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Wednesday 14 January 2009

Freezer Burn

Last time I didn't post any baked goods so today I thought I'd start off with one this time. I mentioned before that I'm moving soon so I'm trying to use up stuff in my freezer and not be wasteful and when digging through my freezer I found a punnet of blueberries and some okara that I froze. So I made some okara brownies and added the blueberries & a tsp of orange extract to them as well. I had to cook them for 45 minutes as well, because of the extra liquid the blueberries provide. That still wasn't really long enough though, they are very squidgy - but I kinda like 'em like that!

This was last night's dinner and I REALLY enjoyed it. Jessy's post about her butterbean burgers made me want beanburgers but I didn't have any butterbeans cooked. I did have cannellini beans though, so I used those instead and because I forgot to print off her recipe, ended up chucking in stuff till it tasted right. So I don't have an exact recipe but in there with the beans went a matzoh, some ketchup, fresh thyme, paprika, an onion and a yellow pepper. Also I didn't have any burger buns, so it went on a folded up deli-wrap (something else I found in my freezer hehe).

Here he is with reggae reggae ketchup (my new favourite thing) and pickles....

And the whole shebang - with roasted potatoes & aubergines and sugar snap peas tossed in a little vegan margarine, sesame seeds & nooch.

This was Monday's dinner. It was a quick curry I knocked up to try and use up some veggies that were in the fridge but I added a bit too much water and it is more like soup. But hey, I like soup so it's all good. This had the other half of some tofu I had over the weekend (found in the overly frosty depths of my freezer, of course!), aubergine, peas, rocket leaves, orange pepper and mushrooms.

I cooked some chickpeas at the end of last week to make soup for mum & dad and I used some of what was left to make hummus. I added LOADS of lemon juice as I like it pretty tangy.

I had a few leftover chickpeas so I just sprayed them with cooking spray and shook in some cumin, paprika, salt, pepper & cayenne and baked them for 20 minutes along with dinner. They were a great snack.

This was dinner one night over the weekend. Just some tofu (the first half of the defrosted tofu that went in the curry) baked with some barbecue sauce spread on it and roasty new potatoes - which were awesome.
And this is a cake I'm working on - spiced apple with toffee sauce. I broke cake making commandment one - I overmixed and it was a wee bit tough. Plus I think there was too much liquid and it wasn't quite cooked enough - but as it was already a bit tough, this is probably a good thing. So the recipe is not ready to share yet but I think it's got potential.

I googled for a while to find the type of caramel sauce I wanted for this and when I tried it, I just ended up with a watery oily mess. So I decided just to wing it and it worked perfectly. It tastes more like dark toffee than caramel, so that's what I'll be a callin it when I get the cake bit right. Watch this space.

Oh and whoever stumbled upon my blog when they were trying to find out “how do u tell a alien how to make breakfast” - I hope you found some instructions!!

That's all folks.


  1. holy moley those brownies look scrump-tastic (cross between scrumptious & freakin fantastic!!!) i love baked goods not cooked properly and all squishy!
    have a great night!

  2. Please can I have a brownie??
    That picture actually made me drool a little.

  3. as amira said...holey moley those brownies are heaven sent!

    how on earth??? i can't even begin to describe how much i want a piece of that!!

  4. I am always so hungry when I visit your blog, Sal!
    I would like a brownie please (I like 'em like that!), and one of those yummy burgers, oh, and I can't wait for that cake recipe!

  5. i really want to try that butterbean burger recipe. they are my favorite beans!

    can't wait for the new and improved cake recipe!

  6. *watches intently for Spiced Apple Cake with Dark Toffee Sauce recipe*
    Holy freaking crap - how good does that look!!!
    And the Stew/Soup looks amazing too - it all looks amazing.

    *round of applause*

  7. so much awesomeness! isn't it kind of fun sometimes to discover things in your freezer that you'd forgotten about? or maybe i'm just weird. seriously though, your food as of late is so wonderful! i'm especially excited about that cake recipe...i LOVE toffee and haven't had a single bit of it since becoming vegan, which is sad.

  8. It all looks great!! I especially want those brownies...

  9. mean okra, or is okara something else? rocket leaves? what the heck are those? i have so many questions. all that food looks pretty dang tasty! way to go for usin' yer freezer.

  10. Jen - definitely okara, it's the pulp of soybeans, leftover from making soymilk.

    Rocket leaves - I think they're called arugula (sp?) on your side of the pond!!

  11. I shouldn't have looked at your pictures right before dinner. You made me so hungry! And chocolate and blueberries? Yes, please.

  12. that is too funny on the "how do u tell an alien how to make breakfast"!!!! so crazy! ahahaa! i love it!

    i love squidgy brownies the most, too! i love to put brownies in a bowl & eat them with a spoon. soooo good! and while we're on baked goodies - your spiced apple with toffee sauce - glorious! i'm superexcitedface about the recipe & you know i'll be anxiously awaiting that one, Sal! mmmmmmmmm!

    thanks for the shout-out on the bean burgers! yours look especially tasty! i never would have thought to put a bean burger in a wrap - i love that idea! i do love a good bun, but sometimes the bun is too overpowering and i can't taste the bean burger!

    i'm a big fan of lots of lemon juice in my hummus 'cause tangy = the best! roasted chick peas are also pretty damn rock'n, too! nice touch!

    huzzah for using up food in your freezer & such to make yummies! you rock, Sal!

    hope you're having an excellent week!

  13. Using up stuff in the freezer gets my vote for sure! I absolutely love the sound of your spiced apple cake with dark toffee sauce (*goes weak at knees*)- can't wait till you've perfected your recipe!

  14. i thought your hummus was mashed potatoes - it looks so light and yummy.

    and i love - absolutely LOVE - roasted chickpeas. i could survive off those forever if i had to.

  15. All your food always looks so good. We love the chickpea snack. It is very tasty and healthy. Our 2 year old Arthur eats them all the time.

  16. you make me feel like a bum...

    pass the toffee cake please...

  17. Every single thing looks absolutely fabulous! I haven't had roasted chickpeas in so long. I had forgotten how much I enjoy them.

  18. look at all that good food! I have to go get a snack immediately.

  19. Everything looks super duper yummy. Really like the idea of the curry soup - here's to too much water!!!

  20. Squidgy brownies come to mamma!!

    Jessy's burgers looked so good to me too, and so do yours! I don't have any butter beans or cannellini beans, but I have navy beans that will have to do.

    Lemony hummus is the best, I won't have it any other way!

  21. mmmm okara baking...yes please...
    and i am still laughing at the alien breakfast thing....too funny...i have to figure out how to see what searches lead to my blog...

  22. Oh my, delicious! Those brownies? Oh yum! If only I could bake like you. Amazing!

    And scrumptious eats, oh so tasty! Ah, words cannot describe it! SOO good!

  23. that cake sounds awesome!! can't wait for the recipe :)


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