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Monday 19 January 2009

I refuse to play your Chinese food mind games!

I was gonna order Chinese take out on Friday night because I had a SHIT week and couldn't be bothered to cook. But Mum & Dad took me out for a Thai meal instead and it was glorious. Of course I forgot my camera and didn't take pics though! So Sunday night, instead of ordering Chinese, I made my own.

Which started with a tin of Granose mock duck (baked at 180 till crispy!), with plum sauce and wrapped in iceberg leaves instead of pancakes.

And then? Here's a pic of it ready to roll....

And then? I made my version of Singapore noodles. I still don't have this right yet, one day I'll get it right and post the recipe!

And then? I did a broccoli, cashew & tofu stir fry with LOTS of chilli. It was superrad.

And then? No and then.
And then? NO AND THEN!
Annnnd thennnnn? NO! NO AND THEN!!

OK, so back to normal stuff. This was dinner on Thursday - sausage casserole. I used Linda McCartney Sausages (Becks, thanks for the Heads up that they're vegan and pretty bloody nice too!)

When I was going through the freezer the other night, I found a few bags of miscellaneous cake frostings. One was lemon so I had no choice other than to make the Gingerbread cupcakes from VCTOtW. I gave half to my Mum & Dad and my friend and I scarfed the rest between us over the weekend.

Speaking of my friend, she came down for some cocktails and a Supernatural catch up. I wasn't feeling very well Saturday so was a bit uninspired to cook but inspiration came in the form of Eat Drink & Be Vegan and I made the Cumin Lime Tofu. That stuff is SO good. I made a quick salad with some quinoa and a bean salad with some butterbeans I'd thrown in the crockpot the night before. It was pretty nice over all.

But later we got hungry so I made us a pizza! I just made a yeast free base because it's quicker and I didn't have any tomato sauce so I used reggae reggae ketchup! Which by the way was FREAKING AMAZING - I'll be doing that againn! I also put on some mushrooms, yellow pepper, sweetcorn, marinated tofu pieces and some Sheeze - mozzarella stylie.

We also had cocktails - these were cointreau, orange juice & champagne and they were ace.

And last night I made cookies. I just fancied some hot soymilk and a cookie. So I used Dreena's recipe again, but this time I used white chocolate chunks and swapped out a couple of tablespoons of flour for cocoa. They are sooo good - I had to bring them into work today so I don't eat them all myself!

Silliness today courtesy of this scene from Dude Where's My Car. And then and then and then and then and then!



  1. Those cupcakes are so cute! And yay for homemade Chinese food.

  2. So much delicious food Sal. I love that mock duck stuff but never thought of using it like that!!
    I will have to try. I can actually get Linda M's Sausages over here so they are a regular show in my house (the sausage rolls are vegan too!!).
    Hope you have a good week.

  3. I was wondering if you would ever be interested in becoming a featured publisher with If so please conctact me at

  4. I have been putting off trying the mock duck because I thought it might be slimey~ but baked until crispy, you say? Bring it on!
    And I'm glad you liked the sausages. They remind me of very cheap, pink omni sausages of yore(the kind that were more rusk than meat, and seriously bad for your health, but yummy!). They are great chopped up in saucy dishes.
    I feel a pizza is needed next weekend now, too. Monkey see, monkey do.
    How goes the house/flat hunting Sal?

  5. Becks - the granose stuff is a bit slimey but if you drain it and bake it, it's pretty good.

    Househunting - I'm having to put it on hold, I'm still moving in with the olds for a while but the economy is kicking our company's arse right now and I don't even know if I'm going to have a job next month, so I'm leaving it until our MD says it's safe to start looking - keeping fingers crossed!!!

  6. thai is awesome. and mock-duck, eh? i've only made it so far as the mock-chicken. they also have mock-abalone here... which i'm also a little nervous about. but after reading this, maybe....

  7. Sal you have the best food, like, all the damn time! How do you do it? I want me one of them cocktails NOW! And those wraps look so fresh and inviting. Oh, and your parents rock for taking you for Thai after a poopy week.

  8. Everything looks so great!! I could really go for one of those cupcakes right now...

  9. sorrr you had a shit week, Sal - and that you weren't feeling so hot the other day either. sadface! looks like you made some rock'n eats though! your chinese foods are look'n mighty stellar - and i am loving the cuppies with the cute pink stars! they're the best! wait, no....the pizza is the best - omg, i totally want some freak'n pizza now! i still have yet to try the ED&BV cumin lime tofu - i think i need to, and what a sweet idea on the cocoa in the cookies! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! that's what i'm talk'n about! hells yeah, Sal!

  10. Holy cow, the goodness just keeps on coming. The Chinese looks fantastic. Pizza, champagne, and cookies! That pizza looks awesome.

  11. Oooh is that mock duck stuff good then? I always look at it in Holland and Barret and then not dare try it cause it's quite pricey and I was never sure if I'd like it or not!
    I hope this week is a better week for you

  12. all of this looks so good, sal! i had chinese food saturday evening, and it wasn't nearly as awesome looking as yours. the cupcakes look completely perfect, as do those scrumptious cookies. yum yum!

  13. Haha, the blog title didn't make sense to me until I checked out that video. You're hilarious!

    All your Chinese foods looks heavenly! And the sausage casserole looks so perfect for this super cold weather!

    I love the cupcakes with the little stars on top - so pretty!

    Crispy tofu = LOVE!!

    Yeast free pizzas are great. They quick and easy, and they are so yummy.

    Your chocolate Dreena cookies look divine. If only I had vegan white chocolate chips!

    Sorry you had a bad week, Sal. I hope this week treating you better!

  14. Your lettuce wraps look delicious!

    I have lots of random bags of frosting in my freezer too! Your cupcakes are adorable. I love the little stars!

  15. holy tofu....everything is so good....

    note to self : do not enter alien on toast when in starvation city:(

  16. I love that film! but not as much as I love singapore noodles - when you perfect your recipe, I'm first in line!

  17. It's been a while since I've made them, but those gingerbread cupcakes are just awesome!

  18. you are one ambitious vegan brit. everything looks really awesome, esp. the pizza, cookies, and that quinoa dish!

  19. The cookies... I must have them! The cupcakes... I must have them too (I love the pink star on top!!!)! And, isn't the Cumin Lime Tofu the best?!!! That recipe is a favorite of mine.

    Thanks for sharing your baking frustration story with me. I feel much better now.

  20. bless your parents for taking you out!
    also, I can spot a star theme (cupcakes and glasses)!

  21. I want this reggae sauce but I haven't seen it out my way.. hmph... and that duck... mock duck has freaked me out since I saw my friend order it at a thai restaurant once... but crispy sounds delicious!

  22. I had no idea you could freeze frosting. That changes everything. Thanks!

  23. Those cupcakes are so cute!


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