems like every recipe i want to try calls for shallots, and i have none.

  11. i have yet to find a mock meatloaf that i really like, and i'd like to try that. which book is that from? i had some minor catching up to do with your blog, and i must say you are super dooper ambitious. what yummy eats! sometimes i get overwhelmed by everyone's awesomeness and wish we could have ourselves a little convention.

  12. Jen, it's from Cozy Inside by Joni Marie Newman.

    A convention would rock so hard!! :)

  13. isn't cozy inside the best?! her meatballs are really yummy, too! and the cheeze sauce = mmmmmm! i think you're gonna love her book! it's fabulous! your "meat"loaf looks perfect, Sal. and the mac 'n cheeze has me craving pasta now. mmmmmmmmm! i love that VegNews recipe - and i have to agree - i could do without the breadcrumbs as well.

    i love that soup - and i still need to make it! that's too funny on your comment about the sweets. i got to the end of your post and was like "is Sal okay?! where are the sweets?!" my sweet-tooth takes a vacation sometimes, too - it's allllll good! i'm loving all the savory goodness. mmmmmmmmmmm!

  14. The meetloaf looks stellar! I'm not a fan of TVP loaves because of the mushiness factor, but if you say it's good then it's worth trying!

    Brussels sprouts! Ha! I can say I eat those now! :)

  15. Wow! you just convinced me of using my cookbooks more often! so many great things in just one post! I can't even decide what looks better.

  16. i want that meatloaf and the mac & cheeze in the same dinner. now that sounds comfy, fo sho!

  17. i like to see recipes people have tried from cookbooks! I can't believe I haven't made the gravy or mac n cheeze yet! They sound great.

  18. Seriously craving veggie meatloaf now! (Not to mention mac and cheeze)

  19. The "meetloaf" looks really interesting. Now I wish I hadn't forgotten breakfast this morning. :(

  20. I haven't yet tried this version of mac and cheese, but I have heard the raves... It sure looks good at least!

  21. Hi Sal!

    Hippy Treehugger has informed me that she will be in Blighty on the weekend of the Brighton Vegan Fayre (how serendipitous I hear you say!).

    It's on Saturday the 21st March.

    We both instantly thought of our buddy, Sal On Toast, and wondered if you fancied it?

    Wanna come out and play with Rabbit and Hippy?

  22. I really need to not be lazy so I can try some of these non-nutritional yeast mac and cheezes... is it really worth all that chopping and grinding??

    oh... and is white bean mash...just white beans... mashed... like mashed potatoes???

    seem like it could be delicious and healthier for me!

  23. Guava, it is worth it yeah but really it's not that much work at all, it's just a bit of boiling then you chuck it all in the blender!

    White bean mash is just that yeah - it's based on a nigella recipe but I tend to use some of the cooking liquid instead of oil to soften it (just google nigella white bean mash and you'll find it!)


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